AA and NA Meetings in Lakeland

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) provide immense encouragement to those struggling with substance abuse issues. People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction have the opportunity to work through common issues and concerns among peers as well as a trusted group leader or licensed counselor. Inside Lakeland AA meetings and NA meetings, people are able to provide and gain sound advice and consolation for continuing a journey of lifelong sobriety among compassionate participants.

You can find NA and AA meetings at Lakeland drug rehabilitation facilities. Additionally, numerous stand-alone alternatives exist throughout the city for those who need them. This article offers you a solid overview of Lakeland NA meetings as well as AA meetings for individuals who are desiring a life free from narcotics or alcohol addiction.

AA Meetings in Lakeland, Florida

Anyone dealing with a drinking problem can take advantage of a fellowship called Alcoholics Anonymous. If this sounds like you, understand that no age or education requirements are set in place to join. In addition, you do not have to adhere to a specific religion or political party to participate. However, this fellowship is guided by spiritual principles. Meeting participants focus on 12 steps during each meeting. These steps consist of a selection of principles that rid participants of the desire to abuse alcohol. Lakeland AA meetings are healthy opportunities to let go of the psychological and physical strains of alcohol addiction with the support of peers enduring the same struggle.

AA meetings in Lakeland may help those who have never entered into a formal rehab program to seek treatment to overcome the destructive nature of alcoholism. Even if one has finished a rehab program and needs further assistance through AA meetings, Lakeland groups can build upon positive coping mechanisms. Patience is required for finding the best group to join, so carefully review the following resources for locating AA meetings in Lakeland.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

Expect different tones, moods, and subjects established within AA meetings in Lakeland. The variation depends on who the group leader is as well as where the group is held, in addition to other elements. You can find a lengthy list of places and times of meetings held in homes, community facilities, and places of worship when searching online.

The following are acceptable questions to ask when locating an AA meeting nearby:
  • Is the meeting co-ed?
  • Who is accepted at the meetings?
  • Where is the meeting’s location?
  • Who leads the meeting, and what is his or her leadership technique?
  • How big is each meeting?
  • Is smoking an accepted practice during meetings?
One of the best ways to find an AA meeting that suits your needs is by attending a few and assessing activities. Lakeland AA meetings nearby involve:

2720 Club
2720 E. Main St.
Lakeland, FL 33801

All in The Family
Christ the King Church
6400 N. Socrum Loop Rd.
Lakeland, FL 33809

Find more Lakeland AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Lakeland, Florida

Known as the second-biggest 12-step fellowship after Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous got its start during 1953 and provides consolation to those suffering from drug addiction. Having the desire to end this addiction is the only requirement for attending NA meetings. Within Lakeland NA meetings, participants fellowship at places of worship, community facilities, libraries, and parks on a week-by-week basis. Attendees encourage each other to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings build upon the standards set for AA meetings, to stay in line with the tradition. These meetings are designed to be suitable for the diverse therapeutic needs of each participant. Furthermore, these meetings address all types of drug addiction, such as heroin, marijuana, opioids, and more. Honesty, dignity, openness, and adaptability are all prized within these meetings.

If you are new to sober living or are experiencing life after rehabilitation, attending these meetings can be an essential part of psychological and physical restoration. As with AA, Lakeland NA meetings do not require monetary commitment, and they welcome anyone of the public. In addition, they are easy to find, and a lot of options exist for attending NA meetings in Lakeland.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

If you are in need of local NA meetings, Lakeland has plenty of choices. Remember that each meeting possesses a different nature, including participants, locations, and leaders. Therefore, what may work for someone else may not work for you.

Nearby Lakeland NA meetings and places include:

Gate House
722 East Walnut Street
Lakeland, Florida 33801-5473

Grace Lutheran Church
745 South Ingraham Avenue
Lakeland, Florida 33801-5601

College Heights United Methodist Church
942 South Boulevard
Lakeland, Florida 33803-1159

Find additional groups by zip-code on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

We highly value peer support groups at The Recovery Village. AA meetings, NA meetings, and 12-step group therapy can be offered at every level of care you need. For example, these meetings are incorporated into inpatient treatment as well as aftercare. Call us today to gain more information about our treatment programs.