AA and NA Meetings in Sarasota

If you are recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction, or you desire to start recovery, Sarasota offers group support to help you. Sarasota Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (AA), and Sarasota Narcotics Anonymous meetings (NA) are held throughout the city. These meetings offer a place where you can share your struggles with like-minded people in a safe, compassionate environment.

AA and NA meetings are led by a licensed counselor or group leader and offer hope and support for those on the road to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction in Sarasota. AA meetings and NA meetings are held in a variety of settings and locations. You may find support groups through your rehab program, but AA meetings and NA meetings are also offered as stand-alone options.

AA Meetings in Sarasota, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are open to anyone struggling with alcohol addiction, regardless of age, education, or where you are in the recovery process. Sarasota AA Meetings are based on a 12-step program. This set of principles is designed to empower members, enabling them to live a life free of alcohol addiction. AA meetings are not designed to be religious or political but are spiritual in nature. Surrounded by your peers, AA meetings provide a safe space for you to share your struggles with alcohol addiction. In meetings, you can work on developing coping skills in a supportive environment.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

Locating the right Sarasota AA group may take some research on your part. You may find a list of helpful resources to assist you in finding AA meetings in Sarasota by visiting the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

AA meetings in Sarasota allow you to unload the mental and emotional burdens of alcohol addiction with the support of others facing the same uphill battle. If you are not yet in treatment, support from your peers can help you take the first steps toward recovery. If you have completed treatment, Sarasota AA meetings can encourage your continued sobriety by offering a network of support and friendship.

Find more AA meetings close to Sarasota on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Sarasota, Florida

Like alcohol addiction, drug addiction can destroy your life. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) was formed in 1953 to help people struggling with narcotics addiction. NA meetings in Sarasota are open to everyone, regardless of age. The only requirement for participation in NA meetings is the desire to stop using drugs.

Sarasota NA meetings can help you take the first steps toward treatment in a safe and compassionate environment. NA meetings in Sarasota allow you to share your battle with drug addiction alongside others who are on the path to recovery or who wish to be.  Narcotics Anonymous meetings utilize the same 12-step principles used in AA meetings adapted for those addicted to drugs. Narcotics Anonymous meetings also focus on the benefits of honesty, your willingness to change, and having an open mind.

If you are new to sobriety or have recently completed a rehab program, practicing the principles within a supportive environment can help you achieve long-term sobriety. Also, participating in Sarasota NA meetings can deepen your resolve to live a drug-free life.

Also, The Recovery Village website can offer you options for peer support groups and 12-step group therapy. Contact The Recovery Village to speak with a representative who can help you find a treatment program that is right for you.