Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Merritt Island, Florida

Even happy families may experience conflict or tragedy or fall into unhealthy behavior patterns over time. Just like individual people, family units are not perfect and may make mistakes, develop dysfunctions, or go through rough patches in their lives. Marriage and family counseling in Merritt Island is similar to individual therapy, in that it helps couples and families learn how to manage conflict, work through difficult events, and learn how to re-establish healthy behavior patterns.

All marriages and families are at risk for these kinds of problems. Choosing to seek out marriage or family counseling is not a sign that your marriage is bad or that your family is doomed to be dysfunctional forever. In fact, choosing marriage or family counseling is a positive choice that demonstrates that your family is committed to doing the work that will help you remain together and create a healthy and supportive family environment.

There are many reasons that people decide to pursue marriage or family therapy. Perhaps your family is going through a major life change, is experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one, is handling major parent/child conflict, or some other issue.

Sometimes the issues of one family member affect the entire family so profoundly that family therapy is the only answer. For instance, if one person in the family is dealing with mental illness, the entire family suffers. Similarly, if one person in the family is dealing with substance use disorder, marriage or family therapists may also provide substance abuse counseling resources in Merritt Island for the entire family.

Marriage Counseling in Merritt Island, Florida

Even when couples love each other, it can be hard for each partner to understand where the other is coming from sometimes. A lack of understanding can lead to difficulty communicating and an inability to cooperate with each other in order to meet the needs of both partners.

Marriage counseling in Merritt Island can help couples who are struggling find the understanding that they need. Marriage counselors work with couples to help each partner develop the tools he or she needs to both communicate and listen to each other effectively and work to find compromises in the marriage. This can help couples who are in crisis and who are considering separation or divorce, as well as couples who simply want to bring a deeper level of intimacy and connection to their marriage.

Merritt Island Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy in Merritt Island is focused on the couple, but it can have beneficial effects that go far beyond the marriage itself. Married couples who undergo marriage counseling may also see their relationships with friends, family members, and co-workers improve as well.

This may be because the tools used in marriage counseling are also useful when applied to other relationships. The ability to listen and communicate well with others, in particular, can be broadly applied to a variety of relationships. People who have successfully improved their marriage through counseling may also be more satisfied with their lives overall, which may translate into their other relationships.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

Marriage counselors employ a variety of different methods to help couples improve their marriages, and each marriage counselor has his or her own style. However, there are some commonalities that you should expect during your marriage counseling sessions. Some examples of what you should expect from marriage counseling include:

  • Your counselor should remain neutral.
  • Both partners should have ample time to speak.
  • Your counselor should retain control over the session.
  • Both partners should feel safe and able to express their true feelings.

You may want to research and contact a few different marriage counselors in your area before choosing one on which both partners agree on and with which both are comfortable.

Family Therapy Merritt Island, FL

For most people, the family is the first and most basic support network they have. Families also establish the blueprint for how children learn to interact with other people and form relationships of their own. This means that when a family is not functioning properly, people within the family do not have the basic support that they need and children learn unhealthy relationship patterns that are then repeated in their relationships outside of the family.

In family therapy in Merritt Island, each member of the family can learn how to communicate, resolve conflict, form a cohesive and supportive unit, and model functional behavior within family relationships. Family therapy can also help families work through a difficult event, like a death in the family, or deal with one or more family member’s substance abuse or mental or physical health problems.

Merritt Island Family Counseling

Family therapy in Merritt Island often consists of both group and individual counseling. A family therapist might also break the family into smaller groups for some counseling sessions – for example, two siblings or a parent and child might need their own counseling sessions so that their issues can receive particular attention. In other situations, family therapy might only involve group counseling. A lot depends on both the therapist’s counseling style and the needs of the family in question.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Families have many choices for family counseling in Merritt Island, and it can be hard to know which counselor is right for your family. One way to choose a counselor is to ask your family doctor for a referral. A doctor who is familiar with your family and may be aware of some of the issues that led you to consider counseling may know which counselor would be a good fit.

Your insurer is another place to go for recommendations. If finances are an issue, it can be important to know which family counselors in your area are covered by your health insurance plan. You can also seek out personal recommendations from family or friends who have undergone family counseling in Merritt Island. Online therapist locators and search engines are more great tools to help you with your search for a family counselor in your area.

If you want additional information about marriage and family therapists in the Merritt Island area, reach out to The Recovery Village today.