Finding an Interventionist in Ormond Beach, Florida

When a family reaches the point where the self-destructive behavior of a loved one is too difficult to watch, then it becomes time for an Ormond Beach drug intervention. Most people have the false impression that an intervention is a time to verbally assault the loved one until he or she breaks down and agrees to get help. The truth is that a real drug intervention is a group effort to show the loved one how much they mean to the family and how their self-destructive behavior is affecting everyone and to help the family regain control of their lives.

Of course, as a family, you are likely focused so much on helping your loved one accept the necessity of entering a drug and alcohol rehab center in Ormond Beach that you may not even realize all the ways that you may actually be enabling your loved one’s addiction. A skilled interventionist can help you see the reality of your family’s role in addiction.

When choosing an interventionist in Ormond Beach, look for one who has experience in the types of substances and situations with which the loved one is dealing. The interventionist knows how helpless the family feels, and can help the family to put those feelings into words. An intervention is a time for the family to become educated on the realities of what their loved one is facing.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Ormond Beach, FL

As you are searching for an interventionist in Ormond Beach, you should develop a list of factors you can use to screen these experts and find the one that is right for your situation. These factors should include:

  • The educational history of the interventionist
  • A discussion of their licenses and certifications
  • A discussion of their approach and what they believe it means to have a successful intervention
  • The professional experience of the interventionist and how that history makes them qualified to help your loved one
  • The steps that are taken when the loved one agrees to go to counseling
  • The steps that will happen after treatment has ended

Many intervention counselors in Ormond Beach specialize in different types of addictions. You want to be sure that the interventionist you choose has plenty of experience in the situation your loved one is facing. It also helps to ask the interventionist to tell you about some of their past cases and how they handled each situation. Think carefully about how the personality of the interventionist will mesh with your entire family.

Ormond Beach, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Intervention counselors in Ormond Beach become important when the family has reached the end of its ability to handle a loved one’s situation. In many ways, an intervention is as much a chance for the family to start healing as it is the loved one to understand the need for treatment.

The interventionist will start the process with the family, because the family must be united in their resolve to get their loved one help if the intervention is going to work. In many cases, emotional counseling of family members has to take place before the intervention can begin.

Some family members take these situations personally and, in many cases, family members feel responsible for what their loved one is going through. These types of self-defeating feelings can be easily exploited by a loved one who has no desire to get help or feels that they do not need help with their lifestyle. The interventionist must first start the healing process for the family before they can get the loved one the needed help.

Some interventionists work in private practice, while many are affiliated with one or more addiction treatment facilities. When a family is investigating interventionists, it is very important to become familiar with the facilities these professionals recommend to clients. The interventionist might use methods that make the family feel completely at ease, but the methods used by the treatment facilities might not be as pleasing to the family. This is the type of comprehensive research that must be done before an intervention can start.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Along with drug addiction, alcohol abuse is also one of the common targets for interventionists. It is important to choose an interventionist who is experienced in handling alcohol cases before you start working with one. Your primary doctor can recommend an alcohol interventionist for your family to use, and you can also find alcohol interventionists associated with the local addiction hospitals in your area.

If the family does its research and finds alcohol abuse treatment centers it likes, then those centers should be able to recommend interventionists to use. Each part of the treatment process, from the intervention to the treatment itself, must be extensively explored by the family before any decisions are made.

Interventions and abuse treatment programs can be expensive, but most people do not realize that their health insurance will cover most of the costs of both. Before you bring in an interventionist, it is important to discuss the financial part of getting your loved one help with your insurance company so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

An intervention is often the first step in getting a loved one the help they need, but it can also be the last step in preserving the ties that bind a family together. With the right research and mindset, a family can find an interventionist who can bring the entire family together and convince the loved one that it is time to get healthy. For more information about how interventions work, please call The Recovery Village today.