Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Sebastian, Florida

Drug testing is important for both personal and professional reasons. On the personal level, drug testing can help families and friends determine when substance abuse, and which substances, may be a problem for those they love. On the professional level, employers are expected to hire workers who are capable and will not expose the company to any risk, and drug testing can prevent liability, especially in jobs where your employees need to be sharp and unimpaired.

Remember that those with substance abuse issues will often refuse or otherwise attempt to evade drug tests. When searching for a Sebastian, Florida facility drug testing facility, you will need a compassionate, professional organization such as The Recovery Village that can supply you with all the information and resources you need to find the right testing center and additional support services for addiction in Sebastian, if needed.

Sebastian Drug Testing Centers

Before accepting a drug test or requiring someone else to submit to one, you should understand how they function and what is required. Tests performed at drug testing centers have two key points that you will need to remember. The first is for which drugs are being tested. Each drug being tested is referred to as a “panel” in medical parlance, so a “five-panel” test will test for signs of five different commonly used drugs, such as marijuana, opiates, PCP, amphetamines, and cocaine.

These tests will not reveal the drugs directly. They look for “metabolites,” or chemicals that the body turns drugs absorbed into, which can be found in various bodily fluids. This brings up the second important factor, the testing medium, called a specimen.

There are several common specimens. Urine and blood are the most commonly discussed in popular culture, but saliva, hair, and perspiration can also be used. The specimen is important to the test you want to conduct because each test can find different metabolites within different windows of time. For example, marijuana metabolites may linger in urine for weeks, and in the case of hair, it can serve as an even longer record of potential substance abuse. Conversely, saliva and perspiration may only offer a clear result if a certain drug has been used within a very short window of time, even hours.

What should you look for in a drug testing center? Here are some things that are vitally important.

Accuracy: Clear, consistent, and accurate results are crucial to testing. An inaccurate test result is worse than no test at all. SAMHSA provides a great list of drug testing facilities that are certified by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Experience: Drug tests are often time-sensitive and require some degree of finesse and interpretation, especially in situations where, for example, a patient may be abusing one type of medication but may have a legitimate medical reason for using another.

Speed: Speed is also often of the essence in drug testing, as there may only be a short window of time for friends and family to intervene and put the patient on a better path.

Privacy: Most important, however, is privacy. Unfortunately, substance abuse is still poorly understood as an illness, and even those with a distant history of addiction can find that history complicating their ability to get on with their futures. Your drug testing facility should ensure that only those with proper authorization have access to your results.

You should also discuss the exact nature of why the test is being administered by the facility. Pre-employment, pre-enrollment in an educational program or sports program, an annual physical, probationary or legally mandated tests, post-accident liability investigation, and post-rehabilitation followup are all common reasons for drug testing.

However, all have many different legal and medical obligations, and you will need to discuss with the facility in detail their obligations to the patient and to the wider world in these situations. For example, if a court legally mandates a drug test, family members will need to discuss what legal paperwork they need to bring. At a minimum, when the patient reports, the facility will need to know what panels they are testing for and what specimen they will draw.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Asking for recommendations for a Sebastian, Florida drug testing facility is a sensitive matter and many are reluctant to reach out for that reason. There are several avenues that protect privacy while offering effective service.

Doctors: Your family doctor protects the medical privacy of you and your family as a matter of course, and likely can recommend a lab used for drug tests by their practice.

Insurance Companies: Your insurance provider likely covers substance abuse counseling as part of your plan and can recommend facilities that accept your insurance while protecting your privacy.

Anonymous Hotlines: Anonymous hotlines, such as those run by the Recovery Village, can find facilities they know are trustworthy and will respect your needs. Anonymous hotlines also have websites that respect privacy and can be accessed discreetly.

Regardless of the method you use to find them, remember that the best drug testing facility is the one that supports you and your loved one as you begin to move toward sobriety. The Recovery Village can assist with what is often the first difficult step on that journey. Reach out to us for help today!