Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Winter Garden, Florida

Marriage and family therapy are designed to help couples and families to handle many different types of challenges and issues that arise.

  • Marriage counseling is a therapy that specifically examines the dynamics between a married couple and the needs of each individual in the relationship, as well as the goals and actions of the united couple.
  • Family counseling is a therapy in which the dynamics of the entire family unit is examined, including parent and child conflict, family communication, discipline, and values.

Marriage counseling and family counseling in Winter Garden, Florida may overlap, as a married couple might seek help not only with their one-on-one relationship but with their children as well. For instance, blended families can seek therapy and counseling for both marriage and family since combining two separate families often comes with significant challenges for everyone involved. The goal of both marriage and family counseling is the same, namely, to find real-life solutions for long-lasting results.

Marriage Counseling in Winter Garden, FL

Marriage counseling focuses on the relationship of the married or intimately involved couple. Research studies show that this type of counseling can be highly effective for the couple as a whole and for each individual as well. Some of the issues that can be addressed in marriage therapy include mental health issues, communication difficulties, sexual issues, and substance use disorders in Winter Garden.

Putting in the work to improve your marriage takes time and effort on the part of both spouses, but the end result can be a happy marriage with a stronger foundation for long-term success. A professional counselor can keep the sessions on track, helping you and your partner to better communicate your needs and wants in a calm, safe environment.

Winter Garden Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy in Winter Garden will likely start with setting therapeutic goals with your partner with the help of the therapist. Then, as your therapy sessions continue, your therapist will help guide you and your partner to achieve those goals, assisting you to develop better communication skills and problem-solving skills as a couple.
In marriage therapy sessions, which are normally held once a week, you and your partner will develop a deeper understanding of your individual wants and needs. Listening and hearing are not always one and the same, and through the marriage and family therapy program you will learn how to hear the concerns of your partner with a deep and empathetic understanding. Your therapist will also help you learn coping mechanisms to avoid unnecessary tension and find a peaceful resolution to any problems in your marriage.

Through the course of marriage therapy, there will be times when you will reveal or have revealed to you information, needs, desires, and issues of which you were not previously aware. This is a good thing, as it allows each individual in the session to openly discuss matters of concern and come to a true understanding of the dynamics of your relationship.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

Marriage counseling in Winter Garden is easier to reach than you may think. Local recovery and rehabilitation centers can provide you with informational resources regarding marriage and family therapy programs. Therapy sessions may be held in a variety of settings, including private practice, university counseling centers, and even online.

Ideally, the marriage counselor you choose to work with should:

  • Be adequately trained as a marriage therapist
  • Be able to communicate well with both partners
  • Be able to maintain neutrality, never taking sides with one partner over the other
  • Be able to maintain control of each session and keep the environment safe
  • Offer services that are affordable to the couple without placing an undue financial burden

Family Therapy in Winter Garden, FL

The family is the basic unit of human society. A person’s belief systems, culture, style of communication, and worldviews are all shaped by his or her family relationships. A strong and happy family produces members who are likely strong and happy adults.

However, each family has a certain amount of dysfunction and sometimes that dysfunction can impact the family dynamic in a negative way. Family therapy is designed to address the underlying causes of family dysfunction and restore a healthy environment for all the members of the family.
Sometimes family therapy is used to address issues that involve the entire family directly, such as a major life transition, grief caused by the loss of a loved one, or parent and child communication issues. At other times, family therapy may be used to address the problems of one family member that are severely impacting the rest of the family, such as substance abuse or mental health issues.

In either event, the purpose of family therapy is to help the entire family to work together to heal and to find ways to strengthen the family as a whole.

Winter Garden Family Counseling

Family counseling services allow you and your family to work with a licensed professional in family therapy to determine what functional issues your family unit could be experiencing and provide the learning tools for all to communicate and live together in a more harmonious manner. Using many therapeutic approaches, including cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and other forms of therapy as needed, the therapist will work with your family to heal any mental, emotional, or psychological problems that are hurting your family now.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me 

There are several avenues you can take to find a good family counselor near you. For instance, you can talk with your family doctor, who may be able to provide insight into which local counselor is familiar with the type of issues your family is facing.

Friends may also be able to point you in the right direction. If you have a trusted friend who has used the services of a particular counselor, ask for a recommendation.

Additionally, there are online services that offer patient reviews of various therapists and counselors. Looking at those reviews may help you narrow down your choices.

It is also wise to check with your insurance company to see which therapists are in your provider network. Knowing that the therapist you choose will work with your insurance company may relieve any financial concerns you have about seeking therapy.
Winter Garden family therapy is available to you and your loved ones close to the comfort of your home. Reaching out for help through family counseling services is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a sign of strength and a sign that you want something better for your family. Working with a professional therapist is an excellent way to strengthen your marriage and family and is an important step toward healing your family to heal.