Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Pinellas Park, Florida

Drug testing is becoming an important aspect of both personal medical care and professional hiring and staff retention. As the opioid epidemic spreads, and as drug policy shifts across the nation, drug testing allows parents, family members, employers, and others peace of mind and a form of confirmation. But a center must be professional, confidential, reliable, and helpful, whether testing a loved one or analyzing an applicant for a job.

The Recovery Village offers a broad range of addiction treatment services in Pinellas Park, including information concerning drug testing centers in Pinellas Park and surrounding areas. When you contact one of our coordinators, here is what you need to know.

Drug tests are sorted into “panels.” Each panel looks for signs of a different kind of drug and you can have a wide number of panels. Tests are referred to by medical professionals by their number of panels, so if you are asked to take a “five-panel” test, it will be looking for five drug types, including amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, phencyclidine (PCP) and opiates.

The name “drug test” is slightly misleading, medically speaking. Bar certain circumstances, the test will not be looking for drugs, but instead what the liver and other parts of the body convert drugs into, which are called metabolites. The metabolites each drug creates are not unique. For example, if you take ibuprofen on a regular basis, there is a chance you may offer a false positive for marijuana. Employers, in particular, should discuss this with applicants so they understand what they need to divulge to the drug testing center.

Those undergoing testing should also know beforehand what specimen is being collected. A specimen is simply something from the person being tested. The most commonly used is urine, but hair, blood, saliva, and perspiration may also be used. It will depend both on the drug and how recently it was taken, as some specimens offer immediate confirmation in the wake of drug use, while others offer a longer-term perspective.

Finally, you will need to clarify with the facility what the reason for the test is before you enter. Common reasons include pre-employment screenings, random drug screenings for current employees, routine screenings as part of an annual physical, “for-cause” screenings that are engaged in over cases of potential employee malfeasance or liability, as part of a school disciplinary action, as part of a school sports physical, as part of a probationary program, and voluntary for personal reasons. All have very different legal obligations.

Pinellas Park Drug Testing Centers

There are several factors to consider with a drug testing facility. The first is privacy. Drug tests are medical records and as such are covered under federal medical records law. A facility will need to be compliant with HIPAA in order to be worth considering.

The second is accuracy. As noted above, there is the possibility of false positives, and the results received will depend on the specimen given. Accuracy, especially in legal and employment matters, is important not just to the patient but to those requesting the test.

The next is speed. Often drug tests are time-sensitive matters that require speedy results for the health and safety of the person being tested, whether they will need to consider rehabilitation and recovery, or whether they simply want to be able to start work as soon as possible.

Finally, experience is important. Even well-trained personnel will be confronted with “edge cases” in the course of their work, where the results may lean toward a positive but they may not be entirely sure. Experience often makes the difference between a useful result and an unclear one.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

For many, the toughest question is how to find the proper drug testing facility. There are several venues, all of which will be confidential and handled with the best interests of you and the patient in mind.

Doctors and medical facilities: Doctors and hospitals may have testing facilities on site, or may refer you to a testing facility they have used as part of their work. Ideally, you can work with a family physician or someone who knows the medical history of the patient well.

Drug recovery and rehabilitation facilities: Alternatively, you can go to drug rehabilitation and recovery facilities directly. Many of these facilities, such as the Recovery Village in Pinellas Park, have on-site testing in order to properly supervise patients.

Insurance Companies: Your health insurer may also offer options for drug testing, possibly as part of a recovery plan or a plan to continue sober living on the part of the patient. They may also have dedicated support resources to assist you in your search.

No matter how you find your facility, it should be one that you trust and with which the patient, whether hoping to work for you or hoping to rebuild trust with you, should be comfortable. To learn more about drug testing and recovery, contact The Recovery Village.