Finding an Interventionist in Sebastian, Florida

Many people have a skewed view of the purpose of an intervention, largely because their only experience with an intervention may be something they have seen on television. However, interventions are about much more than simply getting a person with a substance use disorder to enter into a drug rehab in Sebastian, Florida. The other main goal of an intervention is to help the family and friends of an addicted person to regain control of their lives as well.

For an intervention to be truly effective, it must start with the family. Why? It is often the case that unhealthy patterns of behavior develop both in the addict and in those who live with and interact with the addict. Family members may take on unhealthy roles and actually enable the person with substance use disorder to continue on that destructive path. Or, family members may develop a co-dependent pattern with an addict, thus contributing to the destructive behavior exhibited by the addict.

To regain normalcy and healthy relationships within the family, sometimes the skills of an interventionist are needed. If you are looking for a professional intervention counselor in Sebastian, Florida, it makes sense to choose one that has experience in handling interventions involving the substance of choice of your loved one. By the same token, it makes sense to find an interventionist who can handle any unique issues that plague your addicted family member such as a violent disposition or co-occurring mental illness.

The Sebastian intervention counselor you choose should also be a person with whom your entire family can be comfortable. Interventions are, by nature, deeply personal experiences for everyone involved, so you will want to do everything you can to ensure that your loved one and the entire family feel safe and protected during the intervention.

Your interaction with the interventionist will likely begin with a phone call in which the counselor will try to learn all he or she can about the person who needs the intervention. This phone call is also a good time for you to learn what you can about the interventionist.

Items you will want to know include things like whether the interventionist has experience with dealing with the drug to which your loved one is addicted, what method of intervention the counselor prefers to use, what your family must do to prepare for the actual intervention, what will happen during the intervention, and what will happen after the intervention, whether or not your loved one agrees to seek treatment.

Knowing the answers to these questions beforehand will help you to participate in the intervention with confidence and will help the intervention to be more effective.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Sebastian, FL 

Whether you realize it or not, it is likely that the addict in your family has, in effect, taught the entire family to enable his or her addiction, become co-dependent, or shield the addict from accountability for his or her actions.

When you can clearly see and understand this type of manipulation on the part of your addicted loved one, you are in a better position to change your own behaviors and help him or her to realize the importance of seeking treatment for substance use disorder.

Rather than waiting for your addicted loved one to “hit rock bottom” or waiting for some sort of miraculous event that will alter the course of his or her addiction, it is important for you to face the reality of addiction and understand that professional addiction treatment is the best course to help your loved one achieve and maintain sobriety.

Sebastian, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Intervention counselors in Sebastian typically follow a few basic steps during the intervention process.

Step 1: Pre-intervention consultation:   As mentioned earlier, the initial consultation is often a phone call in which the counselor seeks to learn about the addicted person and his or her family. One of the goals of this consultation is to be sure that the entire family gets on the same page about what is needed for their loved one. This keeps things running more smoothly during the actual intervention because it prevents family members from coming to the intervention with completely different opinions about what will happen.

Step 2: Family education: One of the best tools families can use to fight addiction is accurate knowledge. Rather than believing common addiction myths or even the word of their addicted family member, it is important for families to listen and learn the truth about addiction from the interventionist. Remember that the dual goals of an intervention are to help an addict into treatment and to repair the damage done to the entire family by the addict’s destructive behaviors.

Step 3: Getting on with the process:  Once the family is on the same page with the intervention counselor, there is no further need to wait for the actual intervention to happen. The sooner you can participate in the intervention, the sooner your loved one will get the help he or she truly needs and the sooner your family can start to heal.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me 

Alcohol interventions are fairly common in Sebastian, Florida. Why? Because alcohol is a legal substance and is readily available, it is often hard for an alcoholic to admit that he or she is truly an alcoholic. Sometimes, the only way to get your addicted loved one to realize there is a problem is to get professional help from an alcohol interventionist.

Contrary to how you may picture it, an intervention is not about rehashing how much a person drinks. Rather, it focuses on the ways that a person’s drinking have damaged family relationships, professional relationships, and friendships with others. By emphasizing how alcohol addiction has impacted both the addict and his or her family, an addict is helped to begin to change his or her behaviors.

An alcohol intervention program can help families move toward recovery. By prompting the addicted person to get the proper treatment and by helping family members to make positive changes in their family environment, interventions can be the jumping off point for hope and healing for the entire family.

To find an interventionist in the Sebastian area, you have several options. You can:

  • Talk to your doctor, who may be able to put you in touch with an interventionist in your area.
  • Talk to your insurance provider, who can confirm which interventionists in your area are covered by your insurance policy.
  • Talk to your friends, who may have personal knowledge of an interventionist who would work well with your family.
  • Do an online search for alcohol interventionists in your area and be sure to read the reviews provided by people who have used the services of an interventionist.

Additionally, an easy way to find an interventionist in Sebastian, Florida is to contact The Recovery Village. Our professional, courteous staff can provide information about interventionists and other addiction treatment options in Sebastian, Florida. Reach out today and begin the healing process.