Finding an Interventionist in Lehigh Acres, Florida

Many people believe that interventions are used to talk an individual into entering a substance abuse treatment program in Lehigh Acres when they have a substance use problem. An intervention does more than that. It helps the individual to seek needed treatment, and it assists the family to regain control over their lives.

Interventions work best when the family is involved by letting them see how the roles imposed on them by the substance user has helped them enable that individual. When the family understands how to take on roles that are healthy, they will be able to help the loved one get needed help.

Looking for a Lehigh Acres intervention counselor with experience in the substance used by the loved one is important. The interventionist must also be made aware of any special considerations such as a tendency toward violence. This helps the interventionist provide support that is appropriate.

Because an intervention is a personal experience for the individual with a substance use problem and the other participants, it is important to use an interventionist in Lehigh Acres who makes everyone feel comfortable. Credentials and experience matter, of course, but personality counts too. Because the participants, whether they be family, co-workers, or friends, know the individual the best, they are the ones who can locate an interventionist who will appeal to the individual.

It is common for a Lehigh Acres drug intervention counselor to initially hold interviews by telephone to learn more about the individual needing help. That allows the family to find out about the interventionist’s services.

Questions to consider during early interviews include:

  • What is the preparation for the intervention?
  • Are you experienced with this addiction type?
  • What if the individual is not interested in help?
  • What type of intervention is used?
  • What happens afterward?

The answers give you an idea of the style and approach of intervention counselors in Lehigh Acres.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Lehigh Acres, FL

Addiction interventions that are most effective work toward changing how family members view codependency, enabling, and accountability. When the family adjusts their behaviors, they can help their loved one by getting him or her into a treatment program. Those with substance use problems teach their families how to be enabling, so they can remain in addiction comfortably. In this way, they are not urged to seek help and do not hit bottom.

It is a struggle within families to find ways to help their loved one. Some think if the right job comes along or their loved one develops a new love interest, things will improve. However, those with substance use problems manipulate the family’s emotions to continue their behavior.

Lehigh Acres, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Many intervention counselors in Lehigh Acres use the following steps during intervention:

Step 1: First Consultation: A phone consultation is held to find out why your loved one does not want to change. To be effective, counselors have to get the family in agreement with each other since many have learned to enable the user through subtle manipulation.

Step 2: Educating the Family: Intervention does more than convince a loved one to seek help. Counselors also educate the family to help ensure success long-term for the family and loved one who needs help.

Many therapists, interventionists and treatment centers tell families a substance user must hit bottom before seeking help. This might not happen when the family enables their loved one. Therefore, it is generally bad advice to take the “wait and see” approach.

Step 3: Beginning the Process: The more time that goes by, the more accepting the loved one and family become with the situation. Waiting makes it harder to change, so intervention as soon as possible is important.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol interventions are common. Lehigh Acres offers a choice of intervention counselors for those seeking help. Since alcohol is sold legally, it can be more difficult for an individual who misuses it to view it as a problem. Professional assistance is needed to successfully treat an alcohol disorder.

The Lehigh Acres drug intervention counselor focuses on behaviors or actions that are negative and how those actions impact the family. Many with misuse problems deny the problems and tend to blame other things or people. They may also be self-absorbed and stubborn. These are common characteristics of addicts.

A disorder caused by alcohol use is common in families. Intervention programs help families and their loved one to take the correct path to recovery. The process can help a family get a loved one into treatment and teaches that one how to stay in recovery once home. With the support and guidance of an intervention counselor, both families and the loved one can get needed help. To locate a nearby alcohol interventionist in Lehigh Acres, using a search engine can help. When seeking an alcohol interventionist, you may check out the following:

  • Your Insurance: Some health plans offer coverage for professional treatment of this type. If yours does, check for listed providers.
  • Physician Recommendation: Your family doctor works within a network of health care providers and may be able to recommend an alcohol abuse counselor or interventionist.
  • Referrals Online: Use a search engine to look for alcohol counselors and interventionists in your area, or use an interventionist locator.
  • Other Recommendations: Family and friends provide a good source of information for counselors and alcohol interventionists if they have been through treatment themselves.

Turning to a counselor or alcohol interventionist to help a family member struggling with an alcohol problem is a positive step toward a healthier, happier future. Take that step today by calling The Recovery Village to inquire about interventionists in the Lehigh Acres area.