AA and NA Meetings in Marianna

Whether you are just beginning work on the path toward sobriety in Marianna, Florida, or whether you have been sober for years and simply need to talk to people who understand your struggle, support groups and group therapy are invaluable tools. For many people working through their problems with substance abuse, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous can be life-saving, in some cases literally.

That said, there are differences between NA and AA beyond the name, and while all peer support is good peer support, ideally you will choose a meeting and membership that is right for you. When looking for peer support, you should fully grasp the roles of AA and NA.

Many people attend their first AA or NA meeting in a drug rehab facility near Marianna, but there are also standalone options for meeting locations that you can explore. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your support group.

AA Meetings In Marianna, Florida

The pioneer of support groups for alcohol addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous, generally just called “AA,” was founded in 1935 to help communities deal with the growing problem of alcoholism as the Great Depression deepened and more people turned to alcohol, both brewed at home and widely available from newly reopened distilleries and breweries, to escape their struggles. Then, as now, substance abuse only aggravated problems, and AA was built to address that problem and help its members find more effective solutions.

At the core of AA is the twelve step program, first introduced in 1946. The twelve-step program, which is spiritual but not connected to a particular religion, guides alcoholics through a process of facing that they have a problem with alcohol, that that problem exerts a powerful and often toxic influence on their lives and the lives of those they love, and that it is important to offer apology and to seek forgiveness to rebuild emotional and social connections while examining your behavior and breaking patterns of addiction. It is, believe it or not, very possible to stop drinking and still indulge in all the toxic behavior of alcoholism; AA is about much more than “going dry.”

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

There are as many types and styles of AA meetings as there are meetings and leaders. By design, AA is flexible to meet the needs of many communities. This means you do not need to pay for a meeting and there are no educational requirements, so you should ask yourself what will make you feel most comfortable when discussing your concerns with alcohol.

For example, some AA groups are aimed more toward past trauma and other psychological aspects of alcoholism. Others are open to spouses and adult children who have been dealing with the trauma of having an alcoholic in their lives, as well as alcoholics themselves. Much depends on what you need from the group, and it is expected that potential members will attend a meeting to ensure they will be a good fit with the wider group. As self-awareness is part of the goal of AA, having the self-knowledge to know where you will be comfortable and get the most out of a meeting is highly encouraged.

You can find AA meetings in the following locations in Marianna:

First United Methodist Church
2901 Caledonia St.
Marianna, FL 32446

Primary Purpose
4349 W. Lafayette
Marianna, FL 32446

You can find other Marianna AA meeting locations by using the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings In Marianna, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous, more commonly called NA, arose from the growing issue in AA meetings of people with other substance abuse concerns beyond alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency arriving looking for help. While AA does not turn people away, narcotics presented new issues AA was not equipped to address. So, in 1953, NA was founded, drawing on the principles of AA and applying them to America’s burgeoning drug problem.

In execution, NA is very similar to AA in the basics, and as a result, there are as many approaches and “styles” to an NA meeting as there are ideas on how to run them. At root, however, are the same tactics to address the problems of narcotics abuse and the larger issue of addictive behavior and its patterns. Just like AA has the “dry drunk,” there is the “sober addict,” people who live their lives as if they are still addicted to a substance, just without the substance. Peer support allows those struggling with these behaviors to find them and replace them with more constructive, effective ones.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Much like AA, finding the right NA meeting will involve working out what you most need from the meeting itself. Write out what will make you most comfortable and where you need the most support. Keep in mind support can come in many forms from an NA meeting, which can include navigating the medical and mental health concerns as you recover from drug use or repairing familial bonds or friendships that have fallen apart. Also like AA, part of the process will involve “auditioning” meetings, which is commonplace and can be something you discuss with the leadership before you attend.

Here are some potential locations for NA meetings in the area:

First United Methodist Church
2901 Caledonia St.
Marianna, FL 32446

First Presbyterian Church
2898 Jefferson St.
Marianna, FL 32446

Other NA meetings in Marianna can be found by utilizing the Narcotics Anonymous website.

No matter what meeting you attend, however, remember that group support can help you keep on the path to sobriety. No one is an island, and group therapy will help you deal with the challenges and relish the opportunities sobriety brings. The Recovery Village wholeheartedly supports 12-step programs; that is why they are incorporated into our holistic treatment approach to addiction. Call us today to learn more!