Finding an Interventionist in Land O’ Lakes, Florida

Interventions help thousands of people struggling with substance use disorders each year. An intervention can change lives by helping people with substance use disorder get into a drug and alcohol rehab in Land O’ Lakes when needed. Additionally, an intervention helps family members and friends of those who are addicted to regain control of their own lives and deal with their loved one in healthier ways.

Family members are often the cornerstones for successful intervention, and this makes sense when you consider the unhealthy roles family members can play when substance use disorder is at play. Intervention and treatment work to help family members move toward healthier goals.

When you look for an intervention counselor in Land O’ Lakes, take the time to find somebody with experience and skills. No two interventionists are exactly alike, and you may need to take some time to find the perfect professional to work with your situation.

Addiction intervention is personal, and there are so many ways in which it can go wrong. Personality can play a significant factor in how well the intervention goes. You may do well to find an intervention counselor whose personality works well with your loved one’s nature. You can make it easier for your loved one to accept help by choosing an interventionist who is likely to appeal to him or her.

Before you commit to an interventionist, you will likely be part of a phone or in-person interview. Not only will the interventionist seek answers to questions about your situation, but you also have the right to learn more about the professional you intend to hire.

During the interview process, you may want to ask questions like:

  • What are your credentials?
  • How many interventions have you worked on in the past?
  • What happens if a loved one becomes hostile during the intervention?
  • With what style of intervention are you most acquainted?
  • In what kind of addiction do you specialize?
  • What happens if my loved one refuses treatment?

The answers to these questions may help you determine if an interventionist is the right fit for your situation.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Land O’ Lakes, FL

One of the central goals of a Land O’ Lakes drug intervention counselor is to adjust the way family members view addiction and dependence. Each person attending the intervention needs to understand the intricacies of the situation at hand. Everybody must be on board.

Undoubtedly, learning to adjust behaviors and thought patterns is difficult. Land O’ Lakes intervention counselors are available to help educate family members and friends about the role drug use plays in an individual’s life.

Land O’ Lakes, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

The intervention process involves several steps. While not every intervention counselor in Land O’ Lakes will stick to these guidelines specifically, you will find that they often abide by steps similar to these:

 First: Initial Consultation – The first step involves identifying the initial issues involved in your loved one’s substance addiction. Your interventionist’s goal is to reach the most effective outcome possible, and this involves getting the entire family on the same page. Everybody needs to have the same goal, which is eliminating substance misuse from a loved one’s life.

 Second: Family Education – Land O’ Lakes drug intervention goes above and beyond focusing on one individual. Long-term success relies on reaching out to every member of the family and friend group. Family members often feel at the end of their ropes with addiction by the time they seek out an intervention counselor. Education can help remedy these feelings and promote change.

 Third: Initiating the Intervention Process – The intervention counselor will want to begin the process of intervention as quickly as possible. Waiting for too long means that each party moves closer to an edge from which they may not be able to back away. Every day spent waiting is one more day that the loved one is not in recovery.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

One of the most common types of intervention is for alcohol abuse. Many people living with alcohol addiction do not realize they need help, especially because alcohol is legal. They may not even think that their drinking is causing problems.

In Land O’ Lakes, alcohol intervention counselors will focus not on how often somebody drinks but rather on the negative behaviors that result from it. Intervention counselors in Land O’ Lakes will focus on how drinking may be detrimental to the family and the individual’s life as a whole.

When you search for an alcohol interventionist, Land O’ Lakes will have many to offer. Your goal is to narrow down your choices to a professional with whom you feel comfortable. In your quest, you should be looking for an alcohol or drug intervention counselor who meets your needs. Here are some traits to look for:

  • Is affordable.  In some cases, interventions are not covered by insurance. Even if you pay out of pocket for the intervention, you can still declare the fee on your taxes.
  • Is recommended by a doctor.  Still have questions? A medical doctor can help you find the right match.
  • Has online reviews.  The best interventionists will have reviews on the web about their work. Read them to learn more about how others who have used their services feel about the experience.

When you choose to find an interventionist, you are taking a step in a positive direction. You may even be helping to save a life. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to see what intervention and addiction treatment options are available in the Land O’ Lakes area.