Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Pompano Beach, Florida

The behaviors of individual members of the family and the way these behaviors affect relationships within the family itself are addressed with a type of psychotherapy called marriage and family therapy. Family and marriage counseling in Pompano Beach, Florida can include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Marriage therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Combination therapy

There are many physical and psychological problems treated by marriage and family therapy. These include conflict within a marriage, child and parent conflict, sexual problems, distress, grief, weight and eating disorders, behavioral problems with children, issues pertaining to eldercare, and even issues with substance abuse in Pompano Beach. Practitioners of marriage and family therapy also work with mental health problems such as schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety since these issues have an impact on the individual and the family.

Information gathering occurs in the first session in marriage counseling in Pompano Beach. The therapist will try to learn why the couple or family is seeking counseling. He or she will observe the dynamics within the couple or family, and listen to all involved as they express their thoughts and feelings.

The family or couple will be able to assess the therapist’s competency, understand their role in therapy, and learn the goals of therapy. They will also learn about the rules of therapy pertaining to the confidentiality of information told to the therapist, both within therapy sessions and outside of them.

Marriage Counseling in Pompano Beach, Florida

The effectiveness of marriage counseling has been cited in many research studies. Improvements in productivity at work, relationships with co-workers, partner and family relationships, emotional and overall health, social life, and involvement in the community have all been reported by clients.

Whether couples are thinking of separating or looking for a better level of understanding and intimacy, marriage counseling in Pompano Beach helps. Even though the marriage is the focus of marital therapy, each partner is encouraged to focus on self-awareness and self-improvement as well.

Pompano Beach Marriage Therapy

In Pompano Beach marriage therapy, partners are helped to learn about each other and develop better problem-solving skills. Couples may set up therapeutic goals and a therapy plan themselves with the guidance of the therapist. This helps them know what to expect and puts both partners on the same page. The motivation of a couple and their dedication to the process are important factors in whether positive results are gained.

Throughout therapy, each partner may learn to communicate better and learn to listen to each other. Couples also learn to support each other in new ways. Sometimes, conflict will present itself in marriage therapy sessions. An ethical marriage counselor will remain neutral without taking one side or the other. Individual sessions are offered automatically by some marriage counselors, while others make it available if it is requested.

Generally, marriage counseling in Pompano Beach takes place weekly. This schedule is determined based on whether individual participants also attend private or group sessions.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

Before starting a marriage therapy program, use these parameters to make sure you have chosen the right marriage counselor.

  • Does the counselor have training in marriage counseling?
  • Does he or she help you develop a plan for therapy?
  • Does the counselor have experience dealing with specific issues you face?
  • Is the counselor neutral to both partners and compassionate?
  • Does the counselor maintain control during the session?
  • Does the counselor provide easy accessibility for you?
  • Does the counselor give you a say in whether you are happy with the services being provided?
  • Is the Pompano Beach family therapy cost effective for you?

If it is hard to be present in person, some counselors offer video chat. Usually, though, counseling takes place in person in settings like private practices, group practices, or university counseling centers.

Family Therapy Pompano Beach, FL

Your family teaches you a lot about your worldviews, your habits, and what you consider to be normal in your interactions with others. For instance, someone from a loving family with healthy behaviors will probably have healthy relationships later on in life. Conversely, someone who comes from a severely dysfunctional family whose members have difficulty connecting with one another might have trouble connecting with others later in life.

Family therapy gives all members of a family the tools they need to repair relationships and move forward as a harmonious unit. The goal of family therapy is to teach a family a way to develop or maintain a healthy, functional family dynamic.

Pompano Beach Family Counseling

The health and functional aspects of a family are addressed by family counseling in Pompano Beach. This counseling can be used to assist the family in getting through a major life change within the family, difficult periods such as the loss of a loved one, and behavioral health issues the family may have.

Certain therapy techniques can focus on behavioral and cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy and other types of counseling. Structural family therapy works with the goal of healing mental, psychological, and emotional problems that are disruptive to the family.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Consider the following factors when choosing Pompano Beach family therapy providers:

  • Insurance coverage: If the cost of a therapist is covered by your insurance, financial worry will be relieved.
  • Recommendations by a doctor: Your doctor can help by recommending a suitable marriage and family counseling service in the area since he or she has had patients with similar issues and may be in a good position to understand your family’s unique needs.
  • Online research: Search engines online can be used to find reputable family therapists in your area. There are also family therapist locators available that assist in your search.
  • Personal recommendations: This is a great way to find out about Pompano Beach family therapy. If a family you know has been to a therapist, talk to them to see what they thought of the therapist and the program offered.

If you have marriage or family problems that are impacting your quality of life, going to marriage and family counseling in Pompano Beach is a courageous, important first step. Reach out to The Recovery Village and take that first step today.