AA and NA Meetings in West Palm Beach

Millions of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts have found assistance through support groups and 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Many treatment programs incorporate AA and NA for clients to complement the other treatment modalities, such as psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

In AA and NA meetings, those who are struggling with alcohol addiction and drug addiction in West Palm Beach have the chance to share with others who have been through similar circumstances, and the individuals can support one another through the ups and downs of recovery.

There are many opportunities for NA and AA meetings in West Palm Beach, Florida to fit your schedule, location, and other needs.

AA Meetings in West Palm Beach, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous, or simply AA, follows a structured 12-step program that has helped millions through recovery over the decades since its inception. Although it has a strong spiritual component, it does not follow any particular religious or political thinking. Anyone with a current or past drinking problem is welcome at the AA meetings.

The biggest tenant of these meetings is the anonymity. Additionally, there is a strong peer-support network to help individuals through the 12 steps of the program. The support helps those undergoing treatment, fresh out of rehab, and decades-long sober alike remain in recovery. The relationships built within the program also give members accountability for staying sober and continuing through the steps of the program.

Those who have been in the program longer support those new to the program as they build the necessary coping skills. It is important to find the right group where you feel comfortable sharing so you get the most out of your experience. Luckily, there are many options for AA meetings in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

The location, time, and makeup of people alter the tone of the meeting. Therefore, although a simple search for “AA meetings near me” might provide you with a big list of potential AA meetings in West Palm Beach, you need to do a bit more investigation.

When you check out AA meetings, consider some of the following:
  • Are the meetings open or for AA members only?
  • What is the location of the meeting?
  • Is the meeting co-ed or single-sex?
  • Can you smoke at the meeting?
  • How many people attend the meeting?
  • How is the group led?
  • Who is the facilitator of the group?
Two listings include:

Oficina Intergrupal Sur De Florida AA
Main: (561)929-1759

Palm Beach County Intergroup Association
24 Hr Hotline: (561)655-5700
Site: www.aa-palmbeachcounty.org

To start your search for West Palm Beach AA meetings, go directly to the Alcoholics Anonymous website for the best source of information.

Although you can get a good feel for West Palm Beach AA meetings when reading the listing, you might have to do some trial and error before you find the right match for you.

NA Meetings in West Palm Beach, Florida 

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a 12-step program similar to AA but focuses on those addicted to drugs rather than alcohol. Anyone with a substance abuse problem can attend the meetings, as long as he or she desires to cease using drugs. Like AA, NA has been around for decades, originally founded in 1953.

You can find meetings at a variety of locations, including churches, parks, libraries, and community centers. Most people attend meetings on a weekly basis, although you may find you wish to go more often in the early days of recovery.

The program is similar to AA’s 12-step program but expands to the issues specific to drug addiction. Those addicted to any substance, including opioids, cocaine, marijuana, and other narcotics, can attend one of the meetings to get help in maintaining their sobriety. The important factors for getting the most out of the group include being open minded, desiring change, and being honest. For many, NA meetings in West Palm Beach provide the key for keeping them in recovery during the tough transition stage after an intensive recovery program.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me 

There are many options for NA meetings in West Palm Beach. Similar to AA, the group dynamics change at each narcotics anonymous meetings location and time depending on the group leader and the normal attendees of the meeting. You may need to check out a few before finding the right fit for you. You can find West Palm Beach NA meetings through searching the Narcotics Anonymous website as well as the Palm Coast NA website.

At The Recovery Village®, we incorporate peer support groups like NA and AA as part of our substance abuse recovery programs. Our clients, whether in inpatient care or aftercare, are supported in attending these West Palm Beach NA and AA meetings so that once they leave our programs, they already have set up a strong habit of regularly attending peer support group meetings. Reach out today for help to find all the resources you need to achieve and maintain sobriety.