Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Sebastian, Florida

Marriage counseling and family therapy address the behavior of family members and the way these behaviors impact their relationships with one another, as well as the family entity as a whole. Marriage and family counseling is often divided between time spent on individual therapy and time spent on marriage therapy, family therapy, or both.

The wide variety of issues that can be treated by marriage and family therapy include marital and couples conflict, parent and child conflict, sexual dysfunction, grief, distress, eating disorders and weight issues, as well as child behavioral problems, issues with caring for the elderly, and even substance abuse issues in Sebastian. Counselors may also help with mental health issues, including the depression of a family member, anxiety, or schizophrenia because, even though these issues might be specific to one individual in the family, the entire family is affected nonetheless.

In any marriage or couples counseling, the first goal is to gather as much information as possible that will help the therapist learn about the problems or issues that have brought the couple or family group to therapy. The counselor will listen to everyone involved and observe the relationship dynamics in order to gain a complete understanding of the situation.

Conversely, the clients may also gain a better understanding of the therapist’s role, competency, therapy goals, as well as any rules or guidelines that must be observed in and out of the session, including what information is or is not shared between partners/family members and the therapist.

Marriage Counseling in Sebastian, Florida

Studies have conclusively proven the effectiveness of marriage therapy programs in treating a full range of mental and emotional disorders. Many participants in marriage counseling report that they have experienced better family relationships (which is to be expected) but also better work productivity, better relationships with co-workers and friends, and better emotional health and physical health as well.

Counseling can help partners considering separation, but it can also be useful for those seeking improved intimacy and understanding as well. While a therapist’s primary goal is to improve the marriage as a whole, the therapist can help each partner to become more aware of areas for self-improvement and self-awareness.

Sebastian Marriage Therapy

By establishing realistic goals and developing a concrete therapy plan from the beginning session, marriage therapy in Sebastian, Florida helps partners learn more about each other and develop healthy, productive problem-solving skills. As with any therapy, positive results are largely determined by the couple’s motivation and dedication to the process.

As treatment progresses, partners will learn to become better communicators and to support each other in new ways. While conflict often arises during therapy sessions, an ethical counselor will remain neutral and avoid taking sides, while helping each party to continue moving forward productively. Sometimes it is also beneficial to offer individual sessions to each partner as a standard part of the treatment.

Usually, marriage counseling is held once a week, with a schedule that is designed around the couple’s goals, as well as any individual or group therapy sessions each partner may attend. Marriage counseling in Sebastian, Florida is available in a variety of settings, including private practice, university counseling centers, and group practices. Couples may also find online marriage counseling where they can video chat with therapists.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When choosing a marriage counselor, it is important to find one that is a good fit for both partners. A marriage counselor should have the required training and credential to offer marriage counseling. Additionally, it is wise to find a marriage counselor who is experienced in dealing with the type of problems that you are personally facing in your marriage.

Your marriage counselor should be able to communicate well with both partners, showing compassion and respect to both you and your spouse. At no time should your counselor allow one partner to speak for or interrupt the other partner since counseling is about learning how to communicate well with each other.

You will also want to seek out a counselor whose services are affordable to you. Going into counseling with the weight of a significant financial burden can inhibit your ability to concentrate fully on the important things you will learn in each session.

Family Therapy Sebastian, FL

Just as people learn their habits, speech, customs, and worldview from their families, people also learn how to love, communicate, and interact with others based on how they do so with their family. This means that someone born into a healthy family environment will likely develop happy, positive family interactions. In contrast, someone born into a dysfunctional family may inadvertently perpetuate unhealthy relationship habits and struggle to connect with others in a meaningful way.

While almost all families deal with varying degrees of dysfunction at one point or another, therapy offers families ways to develop and maintain an overall healthy, functional family.

Sebastian Family Counseling

Family counseling is designed to help families develop the tools needed to improve the overall health and function of a family unit. Therapy can help a family through a difficult time period, a family tragedy, major transition, or mental and behavioral problems impacting specific family members.

Targeted family counseling can employ techniques and exercises from cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, interpersonal or other types of individual therapy. The ultimate goal is to help the entire family to work together to heal any mental, emotional, or psychological problems adversely affecting the family.

To help a family achieve a healthy family life, a therapist aims to help each family member improve his or her communication skills and problem-solving, as well as to become more understanding of other members of the family.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

As with any kind of counseling, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a therapist:

  • Insurance Coverage. Identifying therapists that work with applicable health insurance plans can take a large part of the financial stress out of making a decision when a family needs help.
  • Doctor’s Recommendations.  Family doctors can refer patients to a qualified marriage and family counseling service. Having worked with other families with similar issues, family doctors often have insight into which family therapists in the area might offer the best help for specific issues.
  • Online Referrals. There are several search engines a family can use to search for family therapy in their area. In addition, there are online therapist locators that help families find counseling in their area.
  • Personal recommendations. One of the best sources for therapist referrals is from people who have already benefited from a therapist’s services. If a family you know has been to counseling, ask them about their experience with their therapist.

Making the choice to seek help in marriage and family counseling is a big, first step in the right direction. It is especially vital when a family’s own problem-solving resources are inadequate, or when the problems they face are so big that they seem insurmountable. More than anything, it is important to realize that giving counseling a chance is not an admission of defeat or a sign of failure; it is an important step toward helping a family heal and move forward.