AA and NA Meetings in Leesburg

Peer support and group therapy are widely accepted tools for emotional and social support now, but they were first pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as AA, and Narcotics Anonymous, usually called NA. Anchored by a group leader or a counselor licensed in therapy and substance abuse, AA and NA allow people working their way toward sobriety to share successes, overcome challenges, and take more steps toward a life free both of substance abuse and the patterns of behavior it encourages.

Though people may attend their original AA or NA meetings as part of a rehab program in Leesburg, AA and NA are so effective that often people who have been sober for years will still regularly attend meetings, both to discuss their sobriety and to help others reach the same point in their journey. If peer support or group therapy sounds right for you, here is what you should know about AA and NA.

AA Meetings In Leesburg, Florida

AA came about due to powerful social forces. For decades, a temperance movement had been crusading to end alcoholism by simply getting rid of alcohol. Temperance advocates such as Carrie Nation had a point; as Americans shifted from cider and beer to hard alcohol, social problems related to alcohol had grown. After the 1920s and the failure of Prohibition, it was clear that the problem could not be solved by banning the substance.

This led to the birth of a new approach, created using a spiritual doctrine. AA uses the twelve steps, central to every AA meeting and program, to work each member through key points in the journey to sobriety. AA is built so that anyone can attend. AA meetings do not charge for entry, do not need to be held in any specific facility, and do not require any level of education to attend. Instead, anyone attending a meeting must be open-minded, willing to listen to others, and willing to develop self-awareness as a tool for self-improvement. It is not just about ending the drinking, but about spotting and correcting all the ways alcohol has influenced a life and repairing them.

AA is built to be a flexible program with as many approaches as there are meetings. Meetings led by a trained counselor or psychiatrist, for example, may focus more on traditional talk therapy and group therapy techniques, while those led by a group leader may be focused on teaching those new to sobriety from their past experience. All, however, use the twelve steps as a fundamental guide to approaching alcohol abuse and dependency.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

When considering attending a meeting, a potential member of an AA group should consider what environment will most make him or her comfortable, and what he or she is looking for from the members. It is important to think for the long term, as often attendees will go to the same meeting for years or decades. For example, some prefer a single-gender meeting, because to confront their alcoholism they must speak frankly about past experiences tied to their gender. Others may allow spouses and children of alcoholics to attend or may have an affiliated support group, which may be useful.

Potential members should consult with the leadership of a meeting and possibly “audition” a meeting, depending on their comfort level. The leader of a meeting should be able to discuss your needs in detail, and if he or she does not believe the meeting can adequately address your needs, the leader can refer you to another meeting.

Here are some meeting locations in Leesburg:

Serenity Seekers, LHOB
1339 Neely Dr.
Leesburg, FL 34748

Joy of Living, Last House
1339 Neely Dr.
Leesburg, FL 34748

For additional meeting locations in Leesburg, check the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings In Leesburg, Florida

NA takes a similar approach to AA, including the twelve steps. In fact, NA was formed as a separate organization as it became clear that, while the basic structure of AA was helpful for those working for other forms of substance abuse, there were specific concerns and needs that merited separate meetings and leadership structure for those suffering from drug use disorders. This has only intensified as society has become increasingly aware of the sheer variety and differing legal approaches to different types of substances.

NA takes many cues from AA beyond the twelve steps. NA meetings are free, open to anyone, held in publicly accessible spaces, and do not require you to pass a class or graduate a program to take advantage of them. Respect, self-awareness, and open-mindedness are core expectations. They also can be led by counselors or group leaders, and approaches vary depending on leadership.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Much like AA, it is important that any potential member of a meeting consider what he or she needs from the meeting both in the short term and as he or she continues on the path toward sobriety. Among the factors to consider are gender, the type of substance that you need the most peer support on, and what will most help to keep the mind open and to raise self-awareness. In some cases, being honest about what you need from a meeting is an important step in itself.

You can find additional meeting locations on the Narcotics Anonymous website, where you can search by zip code for meetings near you.

The recovery Village fully supports the use of AA and NA meetings and other 12-Step programs to aid those in recovery to achieve and maintain lifelong sobriety. That is why these support groups are included in all our comprehensive addiction treatment plans. Call us today to discuss support resources in the Leesburg area.