Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Miami Beach, Florida

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Every action you take has an impact on those closest to you emotionally, be they a family you are born into or a family you put together yourself. Just as individual actions require individual therapy, so might the actions of an individual require help in the form of family therapy and marriage counseling.

For instance, if one member of the couple or family suffers from substance use disorder, the entire family is affected. Marriage and family counseling, along with substance abuse counseling in Miami Beach, can help a family to heal and regain normal function.

Marriage Counseling In Miami Beach, Florida

Substance abuse, eating disorders, mental illness and a host of other concerns can put a strain on both couples and family members in Miami Beach, Florida. In some cases, that strain can come to define relationships as families, out of love, attempt to work around the problems of a loved one for the sake of helping him or her or a simple desire to avoid confronting the problem. Place enough strain on any bond and it will fray.

The goal of family therapy and marriage counseling is to relieve that strain and repair those bonds. After an initial session, as the therapist gets to know the couple or family and vice versa, some boundaries can be established and the healing can begin.

Miami Beach Marriage Therapy

Strain in your relationship can put pressure on the rest of your life. Often after marriage counseling begins, couples report better experiences at work, better interactions with other family members, and better physical and emotional health. In some cases, neither member of a couple might realize the energy spent avoiding problems until they have confronted them and can shift that emotional energy elsewhere.

This is because marriage counseling focuses on personal intimacy, in the emotional sense as well as the physical, and better strategies for understanding those to whom you are closest. Despite the name, individual work is also part of marriage counseling; gaining more self-awareness and developing self-improvement is a key goal of marriage counseling.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

In marriage counseling, the couple will develop a set of goals to achieve that will improve their relationship, acquire and use better communication skills, and develop a better grasp of how each of them communicates with the other and the larger world. This may bring out conflict, and in this scenario, the marriage counselor’s goal will be to be the neutral party that guides the couple back to their goals and toward the root of the conflict.

Sessions are usually held weekly, although one-on-one sessions or more frequent sessions may be part of the schedule depending on the goals and the needs of the couple. Couples should find a counselor with times available in a venue, such as a private office or health facility, in which they feel most comfortable.

Family Therapy Miami Beach, FL

People often joke that they are “turning into their parents,” but there is a kernel of truth underneath. Your family is the lens through which you see the world and provides the tools you use to interact with it. It is often difficult to accept any flaw in that lens, but it can potentially have a strong negative impact on your life and well-being.

Family therapy allows families of all sizes and configurations to better understand their personal connections with one another and the potential issues those connections raise. By doing so, family therapy helps families bond and become stronger.

Miami Beach Family Counseling

Family counseling can be undertaken for a multitude of reasons. Even something such as difficulty processing the grief around the passing of a member of the family can be better dealt with using family counseling. Family counseling draws from several different disciplines to find the contours of how a family communicates, bring out patterns of behavior that may not be constructive for the goals of the family, and change those as necessary.

Family members should all agree that they are comfortable with a counselor and that they can be honest with the counselor when speaking with both the family and in individual sessions, if necessary. Families should expect to work on communication, honesty, problem-solving, and understanding as they progress through counseling.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Finding the right counselor can be done in a number of ways. Some simply check local online results for nearby counselors. However, in some situations, it may be better to find a referral from a professional. If a family member has been working with a medical doctor or mental health professional when dealing with an issue, that individual may be able to refer you to a counselor equipped to deal with the issues in play. A family friend may be able to recommend a good counselor as well. If you are concerned about fitting family therapy or marriage counseling into your budget, you should speak to your insurer, who may have providers in its network.

Most important, however, is the desire to seek out help. Counseling will help any couple or family become stronger and healthier, and the desire to improve is the first step. For additional information about therapists and counselors in your area, reach out to The Recovery Village today.