Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Lake City, Florida

Family and marriage often define your lens onto the world. How various members of your family and your spouse look at the world and act upon it will often affect how you do the same. Even the most healthy couples and families will need to look at their behavior and their approaches in the context of others. Marriage counseling and family therapy in Lake City, Florida help couples and members of a family see that effect.

Marriage Counseling In Lake City, Florida

This is especially true in families where a member or several members struggle with mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety, or when families face setbacks such as the loss of a loved one, assuming responsibility for an elder member of the family, or financial strain. For families that have one or more members in need of substance abuse treatment in Lake City, family interactions can become particularly strained. In these situations, any concerns or arguments that have been set aside will surge to the fore. Family and marriage counseling helps couples and families spot patterns of behavior that put a strain on their relationships, bring out conflicts, and develop better strategies and habits to handle these situations and build stronger bonds.

Lake City Marriage Therapy

Your marriage has a powerful effect on your other social relationships. It has been shown repeatedly that a strong marriage improves your connections to others you interact with on a daily basis, from children to co-workers. Marriage therapy helps people not just to look into their connection to their partner, but also to focus on self-improvement and to better understand how each member of the couple communicate, process bad news, overcome challenges, and take better control of emotions.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When a couple seeks marriage counseling, they should start with credentialed and licensed professionals. Then the couple should consider what issues they are facing, and look for a counselor experienced in those. Generally, a counselor will have an initial session with a couple so that they can determine if they are a good fit for each other.

If the initial session goes well, the counselor and the couple will work together to form a set of goals and steps toward those goals. Both parts of a couple should view the counselor as a neutral party with whom they can discuss their concerns since the counselor can mediate conflict as it arises. Usually, counseling will happen in weekly sessions, although there will be work outside those sessions and potentially individual sessions depending on the issues that arise and the needs of the couple.

Family Therapy Lake City, FL

Families are not static entities. They change over time and how family members interact with each other shifts due to both external forces and internal friction. Grief over the loss of a member of the core family, the emergence or worsening of a mental health concern, or introduction of factors such as a spouse or an elderly family member who requires constant care can all change even loving families in ways they may not expect.

Family therapy helps families to consider their dynamics, how and why those dynamics have changed, and what they can do to restore or alter them. In some cases, family therapy is a follow-up to another aspect of a family member’s mental health care, such as an intervention for substance abuse. Families will learn how to communicate, how to more effectively discuss their concerns, and how to apply new coping strategies to setbacks and disagreements.

Lake City Family Counseling

A family counselor is often seen as a sort of judge or arbitrator, but in truth, their job is not to make a decision, but rather to ensure that all sides of a dispute are genuinely hearing what the other sides are saying, and to let that understanding affect their actions. Family counseling can focus on the hardheaded and practical, such as teaching proper communications skills or coping strategies, or it can look more at buried concerns in the family history and resolve those issues instead of simply ignoring them.

There will likely be some degree of conflict, which is simply unavoidable when you are digging through the emotions of a group of people. When it emerges, the counselor will walk the family out the other side. A successful mediation of a family conflict may only end with understanding, not resolution.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

A family counselor or therapist should ideally be referred by somebody who knows the family and their challenges well. A substance abuse counselor for an individual member, for example, might recommend family therapy sessions, run by a different counselor. Families seeking a counselor may speak to their family doctor, who can refer them. A family friend who has sought counseling may also be able to offer recommendations, and insurers will also have a directory of family counselors covered under their plans.

Finding the right counselor can be a great help to families. With some work, and some listening, the family can become healthier and stronger. Why not reach out today to The Recovery Village to explores therapy and counseling options in the Lake City area?