Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Lutz, Florida

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.” Dolly Parton said that, and it is true. Everyone experiences storms in life, and you either grow stronger together or apart. Often, unexpected problems and events negatively impact relationships, causing separation and pain. Issues like chronic illness can tear your family apart. Marriage and family counseling can help you weather life’s storms, and grow stronger family bonds.

If you feel that your marriage or family are at the breaking point because of one or more serious challenges such as a major life change, a death in the family, or the fact that one or more of your family members may need addiction treatment in Lutz, Florida, marriage and family counseling may be able to provide you with some relief from your concerns.

Marriage Counseling in Lutz, Florida

If you are considering divorce or separation, Lutz marriage counseling can help. Issues like sexual dysfunction, substance abuse, eldercare issues, and parent-child conflict cause enormous stress in marriage and family relationships. Marriage counseling in Lutz teaches couples better communication and coping skills.

Marriage therapy is also beneficial for couples wanting a stronger connection and deeper intimacy. Marriage therapy research studies consistently demonstrate effective outcomes in addressing clients’ mental and emotional issues. Time and again, clients report improvement in the following areas:

  • Partner and family relationships
  • Social life
  • Work productivity
  • Work relationships
  • Social interaction
  • Emotional health
  • Overall health
  • Community involvement

Your first session with a marriage counselor is an opportunity for the therapist to evaluate your situation. The marriage counselor will listen to both sides and observe your interactions as a couple. Additionally, the counselor will use this time to establish therapeutic goals with you and discuss any “ground rules” regarding information sharing and confidentiality.

This initial visit is also the time for you to evaluate the therapist’s competency and experience by asking questions. A therapist who has experience helping couples with similar issues is probably a good fit. You can also determine your compatibility with the therapist, as a couple, during this initial visit.

Lutz Marriage Therapy

Marriage counseling in Lutz focuses on the couple’s relationship, but successful outcomes depend upon each partner’s motivation, and commitment to therapy. Also, during the course of therapy, each partner is expected to work on self-improvement and self-awareness. It is normal for conflict to arise during sessions, but a qualified therapist remains neutral and does not take sides. The therapist keeps control of the sessions, never allowing things to escalate into an unsafe environment either physically or emotionally.

Marriage counseling sessions are normally held once per week. Additionally, you may participate in group or individual therapy sessions. Often, marriage therapists include one-on-one therapy as part of their treatment plan. Other therapists offer individual therapy only if you request it. You may find marriage counseling in Lutz offered by university counseling centers, group practices, and private practices.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When you are searching for a marriage counselor, it is important to find one that is qualified and compatible with both partners. If you are searching for “marriage counseling near me”, here are some important therapist qualifications to consider:

  1. Specifically trained in marriage counseling
  2. Experienced with similar couples’ issues
  3. Formulates a therapy plan with you, prior to treatment
  4. Maintains control during sessions
  5. Displays compassion to both spouses
  6. Does not side with either partner
  7. Does not allow partners to interrupt each other
  8. Encourages feedback from the couple regarding cost and satisfaction with services
  9. Is easy to reach

You may also receive marriage therapy via online marriage counseling. This service is offered by some Lutz marriage therapists in the form of video chat.

Family Therapy Lutz, FL

As a child, you learned everything from your family of origin, including how to communicate and relate to others. Because people are not perfect, family dysfunction is common. If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, chances are you encounter problems when attempting to form new relationships. Lutz family therapy enables you to develop healthier communication and relationship skills.

Marriage and family therapy programs work with family members to assist with a variety of physical and psychological issues, including alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, couple conflict, parent-child conflict, children’s behavioral problems, sexual dysfunction, issues with eldercare, and grief.

Lutz Family Counseling

Family counseling in Lutz can assist your family in times of crisis and transition. Lutz family therapy also helps families struggling with the impact of behavioral or mental health issues. For example, when one family member is living with depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia, the entire family is affected. Lutz family counseling is designed to address any specific problems your family is experiencing, as a whole.

Strategic family therapy employs several types of therapy to address a variety of issues.  Approaches and practices from behavioral therapy, interpersonal, and cognitive therapy may be employed. Individual therapy techniques may also be utilized during Lutz family therapy.

The purpose of structural family therapy is to address emotional, mental, and psychological problems dividing the family. By working with family members to improve communication, understanding, and problem-solving, therapists help families create healthier home lives.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

When looking for family counseling in Lutz, you may want to narrow your search by:

Contacting your insurance provider – Locating a therapist through your insurance plan will help with the cost of therapy.

Asking your doctor – Your family doctor knows your history and can refer you to qualified family counseling services.

Asking a friend – Maybe you know a family who has benefitted from marriage and family counseling. Ask them about their experience to help you find a qualified therapist.

Looking online – You can conduct a Google search or use an online therapist locator to locate family counseling in Lutz.

If you are facing insurmountable problems in your marriage and family, Lutz family therapy may be the answer. Often, marriage and family therapy lets you see things more clearly, and asking for help is the first step. Marriage and family therapy helps you work through tough times and grow stronger together. If your family is struggling to handle the substance abuse of a family member and its effect on everyone in the family, reach out to The Recovery Village today to discuss resources available to help.