AA and NA Meetings in Largo

Are you in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction? If you are working your way through rehab, or if you need support to start treatment, groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) offer ongoing support. Your friends and family members may not understand the struggles you are facing, but AA meetings and NA meetings allow you to share your fears, your struggles, and your tears with others also battling addiction.

You may find 12-step group support included in drug rehabilitation programs in Largo, as well as standalone AA and NA meetings.  Group support can solidify your commitment to sobriety, and help you create a happier, healthier life.

AA Meetings in Largo, Florida

AA meetings in Largo are open to anyone battling alcohol addiction. Those who are currently in rehabilitation, or who have already completed treatment, are also welcome. Largo AA meetings are led by a licensed counselor or group leader and offer a safe place to share your struggles with addiction. AA meetings in Largo are not religious or political, and there are no education requirements for participation.  All Largo AA meetings are spiritual in nature but may differ in tone and topics of discussion.

In all Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, the group focuses on a set of principles referred to as the 12 steps. These principles encourage participants to drive out their addiction to alcohol. Group sharing and focus on the 12 steps support those wanting to start treatment and help others expand upon the coping skills learned in rehabilitation.

Surrounded by your peers, Largo AA meetings will support you before, during, and after rehabilitation. Ongoing participation in AA meetings lets you work through issues surrounding your addiction and helps you live a balanced, alcohol-free life. While there are many options for AA meetings in Largo, choosing the best one to suit your needs may take a little research.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

There are many factors to consider when researching AA meetings in Largo. Because meetings vary by location and group leader, the tone, or feel, of each meeting will be different. Your goal is to find a group where you feel comfortable sharing your personal struggles.

Here are some important considerations when searching online for “AA meetings near me”:
  1. Where is the meeting held? Some locations can make you feel more comfortable than others.
  2. Is the group co-ed? Some people prefer same-sex groups.
  3. Are the meetings open to anyone, or just alcoholics? Sharing your addiction struggles may be easier when everyone is dealing with the same addiction.
  4. Who is the group leader? How are the meetings led? The personality of the group leader will affect the overall atmosphere and topics of discussion.
  5. What is the average size of the meeting? You may feel more comfortable sharing with a smaller group of people.
  6. Is it a smoking, or non-smoking group? If you are a non-smoker, a non-smoking group is preferable.


Here are a few locations to get your search started:

Back Porch Lunch Bunch
DeGeorge Plaza
12678 Starkey Rd.
Largo, FL 33773

Hopeful Group
High Point Family Center
5812 150th Ave N.
Largo, FL 33771

You will usually find Largo AA meetings held at various locations including churches, community centers, and homes.

You can research AA meeting locations in the Largo area by visiting the Alcoholics Anonymous website

NA Meetings In Largo Florida

Narcotics Anonymous is the second largest 12-step group support organization. Like Alcoholics Anonymous, NA meetings in Largo revolve around the 12 steps. By expanding on the 12 principles used in AA meetings, Narcotics Anonymous meetings can help you beat your addiction to drugs.

Narcotics Anonymous was formed in 1953, and NA meetings in Largo are free and open to anyone working to overcome drug addiction. If you are struggling with addiction to drugs (opioids, heroin, etc.), Largo NA meetings can help you enter treatment. If you have completed rehabilitation, Largo NA meetings offer ongoing support.

Largo NA meetings are held weekly, and the only requirement for participation is the desire to beat drug addiction. With the support of your peers, Largo NA meetings help you focus on the merits of honesty, keeping an open mind, and the willingness to change. You will find NA meetings in Largo held at many locations, including churches, libraries, community centers, and parks.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

When you are searching online for “NA meetings near me”, you will want to find a meeting that supports your level of recovery. Depending on the group leader, location, and attendees, each Largo NA meeting will vary. You may have to attend several Largo NA meetings to find one that is most beneficial for you.

Here are some locations in Largo to get your search started:

Anona United Methodist Church
Chapel Conference Room
13233 Indian Rocks Rd.
Largo, FL 33774

Christ Presbyterian Church
3115 Dryer Ave.
Largo, FL 33770

The Narcotics Anonymous website lists additional NA meetings in Largo by zip code. Also, The Recovery Village can help you locate NA meetings and AA meetings near you. The Recovery Village offers a full continuum of care to help anyone struggling with addiction, and 12-step programs are included in all levels of care. Reach out to us today for information and resources to help you, or a loved one, battling drug or alcohol addiction.