Finding an Interventionist in New Port Richey, Florida

Addiction is like a contagious disease that can spread far beyond the individual addict and affect family members and close friends. When trying to help a loved one battling the uphill fight against drug or alcohol addiction, your intention to help can lead to harm.

Sometimes, through caring too much, you can enable the addiction and prevent the addict in your life from hitting rock bottom. This type of situation can mean that your addicted loved one is never forced to face the consequences of his or her destructive behaviors, which, in turn, might mean that he or she never makes an effort to seek the needed addiction treatment in New Port Richey.

In other cases, you might get so angry and frustrated by the manner in which your loved one is acting that you end up doing things that trigger even worse addictions. When your family is caught in this negative cycle, it can seem like there is no right way to act, leading to feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Do not fret; you have help close to home. Intervention counselors in New Port Richey are ready to help guide you, your family, and your friends in the fight for your loved one’s life against substance abuse.  An interventionist is a certified and licensed therapist specializing in staging and implementing an addiction intervention.

Interventions provide a “now or never” consult with the addict and their loved ones with the interventionist taking the lead to ultimately attempt to have the addict enroll in substance abuse treatment. The intervention allows the family to express the hurt and worry for the addict in a controlled manner to help the addict see that this intervention marks the time for a change. The family may also present ultimatums to the addict if substance abuse treatment is not chosen. This brings a sense of reality to the intervention that life will never be the same again for the addict, one way or another.

By having a trained interventionist in New Port Richey as part of your intervention, you and your family will be prepped with the proper tools to allow for the best chance of success.

There are many intervention counselors in New Port Richey who can assist in the intervention process. The right interventionist for you and your loved ones will be a specialist in dealing with the particular addiction at hand. For example, if you are planning to execute an alcohol intervention, you should look for an interventionist in New Port Richey who is trained in the effects of alcoholism and has had previous success in coordinating local alcohol interventions. As the ultimate goal of the addiction intervention is to have the addict enter a structured treatment program, contacting your local substance abuse treatment center can help you on your way to finding the right interventionist in New Port Richey for you. You may confidentially inquire about interventionists with whom the treatment center has worked and learn more about the process.

Drug Intervention Counselor in New Port Richey, FL

Your New Port Richey drug intervention can begin once you and your family have chosen your interventionist. The first step of the drug intervention is for your interventionist to speak with you and your family in a group therapy setting. This allows for your interventionist to learn more about the addict without alerting the addict about the potential for a drug intervention. This also will provide an opportunity for your interventionist to learn about how you and your family play into the addiction, what the interpersonal dynamics of the family are, and what behaviors you and your family will need to adjust to help provide the best chance for sobriety.

New Port Richey, FL Drug and Alcohol Intervention Counselors

No matter if you and your family are planning a drug intervention or an alcohol intervention, the importance of choosing the right New Port Richey interventionist is imperative. Since so many people struggling with addiction cannot find the strength to enter treatment on their own, the interventionist helps create the opportunity to enter a local and safe treatment environment before it is too late.  Intervention counselors in New Port Richey also have a familiarity with the area, as well as the local triggers. This can help the interventionist connect to the addict and build the trust needed to make this major life change.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Since alcohol is a legal and prevalent substance in our society, having an interventionist in New Port Richey who is skilled in alcohol intervention is extremely necessary for long-term success. Not only will your interventionist be able to assist in getting the addict into treatment, but can also check in throughout the process to assist in outpatient and aftercare treatment. This can include Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, group therapy, and more.

As long as your addicted family member is still alive, it is never too late to try to seek qualified help. Contact your local resource for substance abuse treatment and get assistance finding qualified intervention counselors in New Port Richey.