Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Kissimmee, Florida

No city is safe from the deadly drug epidemic the country is facing, including the city of Kissimmee, Florida. This crisis has created a personal and professional need for drug testing centers throughout the area. While there are numerous drug testing facilities, it is important to use a reliable one. The right resources can help you find one.

Whereas some people need to get a drug test for work or other reasons without concern, sometimes the need for drug testing is a personal one and you may be wondering what to do if the results are positive. The Recovery Village can help you if this is the case, and our caring representatives can guide you through addiction treatment options in Kissimmee.  Please reach out to an intake coordinator for more information on how we can help.

Kissimmee Drug Testing Centers

Because there are so many options when it comes to drug testing, it is important to know what they are so you can choose what fits your situation best. Tests are usually based on two factors:

  1. The type of drug for which testing is being done
  2. The type of specimen being tested

Most drug screenings test for five categories of drugs (known as a 5-panel drug test), and these cover amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, phencyclidine (PCP), and opiates. Some facilities can use more powerful tests to look for other drugs such as barbiturates, ethanol (alcohol), and benzodiazepines.

Just like the tests can identify certain drugs, they also vary by type of specimen collected. Some of the common specimens collected are:

  • Urine – This is the most common specimen taken because metabolites (structures produced by the metabolism when a substance is ingested) are excreted in urine and easily identifiable. This test is also non-invasive.
  • Saliva – This is the second most common method. Drug testing facilities in Kissimmee use this because it is noninvasive and results are quick. However, the window of time is brief for detecting drugs with a saliva test, so it is not always indicative of drug use.
  • Blood – This test gives the most accurate results but it is more expensive and more invasive than other methods.
  • Hair – Metabolites are filtered through hair and remain there, so this is a type of long-term, permanent record of drug use.
  • Perspiration – This method is newer than the others and requires the person to wear a patch for two weeks. The patch absorbs perspiration, and after the two week period, Kissimmee professionals will examine the patch for indications of drug use.

It is important to go to a facility that has the following attributes for the most reliable results:

  • Accurate Results – You want clear and correct results. You can contact the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) comprehensive list to make sure the facility you are considering is certified.
  • Privacy – You want to be sure the results will be kept confidential.
  • Fast Results – Regardless of the reason for your test, you probably do not want to be kept waiting.
  • Experienced Staff – This should be a professional process about which you can feel confident.

Reasons for seeking Kissimmee drug testing centers vary; some of the most common ones are:

  • Employment – Many employers require a clean drug test before extending an employment offer.
  • Annual Physical – Employers or insurance companies may require a drug test once a year.
  • For-Cause and Reasonable Suspicion – If drug use is suspected, an employer, parent, or another official may require a drug test.
  • Post-Accident – If an employee is filing a workplace claim, employers or lawyers may require a drug test to make sure the employee was not using drugs during the accident.
  • Post-Treatment – Drug tests may be part of post-treatment plans to make sure an individual is staying clean.
  • Probation – Regular drug testing is usually part of any probation, and a positive test can result in losing probation.
  • Sports – Some teams may require their athletes to pass drug tests to keep a clean and fair environment of play.
  • School – Some schools will require random drug tests to maintain a drug-free atmosphere.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

If you are looking for reliable Kissimmee drug testing centers, here are some resources to use. You can ask your family doctor for a recommendation or contact your insurance company to see which centers are in your plan. Check online for which drug testing centers are around you and convenient, but be sure to read ratings and reviews. Please call The Recovery Village for help locating a drug center in Kissimmee or for any other related services you may need.

If you suspect a loved one of drug use, please reach out to us at The Recovery Village for information on how to best handle the matter. This can be a difficult time, but please know you do not have to handle it alone.