Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Kissimmee, Florida

Problems in marriages and families are common. However, help is available. Marriage counseling and family counseling in Kissimmee, Florida are both designed to address the issues of the group as a whole and each person within the group individually.

Some of the problems that can impact the entire family include conflicts between marriage partners, conflicts between parents and children, sexual dysfunction, weight or eating disorders, behavioral problems, and so on.

Other issues may be specific to one member of the family but may affect the family as a whole. Examples of these types of issues include mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. Another issue that falls into this category is alcoholism or drug abuse, for which one or more members of the family may require substance abuse counseling in Kissimmee.

In marriage or family counseling, information gathering is usually the goal at the beginning. During the session, the therapist listens to everyone, learns what the problems are that the couple or family is having, and observes them together to help understand the dynamics of the situation.

Clients can use this opportunity to get insight into the therapist as well, learning how the therapist works and whether the therapist is a good match. The first session is also a good time to learn how information imparted will remain confidential between members of the family or the partners.

Marriage Counseling in Kissimmee, Florida

Therapy for a marriage is a proven way to treat mental or emotional disorders, according to research studies. It can provide improvements in relationships other than the marriage such as within the family unit, social life, and among coworkers.

Marriage counseling in Kissimmee is not only for those considering separation. It also helps a couple improve their understanding of each other and intimacy together. In addition to focusing on marital therapy, the partners individually work on becoming more self-aware and improving themselves.

Kissimmee Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy helps by teaching partners how to solve problems in a healthy way while learning more about each other. As a couple, they may set goals through the guidance of a therapist and work on a therapy plan together so each partner’s expectations are known. The dedication and motivation of the couple during the process directly impacts their success in healing their relationship.

As treatment goes further along, the partners can become better at communicating and listening to each other. They also learn new ways to support each other. While conflict arises during sessions for marriage therapy, a good marriage counselor stays neutral and will not take sides. Some marriage counselors use individual therapy sessions as a standard part of their therapy treatment. Others offer sessions individually if it is requested.

Counseling sessions in Kissimmee family therapy are usually held one time per week, and the schedule can change depending on goals and depending on whether the partners also attend group or therapy sessions. Kissimmee marriage counseling sessions may be held in a number of locations, including group practice, counseling centers located at universities, and in private practices.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

Finding out whether a marriage counselor is compatible with a couple is a prime consideration before entering a therapy program. The counselor who is chosen by the couple should:

  • Be compassionate toward both partners
  • Not choose sides
  • Be well trained in marriage counseling
  • Not allow partners to interrupt or speak for the other person
  • Be easy to contact
  • Help the couple develop a plan of therapy
  • Be financially affordable
  • Have experience in the specific issues faced by the couple
  • Encourage feedback from the couple about the offered services
  • Retain control during the sessions

Family Therapy Kissimmee, FL

 Adults learn their habits, vocabulary, customs, and other views as children. In addition, they learn how to interact with others through the way they are treated in their early lives. Those with healthy families and relationships know how to maintain other healthy relationships. However, those who come from dysfunctional families can struggle to find a healthy connection with others.

Almost all families have some type of dysfunction. The purpose of Kissimmee family therapy is to learn how to maintain a functional family in a healthy way.

Kissimmee Family Counseling

Family counseling in Kissimmee uses exercises and techniques ranging from behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy to interpersonal therapy and other therapeutic modalities. The goal of structured family counseling in Kissimmee is addressing issues that affect a family’s function and health. It is beneficial for helping families through major transitions, difficult times, and various behavioral and health problems.

Family therapists help families work toward healthy relationships by solving problems, improving communication, and becoming more understanding. They also address difficult or special situations in the family to help create a home environment that is healthy for everyone.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

When seeking a family therapist, the following are ideas to consider:

  • Physician Recommendation: The family physician operates within a network of health professionals and can be asked for insight into locating an appropriate family therapist.
  • Insurance: Some insurance plans carry coverage for therapy. This can help defray the cost when looking for professional help.
  • Recommendations: Family friends, co-workers, and others may have sought help from a therapist. Asking about the experience they had and whether they have any recommendations could be helpful.
  • Referrals Online: One way to locate family therapists in a particular area is to do an internet search. There are also therapist locators that can help families locate counseling in different areas.

Deciding to seek family or marriage counseling in Kissimmee to deal with issues is a positive move toward solving them. This is especially important when efforts have been insufficient or problems are seemingly insurmountable. Counseling is not a defeatist move; it is a step toward healing the family. For information about counseling services in your area, contact The Recovery Village today.