Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Marianna, Florida

As the opioid addiction crisis rages on in America, drug testing is becoming more and more common. Employers, police departments, governments, and institutions may all implement drug testing, in some form or another, to ensure the safety and health of people in their organizations or their communities. This increasing trend in drug testing means that it is more important now than ever before to have access to safe, reliable and professional drug testing facilities.

Whether you are looking for a testing facility because of a loved one’s potential substance abuse in Marianna or because of a professional need, it is important to know what characteristics to look for. Keep these in mind as you begin your search:

  • Privacy: Look for drug testing facilities that have strict guidelines when it comes to client privacy and data storage. The results of a drug test can have life-changing consequences for some people, so it is critical that sensitive information is not shared with third-parties and is securely stored.
  • Experience: Choosing an experienced drug testing center means you can have confidence in the results that come back to you. It also means you rely on their integrity when it comes to your personal information.
  • Speed: Drug test results could be the difference between having a job and being unemployed, or going to jail and being free at home. For this reason, look for drug testing facilities that have accurate results back in an appropriate timeframe.
  • Accuracy: Again, since the results of a drug test can have life-altering consequences, it is imperative that you trust the results coming back from the drug testing facility. Test results should be clear and correct in all cases. Look for certification from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as a quick way to identify whether a facility is recognized for accurate testing or not.

Drug testing occurs at stand-alone drug testing facilities and can also be done within a related facility, such as a drug or alcohol treatment center in Marianna or surrounding areas.

Marianna Drug Testing Centers

Most drug testing facilities use what is known as a ‘5-panel drug test’, meaning they test five categories of drugs. These generally cover commonly used drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, PCP, opiates, and amphetamines. One or more specimens may be taken from your body in order to test for one or more drugs. Specimens include:

Urine – This is the most commonly tested specimen. When you ingest drugs or alcohol, these are metabolized by your body. Trace amounts are then excreted in your urine as metabolites. Drug testing can detect these metabolites and determine which substances are present and in what amounts.

Saliva – As the second most commonly tested specimen, saliva is a good indicator of drugs in the body. Additionally, it is a fairly easy and non-invasive method of collection. However, there is only a brief window of time in which substances can be detected in saliva, which limits its effectiveness as time passes.

Blood – Blood testing is by far the most accurate method of detecting drugs in the body. However, it is a time-consuming, expensive, and fairly invasive procedure, making it less popular than urine or saliva collection.

Hair – As your body metabolizes a drug, metabolites enter the bloodstream and move throughout the body, including up to your scalp. These metabolites are then filtered into your hair, meaning it can be accurately tested to detect these substances. As long as the hair is there, so are the metabolites, making hair a permanent record of your drug use.

Sweat – This is a fairly new method of drug testing. It involves the test subject wearing a patch on the skin for about two weeks, during which time the patch will absorb perspiration and detect metabolized drugs. After two weeks, the patch is sent back to the drug testing facility for analysis.

Knowing how specimens are collected and for what purpose can help you feel more relaxed during the drug testing experience. It also helps to keep in mind the reason for undergoing a drug test. There are a number of reasons why you may be seeking a drug testing facility in Marianna.

  • Pre-employment: Some employers require job candidates to undergo drug testing to be considered for an open position.
  • Annual Physical: Employers may also require annual physicals of employees in order to maintain good health. Drug testing may be included as a component of annual physical exams.
  • Post-Accident: If there is an accident in a workplace, an employer may require those involved to undergo drug testing to determine whether drug use might have played in role in how the accident happened.
  • For Cause or Reasonable Suspicion: If an employer suspects that somebody is under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the job, he or she may require a drug test to determine whether those suspicions are correct. Most employees will not be allowed to return to work until the results have come back.
  • Following Treatment: For those who have recently completed a rehabilitation program for drug or alcohol abuse, drug testing may be required to ensure the success of their recovery efforts. This may be implemented by the treatment program directors, law enforcement officials, or employers.
  • Probation: Individuals on probation or parole may be required to submit regular drug test results to law enforcement as per legal conditions.
  • Sports Team: Professional, semi-professional, and even amateur sports team members may be required to undergo regular drug and alcohol testing to ensure their health and monitor any use of performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Schools: Some school may implement drug-testing protocols to ensure a safe learning environment free from drugs or alcohol.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Looking for reliable, safe, and experienced drug testing centers in Marianna? Try one of these methods to find the right match:

Talk to your doctor – Medical professionals are usually well-informed about the medical resources in your area, and your doctor can recommend a reliable drug testing facility nearby.

Call your insurance provider – Sometimes insurance providers will give you extra coverage when you use certain facilities. Call your provider to see what your insurance will cover.

Get in touch with The Recovery Village – Our coordinators are very familiar with local resources and drug testing facilities in Marianna and can help you find the one that suits your needs. Every phone call is free and confidential, and our lines are open 24/7. Get in touch today.