AA and NA Meetings in Jupiter

Support groups provide immense hope and help during the addiction recovery process. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) help people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. With a group leader or licensed counselor, participants can experience unified healing while discussing shared struggles and reaching for a healthier future. Within Jupiter AA meetings and NA meetings, attendees can achieve lifelong sobriety through giving and receiving helpful advice and consolation.

Although alcohol and drug rehab programs in Jupiter and surrounding areas include NA and AA meetings, Jupiter has several stand-alone alternatives for peer support as well. This guide offers useful information on Jupiter NA meetings and AA groups that are accessible to people seeking recovery from alcoholism or narcotics addiction.

AA Meetings in Jupiter, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA ) is a support group open to everyone who has had or has a drinking issue. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings have no age or vocational training criteria and are philosophical, but not religious or political in essence. In each meeting, group attendees depend on the twelve pillars, a set of fundamentals that help eliminate the preoccupation with drinking and enable members to organize satisfying lives without alcohol abuse. Available anywhere and spread throughout Jupiter, AA meetings are safe spaces to unpack the psychological and physiological load of alcoholism while being encircled by individuals facing the same struggle.

With peer assistance, AA meetings in Jupiter can encourage people with alcohol abuse to continue their treatment. In addition, for those completing a treatment initiative and seeking AA meetings, Jupiter groups can help them develop the coping abilities they have formed in rehabilitation and join a support system. Identifying the right group can take time; the resources to find a wide array of AA meetings in Jupiter are listed below.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

AA meetings in Jupiter differ in subject matter, style, and tone, depending on who is guiding the group and the meeting location, among other factors. Someone looking online for “AA meetings near me,” will probably find a number of places and times of groups held in homes, community centers, and churches.

To find the right fit for you, find out the following about AA meetings in your area:
  • Is it a co-ed group?
  • Who is invited?
  • Where is the group located?
  • Who is guiding the group? What is his or her meeting style?
  • How large is the group?
  • Is smoking prohibited?
Sorting through the listings may take some time, and the best way to locate one suitable for your needs is to attend a few. Some nearby Jupiter AA meeting groups include:

Palm Beach County Intergroup Association
24 Hr Hotline: (561)655-5700

Intergroup Of Martin County
24 Hr Hotline: (772)283-9337

St. Lucie County Intergroup Association
24 Hr Hotline: (772)873-9299

Find more Jupiter AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Jupiter, Florida

As the second-biggest 12-step organization behind Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) started in 1953. It is available to anyone who has suffered from or is struggling with drug addiction. One must have a sincere desire to stop abusing drugs. In Jupiter NA meetings, attendees meet at similar places as AA meetings, to keep each other on the path of sobriety.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings build upon the fundamentals of AA meetings, making them acceptable for people battling addictions to drugs. Sincerity, openness, and flexibility are all cherished within group meetings.

For persons who are new to sobriety or in transition to life after recovery, pursuing these fundamentals within a support system can be crucial to a solid recuperation. As with AA, Jupiter NA meetings are free and open to those who need them. For people looking for NA meetings, Jupiter has several options.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Looking online for “NA meetings near me”? When searching for local NA meetings, Jupiter provides multiple options. Keep in mind each meeting is different in multiple aspects, such as meeting size, location, and membership. One that suits you will not necessarily suit another person; respect that.

Jupiter NA meetings and locations (or nearby) include:

Under Indiantown Bridge
Indiantown Road & US Highway 1
Jupiter, Florida 33477

First United Methodist Church
815 East Indiantown Road
Jupiter, Florida 33477-5108

Oceanview United Methodist Church
701 Ocean Drive
Juno Beach, Florida 33408

Seek out even more groups by zip-code on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

At The Recovery Village, support groups are the glue that holds the healing process together. To learn more about AA meetings, NA meetings, and 12-step treatment programs, call The Recovery Village today.