AA and NA Meetings in New Smyrna Beach

Support groups in rehabilitation and recovery programs are major sources of reassurance and healing. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) assist people in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. A group leader or licensed therapist guides members through sessions of communication to uncover psychological issues driving addiction. In New Smyrna Beach AA meetings and NA meetings, participants can practice mutual support for long-term sobriety while connecting with peers.

While numerous drug and alcohol rehab centers  include NA and AA meetings, there are also plenty of singular options for peer support groups for both types. This guide gives a detailed analysis of New Smyrna Beach NA meetings and AA groups that are available for people battling alcoholism or narcotics addiction.

AA Meetings in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship designed to help those struggling with drinking issues. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings have no age or education requirements. Although spiritual in nature, they steer away from religion and politics. The focus of each support group is a combination of twelve steps. These steps are a set of principles that discourage alcohol addiction for a lifetime of sobriety. Prevalent across New Smyrna Beach, AA meetings are secure environments to address the stressors of alcohol addiction with people who understand the struggle.

AA meetings in New Smyrna Beach can inspire the pursuit of adequate treatment. Even those completing rehab programs can find valuable experiences at AA meetings in New Smyrna Beach. In fact, such meetings can strengthen the positive skills learned in rehab and prevent the occurrence of alcohol abuse. Be patient when searching for the right group, and take advantage of local resources to find what you need.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

AA meetings in New Smyrna Beach differ in subject matter and activities. This depends on who is leading the groups along with where and when they are held. Community centers, churches, and homes are all common places for AA groups.

Ask these questions when identifying local AA meetings:
  • Is it a co-ed group?
  • Who is invited to the meetings?
  • Where is the meeting location?
  • Who is leading each meeting? What is his or her leadership approach like?
  • How many people attend the meetings on average?
  • Is smoking okay during meetings?
Attending a few meetings is the best way to know what suits your needs, so feel free to do so. Nearby New Smyrna Beach AA meetings include:

Volusia County Intergroup
Main: (386)756-2930

Central Florida Intergroup Service (Orlando Area)
Main: (407)260-5822
24 Hr Hotline: (407)260-5408

Flagler County Intergroup
Main: (386)445-4357

Find more New Smyrna Beach AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is the second-biggest 12-step organization after AA groups. It began during 1953 in order to help those suffering from drug addiction. To join, one must have a sincere desire to quit drug abuse. In New Smyrna Beach NA meetings, participants engage in weekly attendance at churches, community centers, parks, libraries, and more private settings, to sustain sobriety along with peers.

NA meetings in New Smyrna Beach elaborate on the standards of AA meetings. Such meetings adapt to the specific needs of each participant, regardless of what narcotics they abused. Open-mindedness, integrity, and self-improvement are longstanding merits of NA Meetings.

Regardless of one’s stage of recovery, attending these support networks is a practical means of healing the wounds of drug addiction, for good. As with AA, New Smyrna Beach NA meetings are easy to find, open to anyone, and do not cost a cent. For those searching for NA meetings, New Smyrna Beach has plenty of options.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Looking for “NA meetings near me” online? Local NA meetings in New Smyrna Beach provide numerous choices. Keep in mind that each group meeting varies in leaders, attendees, topics, and activities. Certain groups are best those with years of sobriety under their belt, while other groups are better for those in rehab programs.

New Smyrna Beach NA meetings and locations include:

First Presbyterian Church
509 Magnolia Street
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168-7340
Directions: On side of the church

Coronado Methodist Church
200 South Peninsula Avenue
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169

Rebo’s Club
2120 South Ridgewood Avenue
Edgewater, Florida 32141-4248

Find more groups by zip-code on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

At The Recovery Village, peer support groups maintain sobriety among participants. AA meetings, NA meetings, and 12-step group therapy are helpful for those embracing inpatient care services to rehab aftercare. The Recovery Village can help you connect with an ideal treatment program. Call us today!