Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Marco Island, Florida

The drug epidemic making its way across the country has reached into Marco Island, Florida
. This deadly crisis has led to a higher need for drug testing facilities in the Marco Island area. If you are seeking a drug test, whether it is for personal or professional reasons, it is important to use a reliable facility.

If you suspect a loved one of drug use, a drug test may be the first step to take. Though this can be difficult, it is a move in the right direction. There are many addiction treatment centers near Marco Island to help if a drug addiction is present. The weight of this struggle can be too much to handle alone; please reach out to our intake coordinators at The Recovery Village who can help you find the care and treatment your loved one may need. We can help.

Marco Island Drug Testing Centers

Because Marco Island has a wide range of drug testing center options, it is important to understand these options and match them to your needs.

The types of tests administered are based on two main factors – what drugs they will identify and what type of specimen will be collected. Most drug screenings are referred to as a 5-Panel Drug Test and will test for five categories of drugs that include amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, phencyclidine (PCP), and opiates. If you suspect another type of drug, like barbiturates, ethanol/alcohol, and benzodiazepines, a more powerful test can be utilized. The purpose of the test often dictates what type of testing will be done and what drugs will be looked for.

Marco Island drug testing centers use different specimens according to the reason for the test. Some common specimens are:

  • Urine – A urine test is the most common type. This non-invasive and cost-effective test can identify substance use through metabolites (structures produced by the metabolism after a substance is ingested) that are excreted in the urine.
  • Saliva- This is the second most common type of test. It is noninvasive and quick; however, the window of time for drug detection is small, so that must be considered.
  • Blood- Though this is a very accurate way to test for drug use, it is more expensive and invasive.
  • Hair- Because metabolites are filtered through the hair and remain there, this is a type of permanent record of someone’s drug use.
  • Perspiration- This is a newer method of testing where a patch is worn for two weeks. After that time, a medical professional inspects the patch to detect any drug use collected through the perspiration.

Reliability is key in choosing drug testing facilities in Marco Island. Some factors that will dictate the reliability are accuracy, privacy, the speed of the test, and results and experience of the facility staff. If you need help in finding a certified lab, you can contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) for a comprehensive list of Health and Human Services certified laboratories.

The reasons for obtaining a drug test vary. Unfortunately, often it is for a child suspected of using drugs, but it is also common for employers to require tests. Some of the most common reasons for a drug test include:

  • Pre-employment – This is often a condition of hiring, so employers require a drug test before making the final offer.
  • Annual Physical – Some employers or insurance companies require a drug test once a year.
  • For Cause and Reasonable Suspicion – If there is reasonable suspicion of substance abuse, a parent or employer may require a drug test.
  • Post Accident – Lawyers or employers may require a drug test if someone is filing an accident claim. They want to make sure there was no drug use during the time of the accident.
  • Post Treatment – Someone who has been through treatment may be required to take a drug test to show continued sobriety to an employer, treatment provider, or law enforcement.
  • Probation – This is usually a condition of probation, and if the drug test is failed, probation may be lost.
  • Sports – Some sports teams from amateur to professional may require regular drug tests to ensure fair and safe play and to promote a drug-free atmosphere.
  • School – Schools may require random drug tests to ensure and maintain a drug-free environment.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Reliable Marco Island drug testing centers are available to those who need them, but sometimes the search can be overwhelming. To locate a trustworthy facility, you can talk to your doctor or call your insurance provider. They should have lists of local, reputable Marco Island drug testing centers. You can also look online or talk to your friends or coworkers to see if they have had this done before and can recommend a facility.

You can also contact The Recovery Village. If drug use is suspected in a loved one, we can help with this first step as well as help develop a treatment plan if needed. Please reach out to one of our caring representatives today.