AA and NA Meetings in Tampa

In rehab and recovery, support groups are wellsprings of hope where healing happens. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) help people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction work through shared problems and common concerns with a group leader or licensed counselor. Within Tampa AA meetings and NA meetings, Tampa residents can give and receive guidance and support for continued sobriety while among their peers in recovery.

While programs at rehab centers incorporate NA and AA meetings, Tampa has plenty of stand-alone options for peer support sessions across the city. This guide provides an overview of Tampa NA meetings and AA groups that are available in the Tampa Bay area for people pursuing long-term healing from alcoholism or narcotics addiction.  

AA Meetings in Tampa, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship open to anyone who has faced or is dealing with a drinking problem. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings do not have age or education requirements, and are spiritual in nature, but not religious or political. In each meeting, group members focus on the twelve steps: a set of principles that help expel the obsession to drink and empower members to lead fulfilling lives without alcohol. Available everywhere and prevalent across Tampa, AA meetings are safe spaces to unpack the mental and physical weight of alcohol addiction while surrounded by people facing the same, uphill battle.

Through peer support, AA meetings in Tampa can help encourage people struggling with alcoholism to pursue treatment. Also, for individuals finishing a treatment program and looking for AA meetings, Tampa groups can help them build upon the coping skills they established in rehab and join a network of support. Finding the right group can take time,  so the following are resources for finding a variety of AA meetings in Tampa.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

AA meetings in Tampa range in tone, mood, and topic, depending who’s leading the group and where the meeting is held, among other factors. Someone searching online for “AA meetings near me,” will likely find a list of locations and times of groups held in churches, community centers or homes.

Some questions to ask when choosing an AA meeting include:
  • Is it a co-ed group?
  • Are the meetings open to anyone or just for alcoholics?
  • Where is the meeting held?
  • Who is the group leader? How do they normally lead the meetings?
  • What’s the average group size of the meeting?
  • Is smoking permissible or is it a non-smoking group?
Sifting through the listings can take time, and the only way to know which group fits someone’s needs is to attend a few different meetings. Tampa AA meetings include:

Oficina Intergrupal De Tampa-Bay
Spanish Hotline: (813) 842-8444
Site: aaintergrupotampa.com

Tri-County Central Office, Inc
24-Hour Answering Service: (813) 933-9123
Main: (813) 933-9722, Fax: (813) 936-0130
Site: www.aatampa-area.org

Find more Tampa AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Tampa, Florida

As the second-largest 12-step organization after Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) was founded in 1953 and is a group that is open to anyone who has struggled, or is struggling, with drug addiction. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using drugs. In Tampa NA meetings, attendees meet at places such as libraries, churches, parks and community centers on a weekly basis, where they encourage one another to stay strong in sobriety.

As far as a common creed or traditions go, Narcotics Anonymous meetings expand on the principles of the AA meetings, making each relevant to people who are trying to overcome addictions to narcotic drugs (e.g. opioids, heroin, etc.). The fellowship focuses on the merits of practicing honesty, open-mindedness and willingness to change.

For people who are new to sobriety or are transitioning to life after rehab, practicing these principles within a support network can be essential to a strong recovery. As with AA, Tampa NA meetings are free, open to the public, and most importantly, not hard to find. For people looking for NA meetings, Tampa has a variety of options. 

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Searching online for “NA meetings near me“? If someone is looking for local NA meetings, Tampa offers several choices across the city. As with any support group meeting, each group has different attendees, leaders, and locations. Some may be better suited for people who’ve been one or two years sober, while others may be more appropriate for those who have just completed a program at a rehab center.

Tampa NA meetings and locations include:

Salvation Army
1603 N. Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL 33602

Metropolitan Ministries Family Grill
2010 Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL 33602

Rainbow Recovery Club
1501 W. Lemon St.
Tampa, FL 33606

Not finding the right type of Tampa NA meetings? Find groups by zip-code on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

At The Recovery Village, peer support groups are the backbone of recovery. AA meetings, NA meetings and 12-step group therapy are essential parts of every level of care offered, from inpatient treatment through aftercare. To learn more about or get started with a treatment program, call The Recovery Village today.