Finding an Interventionist in Pompano Beach, Florida

An intervention does not resemble what you see on television. It is a complicated, emotional endeavor that may start days before the intervention itself takes place, and is not just for individuals struggling with substance abuse issues in Pompano Beach, but also their friends, their family, and their wider support network. An intervention is for an entire group, which can make them more emotionally difficult than people realize at first.

Interventions start with the support network around the person with substance abuse issues. The interventionist will discuss the situation with them to find habits and patterns of behavior from those around the addicted person that reinforce his or her behavior. These need to be broken for the intervention to be effective, and that can be a more daunting prospect than those who ask for an intervention may quite realize when the journey begins. For these reasons, any intervention should be planned, staged, and executed by a professional interventionist.

A trained professional interventionist in Pompano Beach will ensure that any intervention has the maximum amount of chance for success and will have a plan in place regardless of what unfolds after the intervention. In addition, everyone involved needs to be comfortable with the style and approach of the interventionist.

Those involved in the intervention should thoroughly interview the interventionist they are considering and should come away from the interview with a full understanding of:

  • the interventionist’s experience with substance abuse concerns
  • what methods and tactics will be used to design the intervention
  • what kind of work the loved ones will need to do
  • what the family should expect regardless of how the intervention unfolds

Any proper interventionist will not promise you that the intervention will work; instead, he or she will detail a plan for what will happen if the patient accepts help and what will happen if they refuse.

In turn, a good interventionist will be interviewing the family and loved ones to get a sense of the potential issues involved, what roles the family may play in the substance abuse issue, and will get a sense of how much work is involved. It is not uncommon for an interventionist to refer families to another professional they feel is more suited to the role. Interventions are deeply personal and emotional moments in the life of everyone involved and must be done right.

Locating an interventionist ideally should be done through a mental health professional or substance abuse counselor, such as the professionals at the Recovery Village, and preferably one who has worked with the patient before if possible. Because interventions are such personal events, selection and expertise are important to the process.

If one is not available, you can also seek references from your insurer or your family doctor. Ideally, they will have some training in substance abuse issues or will be familiar with the patient’s history to some degree. In all cases, however, the referral will be held in the strictest confidence.

Drug Intervention Counselor In Pompano Beach, FL

The interventionist will begin with the family. Often families play a role in a substance abuse issue by enabling their loved one with money or other forms of support, by not holding their loved one accountable, or by codependent behaviors that make it difficult to address problems of all degrees. As a result, the family has an intervention first, as the interventionist asks them to consider their behaviors in these contexts. In some cases, this involves looking at their own behavior, and in others, it will involve looking at the behavior of the patient. Substance abusers can be manipulative, deliberately or unconsciously, of those they love, even if it hurts them.

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After the initial interviews, and after the family understands the behaviors it will need to correct, then the process for the intervention will begin. Families should expect this process to move quickly, as an intervention generally happens at the point where families and loved ones have had enough, not when the patient is about to hit “rock bottom.” Families can reach their emotional breaking point well before the patient does, so for their sake and the sake of their loved one, an interventionist will move quickly.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol interventions are one of the most common forms of intervention, in part due to the nature of alcohol abuse and the prevalence of both alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse disorder as diseases. As a result, you will have many options for an interventionist, such as the team at the Recovery Village.

Again, you will need to work with the interventionist with whom you feel most comfortable. You will need to be honest and open with them about your family and your behavior toward the person in your life struggling with these disorders. You will need to accept that the person you love may not want help, and you may need to act to treat your own concerns.

No matter what, however, it is important to act. Even if an intervention does not end with a patient accepting treatment, it can be the beginning of a journey toward sobriety. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to access resources for addiction treatment for you or for your loved one.