Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Titusville, Florida

Florida is in the throes of a drug epidemic. Perhaps you have been touched personally by this problem, or maybe you know someone who is dealing with substance use disorder in Titusville, Florida. This crisis has created the need for reliable drug testing centers, for both personal and professional screening.

If you are concerned about a substance use disorder for yourself, a loved one, or a coworker, Titusville, Florida drug testing facilities and drug treatment centers are available. The Recovery Village has helpful resources to assist you in addiction recovery. Call us to speak to an intake coordinator, who will share helpful information and answer all your questions.

Titusville Drug Testing Centers

The city of Titusville has a variety of drug testing facilities with the full spectrum of available drug tests. Because of variations in testing, it is helpful to understand which drug test is best suited to your needs. Typically, drug testing facilities administer tests based on drug type and specimen type. These tests are called 5-panel drug tests because they test for five categories of drugs:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Phencyclidine (PC)
  • Opiates

Some Titusville drug testing centers can also administer stronger tests for drugs such as barbiturates, alcohol (ethanol), and benzodiazepines. The type of test used and the amount of substance for each test varies, based on the reason for the drug test. Different specimens are also utilized, depending on the goal of the test.

The types of specimens typically used for 5-panel drug tests include:

Urine – Urine is used to measure metabolite levels in the body for evaluation of drug or alcohol usage. Metabolites are the remaining structures after you digest any substance and can be identified and measured in your urine.

Saliva – Saliva is the second most common specimen collected by drug testing facilities in Titusville. These tests are fast, noninvasive, and can also identify substances you have ingested. However, saliva tests can only measure drug or alcohol use within a short period of time.

Blood – Blood is the most accurate method of drug testing. Due to the cost and invasiveness of drawing blood, it is seldom used, however.

Hair – Just as metabolites can be measured in your urine, they also can be measured in your hair. This is because metabolites filter through the blood vessels of your scalp and remain in your hair. This means that hair drug testing can be viewed as a permanent record of drug usage.

Perspiration – Titusville drug testing facilities also utilize a new form of drug testing called sweat testing. This test is a long process whereby a sweat patch is affixed to your skin and left there for two weeks. The sweat patch detects drug usage by absorbing perspiration. When the patch is received by a drug testing facility, it is examined and tested for drug usage.

What should you look for in a drug testing facility? Here are some important characteristics of reliable Titusville drug testing facilities:

  • They are accurate. Look for a drug testing center that is certified by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Finding a drug test center that is certified by HHS ensures that the test results will be accurate and easy to interpret.
  • The staff is experienced. Utilizing an experienced drug test facility further ensures accurate test results in a professional environment.
  • Results are kept private. Drug testing is a sensitive issue because test results can harm one’s reputation, personally and professionally. Look for a drug testing center that guarantees privacy, which means test results are only shared with the people who are authorized to access the information.
  • Results are fast. When drug testing is requested, fast results are important. When you are searching for drug testing facilities in Titusville, inquire about their testing turnaround time to ensure it fulfills your needs.

Under what circumstances do people need to access drug testing? Here are a few common scenarios where drug testing may be required:

  1. Pre-Employment Screening: It is not uncommon for employers to require drug testing for potential employees. Most Titusville drug testing centers can perform this type of drug testing for local employers with no problem.
  2. Annual Physical: Some employers require their employees to receive an annual physical exam. Often drug and alcohol testing are included in these exams.
  3. For Cause and Reasonable Suspicion: If an employer suspects drug or alcohol abuse by an employee, the employer may require the employee to submit to drug testing.
  4. Post-Accident: If an employee gets injured in a workplace accident, employers may require him or her to submit to drug testing to rule out drug or alcohol abuse as a cause of the accident.
  5. Post-Treatment: When an individual completes a course of treatment for drug or alcohol usage, an employer, law enforcement, or the treatment facility may require him or her to submit to a follow-up test for verification that he or she is no longer using any substances.
  6. Probation: Individuals on probation are typically required to submit to ongoing drug testing. If they fail a test, they may be incarcerated.
  7. Sports: Often colleges and professional sports organizations require athletes to submit to drug testing to ensure the safety and fairness of their players.
  8. School: Depending on the school system, some middle and high schools may subject students to random drug testing to help keep school environments clean and drug-free.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

There are several ways to locate and choose a Titusville drug testing center. Speaking with your primary care physician is one of the best ways because your doctor knows your medical history and the reason for your drug test. Also, your physician is most likely familiar with reputable Titusville drug testing centers.

Contacting your health insurance carrier for recommendations can assist you in finding drug testing centers in your network. They can also let you know about coverage and co-pays for the service.

You can use a search engine like Google to locate drug testing facilities in Titusville. Using the search term “drug testing facilities near me” or “drug testing facilities, Titusville” will give you a list of the nearest drug test centers.

The Recovery Village can also help you find reputable drug testing facilities in Titusville. You can either call us or easily utilize our online resources. We care about your struggle with addiction, and our representatives are available to help you find the information and care you need.