Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Plant City, Florida

With the drug epidemic at an all-time high, finding trusted methods of holding you or your loved one accountable in recovery from drug addiction in Plant City, Florida is a must. Drug testing centers in Plant City can provide that structure.

A drug testing center or drug testing facility provides testing services for a panel of substances that could be in a person’s system for varying degrees of time. There are many uses for a drug test center, such as:

  • Pre-employment screening: Many employers will require their applicants to take a drug test prior to offering a position and may also conduct random drug screens during the course of employment.
  • Probation and/or Parole: in addition to checking in with designated parole officers, a released convict could be required to take regular drug tests to ensure compliance with terms of probation. Failure to stay clean could result in arrest.
  • After Treatment: Upon completion of substance abuse treatment, random drug screens might be put into place by therapists, law enforcement, or even family, to make sure sobriety is being upheld.
  • Yearly Physical Exam: Some family physicians might include a drug test as part of an annual physical, particularly if there is a reason to suspect addiction.
  • Legal Battles: Random drug tests might come into play during certain legal battles, such as child custody cases to determine fitness as a parent.

These are just a few of the uses for a drug testing center, with many more cases existing. Ultimately, the goal is to have a physical way to keep accountability for someone in recovery and provide information without a doubt regarding current drug or alcohol abuse.

Plant City Drug Testing Centers

Plant City drug testing centers can provide many different types of drug testing to you, depending on the need. These tests are called panel tests, with panel referring to the types of substances for which are being tested. The drug tests can range from 5 to 12 panel, with 12 being the most comprehensive.

  • 5-panel drug tests screen for marijuana/THC, amphetamines, PCP, cocaine, and opiates
  • 6-panel drug tests screen for all the above, with the addition of benzodiazepines
  • 7-panel drug tests screen for all the above, with the addition of barbiturates
  • 8-panel drug tests screen for all the above, with the addition of methamphetamines
  • 9-panel drug tests screen for all the above, with the addition of methadone
  • 10-panel drug tests screen for all the above, with the addition of methaqualone
  • 12-panel drug tests screen for all the above, with the addition of extended opiate abuse (abusing prescription painkillers), propoxyphene, and ecstasy

There are different methods by which the drug test center will obtain a sample from the person being tested. Some common methods used by drug testing centers are:

  1. Urine: Probably the most common, and most well-known, of the drug tests, these tests are often used in pre-employment screens as they can provide drug test centers with a great deal of information on what someone has ingested while being minimally invasive.
  2. Blood: While a blood test can be the most accurate and telling of all the drug tests, it is also the most invasive. This can be problematic for someone who is aggressive or resisting the testing process.
  3. Saliva: The benefit of saliva testing is that it is also minimally invasive, like the urine test. However, it can only test for recently ingested substances. This method is great for random on-the-spot tests when there is suspicion of someone being currently under the influence.
  4. Hair: Since hair follicles are fed from blood vessels in the body, hair can act as a history book to someone’s long-time drug use. This method is the best for seeing how long substance abuse has been occurring.
  5. Perspiration: Substances can be detected in your sweat as toxins are excreted over time. A patch is worn for approximately two weeks to test the levels of substance coming out of the body in sweat. This is one of the newest tests for a drug test center available.

The experts at Plant City drug testing centers will determine which method is the most appropriate based on the individual situation and circumstance.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

When you do an internet search for “drug testing facilities near me”, you will be provided with lots of results to sort through. Some things to considering when finding the right drug testing facilities in Plant City for you are:

  • Experienced: Choose a drug testing facility that has experience in the type of testing for which you are searching. This is a scientific process that requires professional care to be accurate and effective.
  • Private: You want to make sure your Personal Health Information, or PHI, is being protected.
  • Accurate: Like experience, you want a drug testing facility that provides accurate results. A false positive or inconclusive results will cause more harm than good.
  • Fast!: The experience of getting a drug test is taxing enough; do yourself a favor and find a great drug test facility that also gets you in, out, and on with life quickly.

Referrals are always the best place to start. Contact your doctor or insurance provider for a list of Plant City drug testing centers. You can always reach out to trusted local substance abuse treatment centers for suggestions.