Finding an Interventionist in Lady Lake, Florida

Drug addiction can devastate family and friends just as much as it harms the person with the addiction. If you are watching a family member or loved one struggle with addiction in Lady Lake, it can seem impossible to know how to help, or how to minimize the negative impact on your own life. The negative physical, financial, and emotional impacts of addiction on your loved one and on your own life may seem completely outside of your control.

However, there is something that you can do to re-assert your control over your own life and encourage your loved one to get the help that he or she needs. You can not conquer someone else’s addiction for them, but with the right resources and assistance, you can learn how to set healthy boundaries for yourself and stop engaging in behaviors that enable the person with the addiction to continue using drugs and disrupting your life.

One way to do this is by holding a drug intervention. It is easy to think of a drug intervention as a resource just for getting the person with the addiction into a drug treatment program in Lady Lake. But a drug intervention is not just about or just for the addict. It is also an important tool for the family members and friends who are affected by their loved one’s addiction and associated behaviors.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Lady Lake, FL

A drug intervention is not as simple as it may look on television. It is important to have a skilled professional who is trained to handle the situation helping you arrange and conduct the intervention. That is where a drug intervention counselor in Lady Lake comes into the picture.

Drug intervention counselors are trained to provide resources and support to family members and lead interventions designed to encourage the person with the addiction to get the help that they need to stop using substances. There are a variety of intervention methods, and different interventionists in Lady Lake employ different methods to help addicts and their families. It is important to choose an interventionist who uses a method with which you and your family members are comfortable.

Make sure to ask your interventionist relevant questions, like whether they have experience with the substance that your loved one is using. It is also important to let them know about any special circumstances they might encounter during the intervention. It is especially important to inform your drug intervention counselor in Lady Lake if the person receiving the intervention has a history of violence.

Lady Lake, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Your drug intervention counselor’s work does not begin on the day of the intervention. Before the intervention happens, your Lady Lake drug intervention counselor will want to have a consultation with the family, either in-person or over the phone. Your interventionist will spend time making sure that everyone involved is on board with the intervention and on the same page. You will have the greatest chance of success if everyone presents a united front to the person with the addiction.

Your interventionist will also spend some time educating you and your loved ones about addiction and rehabilitation. They will want to make sure that you and your other family members are aware of the resources available to you, as well as the resources available to the person with the addiction. Your drug interventionist can also help you identify enabling behaviors and develop strategies to put a stop to those behaviors for your sake and the sake of the person with the addiction.

Your drug intervention counselor in Lady Lake will help you plan the intervention and give you the encouragement that you might need to move ahead with it. It is not uncommon for families to develop cold feet about an intervention. You may feel apprehensive about the possibility of angering or upsetting the person with the addiction. These feelings are normal, but it is important to get past them, and your interventionist can help.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Interventions for people who are abusing alcohol need to be handled with special care. Alcohol addiction is very common and is often accompanied by heavy denial on the part of the addict or their family members. Alcohol is different from other addictive substances because of its legality and easy availability.

A person with an alcohol addiction may try to claim that their drinking is no different from the drinking done by someone who does not have an alcohol addiction. An alcohol interventionist can help explain the difference between problematic drinking and social or casual drinking and can help focus the intervention on the behavior associated with problematic drinking, rather than how much or how little one drinks.

You can find an interventionist in Lady Lake by asking your doctor or insurance company for a referral, or by searching online for interventionists in your area. If you know someone who has held an intervention before, you can also ask for a personal referral. Reaching out to a drug or alcohol intervention counselor in Lady Lake can be the first step to helping your family overcome this crisis. For more information about interventionists and other addiction treatment resources in Lady Lake, contact The Recovery Village today!