Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Sarasota, Florida

Interpersonal relationships, especially those within a family unit, play an important role in a person’s wellbeing. Sometimes, an individual’s behavior significantly impacts these relationships, requiring help. Marriage and family counseling in Sarasota, Florida utilizes psychotherapy to work on dysfunctional behavior patterns and begin to heal the relationships.

Marriage and family therapy programs generally include both family or marriage counseling and individual counseling. The first session acts as a way for the therapist to discover key information, especially regarding the issue that led the family to seek therapy. During sessions, the therapist listens to all family members and observes the relationship dynamics to determine the best way to work through the problem.

Many different psychological and physical issues may find benefit in strategic family therapy. Behavioral problems may arise due to interpersonal conflicts, so addressing them in marriage or family counseling can help.

Examples of problems for which a therapist might recommend family counseling services include grief, sexual dysfunction, distress and issues surrounding eldercare. Families dealing with a member’s mental health issues, such as eating disorders, anxiety, depression, or schizophrenia, may also find this type of therapy helpful in working through the problems related to the mental health disorder. Also, families dealing with substance abuse in Sarasota can benefit from the services of a professional therapist.

Marriage Counseling in Sarasota, Florida 

In addition to helping with specific behavioral or mental health problems, marriage counseling in Sarasota also acts to enhance a couple’s communication ability and deepen their emotional intimacy. An important component of partner counseling is individual work on self-improvement and other individual concerns.

Marriage counseling has been found highly effective, with research spanning over 25 years. Studies have found that in addition to treating the issues arising in familial and marital conflict, strategies found in marriage and family counseling can also help with co-worker relationships to improve productivity in the workplace and can generally improve the overall wellbeing of each partner personally.

Sarasota Marriage Therapy 

As with other forms of therapy, marriage therapy takes time and effort. Family counseling centers provide a safe space for the couple to communicate and gain additional insight. Couples generally learn problem-solving skills and conflict management. For this therapy to be successful, all parties must dedicate themselves to the tasks involved. Often, partners undergo individual therapy to complement the marriage therapy.

It is important to discuss expectations at the beginning so that both parties know what to anticipate. Most couples attend marriage counseling once a week, although the frequency depends on the couple’s schedule and goals. Marriage counseling in Sarasota can take place in private settings or group sessions, and some couples might attend both. You can find marriage counseling in Sarasota in private practices, group practices, and university counseling centers.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me 

When deciding to undertake marriage counseling, it is important to find a therapist that fits your needs, expectations, and personality. When assessing different options for marriage counseling near you, look for a counselor who:

  • Fits your budget
  • Is located in a place that is convenient for you
  • Has experience with the specific problem or issues you face
  • Is compassionate
  • Takes a neutral stand
  • Demonstrates control of the sessions
  • Provides space for each person to communicate his or her feelings without interruption
  • Has the required training and license to practice marriage counseling
  • Is willing to incorporate the couple’s preferences when developing a therapy plan
  • Creates a comfortable space where individuals feel confident in speaking up about any discomfort

Couples who struggle to find a therapist physically located near them may prefer online marriage counseling, which uses video chat technology for the sessions.

Family Therapy Sarasota, FL 

When a family struggles with specific issues, attending structural family therapy may help. Sometimes, an individual learns dysfunctional behavior patterns from his or her parents or other family members, leading to deep-rooted dysfunction in the family that requires the help of a professional.

Although many people only think about family counseling in connection with significant problems, such as mental health disorders or estrangement, even families that consider their relationship strong and healthy benefit from this therapy from time to time, especially when facing major life changes.

Sarasota Family Counseling 

When an individual’s behavioral or mental health affects other members of the family, family therapy provides an important way to work through it and start the process of healing relationships. It is also beneficial for dysfunctional familial behaviors or families undergoing a difficult period, such as the loss of a family member or a major transition.

Therapists rely on a variety of therapeutic modalities for family therapy in Sarasota, including behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy and interpersonal therapy. The focus is on the mental, emotional, behavioral or psychological problems that might hurt the family unit.

During Sarasota family therapy, families work on improving communication, learning to understand things from a different perspective, and solving problems. The goal of family counseling Sarasota is to learn to handle difficult situations and facilitate a healthier, more balanced home.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me 

Anytime you search for a counselor, you want to ensure that you take the time to assess the options and find the right one for your family. A few key factors to review for Sarasota family therapy services include:

  • Word of mouth referrals: Ask around to your friends, family members, and coworkers to see if they know of any family therapists they would recommend. Ask them about their personal experience with the therapist.
  • Online recommendations: If you do not have anyone in your immediate personal network to ask, look at trusted online recommendations to see who might fit your needs.
  • Physician: Most doctors have a referral network and can recommend family and marriage counseling services to their patients, so ask your primary physician for a referral.
  • Insurance: If you expect to use your insurance benefits to help pay for sessions, then look at your insurance company’s portal to find covered therapists in your area.

When dealing with issues interfering with interpersonal relationships, especially those of a couple or family, turn to marriage and family therapy for a strong first step toward healing.