AA and NA Meetings in North Port

One of the most popular recommendations made by people who have gone through addiction rehabilitation and treatment is to attend support groups as part of recovery. You have likely heard of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), but you may not have attended a meeting. If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, these groups may provide ample support.

North Port AA and NA meetings are known for guiding individuals who are pursuing sobriety, some for the very first time. For this reason, drug and alcohol rehabs in North Port often incorporate support group meetings into treatment plans. Sobriety is easier when you attend these groups after treatment as well. In this guide, you will learn about the NA and AA groups available in North Port.

AA Meetings in North Port, Florida

The most popular support group is Alcoholics Anonymous, more commonly referred to as simply AA. AA encourages individuals with alcohol dependency and addiction to face the underlying issues that lead to substance abuse issues.

The good thing about North Port AA meetings is that anybody is welcomed to attend, no matter their spirituality, religion, education attainment, or age. The key component of the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is the focus on the 12 steps. Following the steps is thought to lead to a more fulfilling life without alcohol.

Individuals leaving treatment appreciate AA meetings as safe places to contemplate addiction and its root causes. All the while, individuals experiencing addiction are surrounded by others in a similar place. This tells them that they are not alone.

With the assistance of peer support, AA meetings in North Port are often effective. Locals often find it helpful to build coping skills with the help of AA meetings. North Port offers a variety of meetings to consider. Selecting the right meeting can take some time, so performing research is crucial.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

You will find that AA meetings in North Port range in tone and topic, but the changes in leadership are also important considerations. When you search for AA meetings, North Port offers a list of locations that might appeal to you.

As you search for an AA meeting, consider these factors specific to different groups:
  • The ability for men and women to attend meetings together
  • The ability for non-alcoholics to attend meetings
  • Location of meetings
  • Group leadership
  • Topic and format of the┬ámeeting
  • Group size
  • Smoking allowance
Of course, sifting through all the possible meetings can take some time. Learning how to identify your needs following treatment is essential. North Port AA meetings include:

Morning Glory
Dallas White Park
Greenwood Ave.
North Port, FL 34287

Our Great Hope
Liberty Community Church
2759 Wylam Dr.
North Port, FL 34288

Common Bonds Group
Community Church of Christ
3450 S. Biscayne Dr.
North Port, FL 34287

Keep in mind that as you search for AA meetings, North Port groups are listed on the AA website.

NA Meetings in North Port, Florida

The next largest support group is Narcotics Anonymous, which also builds on the 12-step format. Since 1953, NA has helped individuals struggling with drug addiction. To become a member of NA, one must simply wish to stop using drugs.

Narcotics Anonymous groups typically meet at local churches, parks, community centers, libraries, and other places able to facilitate large numbers of people. If you want to stop using narcotics with NA meetings, North Port is a great place to start.

If you have ever attended an AA meeting or heard about the format, you will find that NA is quite similar. This group uses peer support to help members overcome addiction with tools like the desire to change and honesty.

If you are in transition after rehab or you are just beginning to consider sobriety, NA principles can help you along the way. As you begin your search for NA meetings, North Port provides the perfect backdrop.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Are you on the hunt for NA meetings in your area? In your search for NA meetings, North Port meeting listings are available on the web. You can search for support groups specific to your preferred location, leadership, and topics.

You may find that it takes some time to find North Port NA meetings where you feel completely comfortable. Meeting attendees may take their time finding a suitable group that meets their needs.

Finding the right NA meetings in your area begins by searching for your city or zip code via the Narcotics Anonymous website. North Port NA meetings and locations include:

Common Grounds Meeting Hall
12735 Tamiami Trail
North Port, FL 34287

Dallas White Park
(Picnic table by bleachers or pavilion)
5900 Greenwood Ave.
North Port, FL 34287

If you attend treatment through The Recovery Village, you already know the significance of peer support groups for a healthy recovery. AA Meetings and NA meetings offer 12-step therapy programs suitable for individuals at all levels of recovery, from inpatient to aftercare. Call The Recovery Village to learn more about treatment options in your area.