Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Opa Locka, Florida

It feels like every time you turn on the news or go onto social media that the drug problem in this country is getting worse. There are a lot of different ways that government officials are trying to deal with this epidemic, but in the meantime, Opa Locka businesses need to find reliable ways to drug screen employment candidates and employees.

In many cases, a company that finds it has an addicted employee will suggest that the employee use the company health insurance to get the help needed.

A pronounced hesitation to take a drug test, chronic bouts of being late or calling in sick, and an inability to perform assigned tasks are all signs of possible substance abuse in Opa Locka. If your organization has a drug screening policy, then you will want to look into finding reliable Opa Locka drug testing centers you can use to get the information you need.

Opa Locka Drug Testing Centers

The type of drug tests you need depends on the types of drugs for which you want to screen. Though a drug test center in Opa Locka can test for a variety of drugs, the most common form of testing is a 5-panel screening which tests for:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • PCP
  • Opiates

The most common samples used for drug testing are saliva and urine, mostly because these two types of samples are the easiest to collect. Some companies like to avoid urine tests because of the possibility of a subject bringing a fake sample with them, but the more reliable drug testing facilities in Opa Locka know how to protect against fraud.

Saliva samples are very reliable and easy to obtain, but they do not last very long. The testing facility has a short window where it can utilize a collected sample to get accurate results. Once the sample is no longer credible, then the process must start all over again.

While urine samples are the most commonly known, blood samples tend to be the most reliable. A blood sample can remain credible for a very long time if preserved properly, and blood can be used to accurately test for a wide range of substances. The problem with blood samples is that they are very difficult to get, especially from subjects who are uncomfortable with needles. In many cases, it becomes easier to use other sample types, especially if you are dealing with a large group.

A newer type of specimen being used is the hair sample, and for good reason. A hair sample can hold a lot of data about your substance abuse habits, and that information can go back quite a while. Getting a hair sample is relatively easy, which is another reason why so many companies are starting to use hair as their drug test sample of choice.

A type of sample that many people may not know about is the perspiration patch. This is a patch the subject wears for two weeks before having it removed by a technician at the drug testing clinic. This type of test can detect substances that might otherwise evade testing, and the two-week timeframe makes it difficult for the subject to cheat the test by not taking any substances ahead of time.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

There are many different reasons why an organization might need the services of an Opa Locka drug testing facility. Companies use drug testing to screen employment candidates and to check existing employees for potential drug issues. Sports leagues of all levels are becoming more particular about drug use and are becoming regular clients of reputable drug testing centers. Even local school districts are using drug testing to try and detect problems with students before those problems get out of hand, and this includes testing for school sports as well.

When you interview Opa Locka drug testing companies to find the one that is right with you, be sure to review all of the licenses and certifications for their employees. (SAMHSA maintains a comprehensive list of HHS certified laboratories across the country.) You will want to make sure that the testing facility offers privacy for your subjects, and that the results you get are going to be accurate. You should do a little online research to check on the reputation of each facility before you make your decision. The length of time a company has been in business does not necessarily equate to quality work.

To find drug testing facilities in Opa Locka and surrounding areas, you can:

  • Ask your doctor for a referral
  • Check your insurance policy for in-network drug testing facilities
  • Perform an online search
  • Call The Recovery Village for a confidential talk about your testing options

Drugs are starting to find their way into every part of Opa Locka, and it is important that organizations have reliable options available for drug screening. You should take the time to find the drug testing group that makes you feel most comfortable, and utilize their services often to protect your organization, your employees, and your members.