Substance Abuse Counseling in Saint Augustine, Florida

When a person’s life is being taken over by the misuse of a substance, counseling can help. Treatment through substance abuse counseling can be a successful part of recovery for those suffering from a substance use disorder. If you are in search of substance abuse counseling in Saint Augustine, Florida, it may be time to reach out for counseling at a supportive facility like The Recovery Village. With the end goal being a clean life and recovery from substance abuse, clients meet regularly with experienced, certified counselors to help them on this journey.

Saint Augustine, Florida Addiction Counseling

Counselors work with clients to help them through this challenging time. They address issues related to specific behaviors or emotional and psychological barriers. Because each situation is unique, counselors will develop specific plans and goals for each client. These licensed professionals will listen to and support the client throughout the process, providing consistency and stability throughout their time together. Many of these counselors have multiple areas of training, including psychology, human behavior, chemical therapy, and therapeutic methods of working with each client.

As the counselor listens to and works with the clients, he or she will be able to determine some of the underlying reasons for the unhealthy behaviors. This is often key to overcoming the addiction, as the client can address these issues in other, healthier ways with the counselor’s help. Not only will one-to-one therapy take place, but the following parts of substance abuse counseling may also be incorporated:

  • Group therapy
  • Development of treatment goals
  • Training in positive coping mechanisms
  • 12-step programs or other support groups
  • Setting up sober living plans and aftercare
  • Career counseling and finding employment

It is important to find a counselor who is a good match for you. A connection is an important component in successful treatment. Some qualities to look for when searching for an addiction counselor in Saint Augustine or anywhere else are:

  • Someone you can trust
  • Someone who is compassionate and supportive
  • Someone to provide safe and effective advice regardless of your place in recovery

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

Recovery from drug addiction is difficult to take on alone. A licensed drug counselor can be your guide on this journey to a healthier, happier, clean life. Regardless of the substance (narcotics, stimulants, opiates, prescription medication, or something else) or your stage of recovery, a counselor can provide help and support. If you have co-occurring disorders, a counselor can help with those as well.

Psychology Today offers a full database of licensed drug counselors in Saint Augustine and the surrounding area. With many different options, you can find one to fit your personality, your needs, and your goals.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Often people do not realize that alcohol addiction is just as dangerous as other substance abuse. An alcohol counselor can help those with this addiction find relief and recovery and get on with a healthier life.

When seeking substance abuse counseling, make sure your counselor is licensed and certified. The National Association for Addiction Professionals helps professionals with these credentials and requires counselors, social workers, and others to be state licensed. Finding someone with experience, legitimate credentials, and expertise will benefit you.

Drug Addiction Counselor Saint Augustine, FL

A drug addiction counselor can help guide you through the difficult path of recovery. A safe and supportive environment will make all the difference when it comes to recovery from addiction. A counselor can provide this while working one-on-one, listening to the struggles you experience and providing consistent, compassionate support.

Again, it is important to find the right counselor, one with whom you can connect. If you need help finding the right drug addiction counselor in Saint Augustine, Florida, reach out to us at The Recovery Village. Please call us today to seek help and let us work with you on this. You do not have to be alone. A drug-free life is within reach, and we can help you get there.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

Finding the right counselor or program is important to your success. Use these different routes to find one that works well for you:

  • Your Insurance – Your insurance provider should be able to recommend some counselors to you. Because these will be in network, some, if not all, of the cost should be covered.
  • 24-Hour Hotlines –  Do not hesitate to use The Recovery Village’s 24-hour hotlines for help or to seek guidance: alcohol and drug.
  • Doctor’s Recommendations – Your family doctor is a good resource as he or she has already been working with you or your loved one. Often doctors have lists of good counselors and can help you find a good match.
  • Online referrals – A search online can help. You can do a little research, check out the alcohol and drug counselor’s website, and read reviews.
  • Personal Recommendations – Believe it or not, your friends, co-workers, or acquaintances may have been through this same thing. Often these are the best sources of finding someone to help. Do not be ashamed to ask as this is a very brave step.

Please call The Recovery Village to find a substance abuse counselor in Saint Augustine. You can speak directly to one of our caring staff and learn about our center, counseling options, and specific help for your needs. This confidential call can be the beginning of a new start. Please let us help.