AA and NA Meetings in Lake Worth

When it comes to facing substance abuse issues, few methods are more reassuring than peer support meetings. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are the two most popular peer support groups in the country, and they are working wonders for those afflicted with drug addiction and alcohol abuse issues in Lake Worth, Florida.

Sometimes talking to a small group of people who are going through the same thing you are can give you the confidence you need to make treatment work. The AA meetings Lake Worth residents go to are structured gatherings, but they also allow plenty of room for people to offer their own experiences to benefit others.

The first AA or NA meeting many people attend may be part of a drug rehab program in Lake Worth, but for others, their first meeting is in one of many standalone locations throughout the area.

AA Meetings in Lake Worth, Florida

AA meetings in Lake Worth are run by experienced group leaders who make sure that everyone in the group gets involved. The best AA meetings in Lake Worth are not based on religion. They are based on the power of emotional support offered by people who sincerely want to help. To get the most from an AA group, you need to be prepared to participate. It is a liberating feeling that can definitely help you in your treatment.

The AA meetings in Lake Worth also use tactics such as the 12-step program and mentoring to help people reach their goals. The group leader has many different options available to him or her, and that is why it is important to find a good leader.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

Before you commit to an AA meeting group, you will want to do research. Each group leader has his or her own approach, and you will want to find a leader with whom you feel comfortable. Any AA group leader will be happy to talk to you about how he or she conducts the meetings and the methods he or she uses to help members reach their goals of getting healthy. You should also try to talk to past and current members of the group to get insight into how members feel about the group leader and the results they are getting.

Here are a few quick results to get you started:

Serenity Seekers, LHOB
1339 Neely Dr.
Lake Worth, FL 34748

Joy of Living, Last House
1339 Neely Dr.
Lake Worth, FL 34748

You can find Lake Worth AA meetings by using the AA meeting locator on the organization’s website. This resource will give you all of the information you need on Lake Worth AA meetings including the address of the meetings and the leader’s name and contact information.

NA Meetings in Lake Worth, Florida

Narcotics abuse has a lot of psychological, emotional, and physical effects. Once a person starts abusing drugs, it can trigger a snowball effect that quickly spirals out of control. After a while, addicts start losing their jobs, their families, and some come to the point of almost losing their lives.

NA meetings in Lake Worth help to stop the negative snowball effect and to get recovering addicts back on the right path. NA meetings are run in a manner similar to AA meetings. There is no doubting the power of peer support, and that is the primary emotional component of Lake Worth NA meetings. It is more than just people telling their stories to others experiencing the same problems. It is people reaching out to each other and offering the kind of real support that gets results.

One of the reasons people fighting drug abuse start to avoid social contact is because they feel like no one knows what they are going through. When they attend an NA meeting, they are often shocked to find that there are others who not only understand the struggle they are going through, but are living with it every day. To see someone who is having the same issues as you are enjoying life and beating their addiction can be an extremely motivating experience.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

As with AA meetings, you want to find out as much as you can about the group leader before committing to attending meetings. In these peer group settings, a group leader is a cornerstone person who can identify individual issues and recommend the right kind of support tactic.

Every person at an NA meeting is different. Every story is different and every goal is different. But the one thing everyone in the group shares is that need to get healthy and get their lives back in order. A good NA group leader can help to make that happen and make a big difference in each group member’s life.

When you are looking for the right NA meeting for you, the NA website has a meeting locator you can use to find Lake Worth NA meetings. Here are a few locations to get you started:


Lifestream Bldg.
2018 Tally Rd.
Lake Worth, FL 34748

Last House on the Block
1339 Neely Dr.
Lake Worth, FL 34748

Peer support groups are used to help people in difficult situations to understand that they are not alone. When you attend an NA or AA meeting, you are surrounded with the sense that there are people who actually do understand what you are going through and who want to help. That sort of emotional support from people who feel the pain you feel can be extremely powerful.

The professional addiction experts at The Recovery Village understand the power of peer support. That is why AA and NA meetings and other 12-step programs are part of our holistic addiction treatment plans from intake to aftercare. Call us today to discuss the resources available in the Lake Worth area.