Substance Abuse Counseling in Palm Harbor, Florida

Substance abuse is a difficult illness to recover from alone. To do so involves far more than no longer using drugs. Those dealing with substance abuse have to rebuild their personal relationships, assess the damage to their finances and their career, change their patterns of behavior, and build better coping skills. Those are daunting challenges that often require help in the form of substance abuse counseling.

Contrary to popular belief, substance abuse counseling is not just psychology, although it can draw on psychological tools and techniques such as group therapy. A substance abuse counselor in Palm Harbor, Florida is specifically licensed to treat people dealing with substance abuse concerns and will use a mix of approaches for each client. Some clients may need more behavioral therapy, others may need chemical therapy, and so on. Each client will develop a unique road to sobriety which the counselor will assist them through, and it will include aspects well beyond the basics, such as taking responsibility for past actions and rebuilding personal and professional relationships.

Substance abuse is a disease caused by multiple factors. One person may become addicted to opiates because they have injured their body, while another may “self-medicate” to deal with another mental illness. Due to the highly personal nature of substance abuse counseling, patients should look for a counselor with whom they can feel comfortable and with whom they can build a bond of trust.

Palm Harbor, Florida Addiction Counseling

Addiction counseling is often for the long term. An addiction is not defined by substances, but rather by behavior. If you do something to the point it interferes with your life in other respects, it has at least aspects of addiction. You can be just as easily “addicted” to television or exercise as alcohol; remove the substance and the behavior remains. Addiction counselors help their clients find the patterns that push them toward destructive behavior and break those patterns to live a more fulfilling life.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

A drug counselor can help you no matter where you are in the recovery process. The counselor’s job is to help you design a recovery plan that will work for you personally and then help you implement that plan so that you can achieve and maintain long-term recovery from drug addiction.

The best counselor will be the one with whom you feel most comfortable and one that knows the exact problems a particular drug presents to you as you try to recover from addiction. Counselors may need to walk you through some difficult personal realizations, and will also need to help you find support groups, be available for discussion when you face challenging moments, and otherwise support you through what will be a long, if rewarding, journey. Often counselors will ask for an initial consultation so they can discuss their approach with you. During this initial consultation, you can determine whether you feel comfortable working with the counselor.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in the world. Alcohol use disorder and alcohol dependence, two separate but intertwined maladies, present particular challenges to counselors. Alcohol is widely available, is legal to purchase and consume in most of the world, is heavily tied to social and interpersonal situations, and widely consumed in moderation by many people. It is rare to be in a social situation where “hard” drugs are available, but alcohol is readily available in many places. If you are working through your alcohol struggles, you will need a counselor that grasps exactly what you face.

Drug Addiction Counselor Palm Harbor, FL

In contrast to alcohol, drug addiction counselors have a different set of challenges when working with clients. For example, due to how governments view most “hard” drugs, clients who are seeking recovery may have legal issues the counselor will need to discuss with them, and some clients may have even been ordered by a judge to seek out recovery or face a jail sentence. Even without the legal system involved, the temporary escape offered by many drugs is appealing to clients struggling with other mental illness challenges, some of which may not yet be diagnosed.

Finding a drug addiction counselor in Palm Harbor may seem overwhelming, but the good news is that you have many options to explore. One of the best options is to call the addiction professionals at The Recovery Village, who stand ready to help you find the right resources to address any addiction issues. The call is completely confidential. Get the information you need to begin the healing process by calling us today.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

If you are looking for substance abuse counseling programs in Palm Harbor, Florida or surrounding areas, here are some additional options you can try. While internet search results and even phone books can offer you many, many listings, you should start with a medical professional if at all possible. If you have a family doctor and are comfortable disclosing the issues you or a loved one is going through, he or she can offer a confidential referral. Insurers, 24-hour hotlines, and even personal recommendations are good places to find out about specific counselors in your area.

Substance abuse should not be faced alone; with a good counselor, you can build a healthier life. Reach out to take the first step toward that life today.