Finding an Interventionist in Lakeland, Florida

Interventions play an important role in not just convincing a loved one to get treatment for a substance use disorder in Lakeland, Florida but also for the individual’s family. Substance use disorders can have a ripple effect throughout a family and can place a heavy toll on everyone involved.

Families play a crucial role at the start of the intervention process. The first thing that needs to happen is each family member must be made aware of the unhealthy roles they have been occupying as a result of the individual’s substance use disorder. When new healthy roles have been created for the family members, they are putting the wheels in motion for their loved one’s recovery to begin.

There are plenty of interventionist counselors in Lakeland and it is best to focus on the ones that have dealt with the substance affecting the individual. When consulting an interventionist, it is important that he or she is made aware of any specific tendencies the individual may have, such as violent outbursts.

As interventions are often difficult and personal experiences, it is highly important that everyone is comfortable with the Lakeland interventionist with whom they are working. There are important factors to keep in mind when choosing an interventionist such as experience, credentials, and personality. Those closest to the individual like family and close friends will be in the best position to know which interventionist will suit their loved one.

It is not uncommon for interventionist counselors to request a phone interview with the individual’s family to help paint a picture of the situation at hand. These early stages also help families get a feel for the potential interventionists available to them.

During an interview with an interventionist counselor, the following questions can help you gain an understanding of the services they provide:

  • Have you dealt with this type of addiction before?
  • What type of intervention do you recommend for our loved one?
  • How can we be fully prepared?
  • Is there a plan in place if the intervention is unsuccessful?
  • What can we expect after the intervention regardless of the outcome?

This information should provide you with a good idea of the style used by the interventionist counselors in Lakeland.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Lakeland, Florida

To achieve a positive result from an addiction intervention, families must be open to changing how they view accountability, codependency, and enabling. When the family as a whole adjusts how they think and behave, they are opening the door for their loved one to get the help they need to beat their addiction. It is not uncommon for a person under the influence of a substance use disorder to find ways to get family members to enable their addiction and keep them comfortable. When this happens, families can struggle to see that their loved one has actually hit rock bottom and is in urgent need of help.

It can be tough for family members to open up or change the way they behave and think. There may be developments in the individual’s life that make everything appear okay, like a new relationship or job. A lot of the time, people who are deeply under a substance use disorder will find ways to manipulate the emotions of their loved ones simply to fuel their addiction.

Lakeland FL, Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Generally, Lakeland interventionist counselors will use the following intervention process:

  1. Initial Consultation. Phone consultations are often used by counselors to see how an individual is enabling their addiction. They will also use these early stages to get the family on the same page and working together effectively as a group. This can help eradicate any negative roles anyone has taken up to help enable their loved one’s addiction.
  2. Educate Family About Addiction. By educating the family on the entire intervention process, they will be able to work together to help heal the family as a whole and provide a positive long-term future for the individual. It is a common misperception that a family should wait until a loved one has hit rock bottom before seeking help. This is a highly dangerous approach and should be avoided at all times.
  3. Getting the Process Started. Starting the process is never easy, but the longer a family waits, the more comfortable their loved one becomes and the worse the situation gets. By starting the process, you are taking a giant step to getting your loved one back on track.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Today, one of the most regularly conducted interventions are alcohol interventions. As a result, there are plenty of Interventionist counselors in the city of Lakeland to assist those in need. It is not illegal to purchase alcohol and this can make it hard for those battling alcoholism to see that they have a problem. Therefore, it’s important to carry out an alcohol intervention under the guidance of a Lakeland interventionist.

The Lakeland alcohol interventionists focus on the negative behaviors and actions brought on by a person’s drinking problem, not the amount they consume. They will also pay close attention the way each family member responds to the individual’s behavior. Oftentimes, alcoholism can lead to a person refusing to take responsibility for their actions and instead blame those around them for their problems and negative behavior.

There are families across the US negatively impacted by alcohol use disorder. Alcohol intervention programs play a key role in helping families deal with the consequences of alcohol addictions. Alcohol interventions not only get their loved one the treatment they need but they also help the family make positive changes in their relationships with each other and within their home. The interventionist counselors in Lakeland are trained to provide families with the support they need throughout their loved one’s recovery.

You can take advantage of online search engines like Google to help find an interventionist in Lakeland near you. Here is a list of other useful things you can research:

  • Insurance Coverage. Look for counselors within your insurance network to help take some of the financial pressure off you and your family.
  • Doctor’s Recommendations. Your family doctor should be able to recommend alcohol interventionists and counselors in your area. They may have worked with families with a similar situation in the past.
  • Online Referrals. Search engines can provide you with information about alcohol interventionists in the Lakeland area. Interventionists locators are also available online to help find counselors near you.
  • Personal Recommendations. If you can talk to someone in your area who has been to an interventionist or counselor nearby, ask them if they would recommend working with them.

Taking the first step and reaching out to an alcohol interventionist or counselor is often the most difficult. However, you are giving your loved one an opportunity to get their life back on track. They will thank you in the long run. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to explore intervention resources in Lakeland.