Finding an Interventionist in Marco Island, Florida

Do you have an addicted family member in Marco Island, Florida? It is commonly believed that an intervention is used to talk an individual with substance abuse problems into seeking rehabilitation through an addiction treatment center in Marco Island. However, the goal is not only that but to help the family as well in regaining control over their own lives.

The family is an important factor in an effective intervention. Family members have to see how they have taken on unhealthy roles created by the substance user before the user will be willing to make a positive change. Once they understand that they can take on healthy roles in response, then they can get their loved one to seek needed help.

The first step is finding a Marco Island drug intervention counselor with experience with the substance being abused. If the loved one has particular considerations such as a tendency toward violence, the interventionist must be made aware of the situation and have the ability to give appropriate support.

An intervention in addiction is deeply personal for the person with the substance use problem and the other participants. This makes it important to find an interventionist in Marco Island with whom everyone is comfortable. Of course, credentials and experience matter; however, the interventionist’s personality is important too. Since those that participate in an intervention, whether they are members of the family, coworkers or friends, know the person best, these participants are best qualified to locate an interventionist that might be most appealing to the person in need of help.

Generally, intervention counselors in Marco Island hold an initial telephone interview to learn more about the individual requiring an intervention. This offers the family an opportunity to find out about available services offered by the interventionist.

Common questions posed during an initial interview might be:

  • What type of intervention is used?
  • Are you experienced with addictions to this substance?
  • What preparation is needed beforehand?
  • What if the family member is not interested in being helped?
  • What happens following the intervention?

The responses to the above questions give an idea of the style and approach of the intervention counselors in Marco Island.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Marco Island, FL

Addiction interventions that are effective include changing how family members react and think in areas such as codependency, accountability, and enabling. When the family members change their behaviors and reactions to the substance abuser, they can then help guide the individual into a treatment program. Substance abusers who are enabled by family members in their addiction do not ever hit rock bottom, so they are unlikely to seek treatment on their own.

It can be difficult for families to change a loved one’s behavior and thinking when that individual is a substance user. Some believe that if the right job comes along or their loved one finds a special relationship, things will change. However, substance abusers are adept at manipulating emotions to make it seem as though the addiction is not their fault, even if those actions hurt other members of the family.

Marco Island, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Many Marco Island intervention counselors use the following steps during an intervention:

Step 1: The First Consultation: Counselors normally begin with a phone conversation to find out more about the substance user. Family members have to be in agreement when an intervention is undertaken. This can be problematic when they have been manipulated by their loved one.

Step 2: Educating the Family: Beyond talking a substance user into treatment, the counselor has to educate the family to ensure success for both the substance abuser and family members.

Some therapists say that a substance user must hit bottom before any help will be accepted. However, this is untrue. A substance user is less likely to hit bottom when he or she is being enabled by the family. Having an intervention before your loved one has to experience the devastation of hitting rock bottom is actually the preferred outcome.

Step 3: Getting Started: Waiting can make the process more difficult as the family and their loved one become accustomed to accepting the situation. This is why getting started as soon as possible is important.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Intervention for alcohol use is common, and there are many counselors around Marco Island who can help. However, sometimes drinkers do not recognize that they have a problem because the purchase of alcohol is legal. That is what makes it difficult to end alcohol abuse without the help of a professional.

In Marco Island, intervention counselors focus on negative actions and behaviors that drinking causes and how the family reacts to them. A loved one with a drinking problem can deny that a problem exists and blame others. This is common among people with substance use disorders.

The excess use of alcohol affects families negatively, and getting help in a program of intervention can help the loved one and family toward recovery. The process itself helps a family convince their family member to go into a center for treatment.

With the help of an intervention counselor,  families and their loved one can get needed help. Performing an internet search can help locate the right alcohol interventionist in Marco Island. Other places to check are:

  • Insurance: If the individual has insurance coverage for intervention and treatment, it can lower the cost.
  • Referrals Online: By using a search engine, counselors and alcohol interventionists can be located in particular areas. Interventionist locators online can also help find counseling.
  • Professional Recommendation: Your family physician works within a network of other professionals in the health field and may be able to recommend an alcohol counselor.
  • Recommendations From People You Know: It is not unusual for someone to seek a counselor or alcohol interventionist. If you know someone who has been through counseling, you can ask about their recommendations.

Finding a Marco Island drug intervention counselor when faced with an alcohol use disorder is a positive move toward a healthier, happier life. To find out more about addiction treatment resources in the Marco Island area, reach out to The Recovery Village today.