Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Saint Augustine, Florida

Familial relationships are complicated, and psychotherapy often addresses why these relationships can be so challenging. In therapy, professionals discuss how each family member’s individual thoughts and behaviors impact the greater relationship as a whole.

Saint Augustine family therapy and marriage counseling address a wide range of issues, including conflict, problems stemming from grief, and even substance use disorder in Saint Augustine. Your counselor may discuss behavioral problems children often exhibit or the role of adults as caregivers for their parents. Marriage counseling also addresses sexual dysfunction and communication issues between spouses.

When you attend counseling with your spouse or family, you may also attend individual therapy. Individual therapy will address some of your own behaviors and how they impact the rest of your life and relationships. In these sessions, you may discuss issues like alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, and mental disorders including depression and schizophrenia.

The first session of family counseling in Saint Augustine typically involves gathering as much information about the family dynamics as is possible. The therapist will ask why the family decided to come to therapy and listen to each member of the family express his or her concerns.

Marriage counseling in Saint Augustine follows a similar format. The counselor will ask why you are in therapy and observe how the couple relates to each other. The role of the counselor is to understand better the dynamics involved in the relationships.

These initial meetings are crucial for you as a client as well. In the first session, you will assess the competency of your therapist. You can also set up goals and ask questions about the therapist’s guidelines and rules.

Marriage Counseling in Saint Augustine, Florida

If you are wondering about the efficacy of marriage counseling programs, the truth is that extensive research demonstrates the efficacy of marriage therapy in addressing emotional disorders and mental health issues as they relate to relationships.

As a client in marriage therapy, you may expect to see improvements in many of your relationships across the board, including those at work. You can also see enhanced relationships with your family members, friends, and the community as a whole.

Additionally, marriage counseling helps couples improve their intimacy and communication. By becoming more self-aware and more focuses on individual self-improvement, each marriage partner becomes a better spouse to the other.

Saint Augustine Marriage Therapy

Most clients attend marriage counseling sessions once per week, but your schedule may differ. You may also opt to attend sessions individually, which could mean two sessions weekly.

Marriage therapy serves several purposes. In therapy, you and your partner can learn beneficial skills that include:

  • Solving problems in a healthy way
  • Setting goals for therapy
  • Developing a plan for recovery
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Establishing communication skills
  • Providing a supportive environment
  • Resolving conflicts

When you see positive results in these areas, you will feel much more motivated to move forward.

You can also rest assured knowing that marriage counselors are meant to remain neutral in conflicts that arise during your sessions. Your therapist should avoid taking sides, even if you also participate in individual sessions.

Additionally, you can pursue marriage counseling in Saint Augustine in one of many different settings. Therapy sessions are available through school counseling centers, group practices, and private practices.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

No one marriage counselor is going to be right for each person. After all, therapists have distinct personalities just like everybody else. This fact means that you should always seek out a counselor who speaks to your needs. The best marriage counselor for you will be the one who:

  • Is adequately trained to counsel couples
  • Establishes a plan for therapy
  • Is assertive when necessary
  • Is compassionate without taking sides
  • Understands the couple’s specific conflicts
  • Allows each individual to speak
  • Is available for regular sessions
  • Meets your financial needs

Even if you have not found a counselor who speaks to your needs just yet, you can actually use video chat to seek therapy. Some couples therapists offer internet sessions.

Family Therapy Saint Augustine, FL

Think of all the things you have learned from your family, considering all the things your family has influenced in your life. The list probably includes everything from your worldview to your favorite foods. You even learn how to relate to those you love from your family dynamic.

For people who are born into healthy families with high-functioning relationships, maintaining other healthy relationships comes easily. Unfortunately, this is not the case for individuals born into dysfunctional families. Dysfunction can make for difficulty connecting in relationships.

Since few families are totally free of dysfunction, family therapy in Saint Augustine is an excellent option to explore healthy relationship-building.

Saint Augustine Family Counseling

When you attend Saint Augustine family therapy, your counselor will help your group address issues specific to your family’s emotional health. For this reason, therapy helps families cope with difficult circumstances, including transition periods and issues arising from behavioral health problems.

During family counseling sessions, your therapist will use a variety of resources to help heal your familial relationships. Therapists are well-versed in cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal communication tactics. Together, you will work toward healing psychological and emotional wounds that impact your entire family. Resolving these wounds may include:

  • Improving communication
  • Resolving recurring problems
  • Understanding each other
  • Coping with difficult events

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Because there are so many options available to those searching for family therapists in Saint Augustine, you need to be discerning when you choose. Here are a few good ways to find the right therapist for your family:

  • Seek assistance from your health insurance company to ensure that you work with a therapist who works for you financially.
  • Ask your doctor for therapist recommendations. Medical doctors are often familiar with local family counseling services.
  • Read online reviews. Search engines are helpful tools when you are looking for opinions about therapists online.
  • Use online therapist locators to look for counselors in your area.
  • Personal recommendations can be a blessing. Ask people you know have attended therapy if they can refer you to a family counselor.

When you turn to marriage and family counseling in Saint Augustine to cope with issues in your marriage or family, you are taking positive strides forward. Turning toward counseling is effective because it helps people realize that they can overcome their problems with a bit of work.

Keep in mind that counseling is not an admission that you are defeated. Instead, it is a decision to pursue a healthy relationship. Are you ready to take the first step toward a better family life? Reach out to The Recovery Village today to learn about resources in your area.