AA and NA Meetings in St. Augustine

When working on your addiction recovery in Saint Augustine, it often helps to have a peer group that can understand the challenges that come with reaching and retaining sobriety. Whether you are just beginning, newly sober, or have been sober for years, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings offer support from just such a peer group.

Often finding a meeting that works for you is fundamental to a long-term recovery plan. Regular attendance at AA and NA meetings in Saint Augustine, Florida can help ensure a successful transition from alcohol addiction to sobriety.

AA Meetings In Saint Augustine, Florida

AA is one of the best-known support groups in the world, and it pioneered the volunteer support model of day-to-day help when working with the psychological aspects of substance abuse. It is important to remember that attending AA is just part of a treatment strategy. While going to AA is a good step toward sobriety and can help immensely, it cannot take the place of more intensive rehabilitation. For this reason, AA sponsors will often direct those who need help to rehabilitation facilities.

There are no “qualifications” for going to an AA meeting and it is completely confidential and anonymous. You will not have to fill out a form or pay to get in, although donating can be a good way to show your support. Meetings are also held nearly anywhere available space can be found; religious buildings, libraries, community centers, health centers, and other facilities host meetings, so you can choose the spaces with which you are most comfortable.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

AA meetings can range from a simple “general” meeting to very specific meetings focused on specific concerns, such as meetings where spouses are welcome or meetings that are limited to men or women. The only uniting feature for AA meetings are the twelve steps through which members work steadily. Before you attend your first meeting, you should write out what you are looking for in a meeting. Focus on what makes you most at ease. Where would you prefer the meetings be held? Who would you be comfortable being around? What times are the meetings held? Are you concerned you may run into co-workers or others with whom you would prefer not to discuss your concerns?

Also, remember that members will understand if you “audition” meetings to find one with which you are most comfortable. Part of support is granting space when needed, so attend a meeting and if it works, you can keep attending.

Here are some meetings available in Saint Augustine and surrounding areas to start you on your search:

Morning After Group
Serenity Club Inc.
18 S. Dixie Hwy.
Saint Augustine, FL 32084

Women’s Candlelight Group
27 Sevilla Saint
Saint Augustine, FL 32084

You can find other meeting locations on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings In Saint Augustine, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous is built on a similar structure to Alcoholics Anonymous, including adherence to the twelve steps. It was created because drug abuse offers different challenges from alcohol abuse, such as more difficulties with the legal system. As more types of narcotics became available through both illegitimate and legal systems, it was necessary to build new systems of support. It is not unknown for those who have both alcohol abuse and substance abuse concerns to attend one meeting to deal with alcohol issues and another meeting to get a better grasp of substance abuse.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings can be broad and focused on the patterns of behavior and habits that tie together all the many different forms of substance abuse, or they can be more focused on specific substances. Which you choose often depends on what you believe will be the most helpful. However, all meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend, who will respect the confidentiality of the meetings, who will be honest with themselves and the group, who will accept the responsibility of being more self-aware, and who will be open-minded with themselves and others. All of these aspects are a journey, especially at the beginning of recovery, so you will not be expected to open up about everything in the first meeting.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Just like AA, there is an NA meeting for almost every concern. If, for example, you are working with the legal system as part of your recovery, there are NA meetings that can offer support through both aspects of that process. Much like AA, you need to ask yourself what makes you most comfortable. What spaces most put you at ease? Where are you in the journey to recovery? What meetings are accessible while still protecting confidentiality?

Finding meetings can be as simple as checking online listings. Here are a few meetings in Saint Augustine to get you started:

Ancient City Baptist Church
27 Sevilla Saint
Saint Augustine, FL 32084

Catholic Daughter Building
124 King Saint
Saint Augustine, FL 32084

Memorial Presbyterian Church
36 Sevilla Saint
Saint Augustine, FL 32084

You can find more meetings in the Saint Augustine area on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

Patients may also find meetings through personal recommendations if someone they trust has shared with them their journey, or patients can find meetings through their counselor. In addition, the Recovery Village hosts meetings focused on a range of NA and AA treatments. No matter where patients find their meetings, however, it will be a crucial foundation for reaching sobriety and keeping on an even keel.