Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Lake Wales, Florida

The United States is in the midst of a drug epidemic, and Lake Wales has not been left out of this unfortunate situation. As the number of people using drugs has increased, the personal and professional need for drug testing facilities in Lake Wales has likewise seen an increase. This can make it difficult to find the right drug test center when you are in need.

If you are looking for a drug testing facility because you suspect a loved one has a substance use disorder, please do not hesitate to contact The Recovery Village® to learn more about addiction treatment centers in Lake Wales and surrounding areas.

Lake Wales Drug Testing Centers

Because you have so many drug testing centers from which to choose, you need to better understand your options. One of the first things to consider is what type of specimen you need to be collected. The main options include:

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Sweat
  • Hair
  • Saliva

The most common drug tests use urine, since it is non-invasive and the metabolites of drug and alcohol use excreted in urine last for a few hours or days, allowing for a longer test period. Saliva is another common test because it is likewise non-invasive. However, it has a much shorter test period during which to find a positive result.

Although hair provides a long history of drug use, it is not as applicable to most uses. Blood tests are the most accurate, but they are more expensive and invasive so are not as commonly used. Sweat testing is newer and relies on a patch that collects your sweat for two weeks. Then, the lab can test to see if there was any drug use during this period.

Another key element to know when you look for Lake Wales drug testing centers is the type of test they offer. You want to ensure that you take a test that includes the type of substance for which you need to be screened. The most frequent test is known as a 5-panel test, which screens for the five most common categories of drugs: cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, opioids, and phencyclidine (PCP). There are more comprehensive tests available that also screen for alcohol, benzos, barbiturates, and other types of substances.

When searching for Lake Wales drug testing centers, bear in mind the reason for your search. The right one for you will differ if you are a business looking for routine employment screening or if you are an individual needing a drug test for some other purpose. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Sports: In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly common for all levels of sports participation to require athletes to take a drug test. You may have to find the drug test facility on your own to perform the test.
  • School: Many schools strive to maintain a drug-free campus through required testing, which may have to be done on your own.
  • Probation: If you are on probation, you may need to have routine and/or random drug testing as part of your deal.
  • Recovery: Many people in the early stages of addiction recovery must undertake drug screenings to prove their sobriety to their employer, treatment center, and/or loved ones.
  • Accident: If you were involved in an accident at work or otherwise, you may need to take a drug test to rule out the involvement of drugs or alcohol.
  • Employment: Many jobs require random drug screening to ensure a drug-free workplace. They may also ask for a drug test before you start employment or when you show signs of being under the influence, posing a danger to yourself or others at work.

Although the specimen, type of test, and reason for the test play an important role when looking for Lake Wales drug testing centers, there are a few key factors that you must bear in mind when choosing the right one for you:

  • Experience: First and foremost, you want to use a drug test center that has experience in the type of test you need to reduce the chance of any human errors invalidating the response.
  • Speed: It is important to get your results fast so you can continue on with your life.
  • Accuracy: The last thing you want is a false positive wreaking your life. Therefore, look at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) comprehensive list of certified facilities by the Department of Human Health Services.
  • Privacy: Last but not least, ensure that the labs adhere to all privacy laws so that only those allowed to see the results will review them.

Protect yourself by finding the right Lake Wales drug testing centers that will provide fast, accurate, and private results that match what you need so you can go on with your life.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

There are many ways to find the right facility beyond searching for “drug testing centers near me” online. This may help you find a few, but you can also find them using these resources:

  • Insurance provider: Your insurance company will have a list of drug testing facilities in Lake Wales that take your insurance if it covers drug testing.
  • Healthcare Provider: Ask your doctor or another healthcare provider if they recommend any of the drug testing facilities in the area. They should have an idea of the reasons for your request and the best option for your circumstance.
  • The Recovery Village®: Contact us and talk to one of our representatives. They can help you locate testing centers as well as discuss any treatment options that may be necessary.