Finding an Interventionist in Inverness, Florida

Sometimes it takes an intervention to convince someone who is struggling with substance abuse to seek addiction treatment and rehabilitation in Inverness. An intervention can do that more than that, though; it can also help put the family back together.

An intervention starts with the family. When the family or other loved ones see how detrimental the substance use disorder has become, they can help put an intervention together and through this, learn healthy roles. Not only can the loved one get treatment, but the family can learn how to support, rather than enable.

When looking for intervention counselors in Inverness, it is a good idea to look for one who has experience dealing with people using the specific substance your loved one is using. Also, if there are other considerations, like a mental disorder, anger issues, or a tendency to violence, let the interventionist know. Again, if you can find someone with experience in this area, the intervention has the potential to be even more successful.

Not only should the Inverness interventionist have experience in the specific situation, but he or she should be someone with whom everyone involved feels comfortable. Personality is a big factor in an intervention. The more the interventionist can connect with your loved one, the better the chances of a successful intervention and subsequent treatment. You and your family know your loved one best; this is a time for you to put that to use and find an interventionist who will connect.

Often an interventionist will want a consultation (usually by phone) to assess the situation and find out about the person who needs help. It is also a time for you to learn about the counselor and the intervention process.

Some people like to have a list questions ready to ask, which may include:

  • Are you experienced with this kind of addiction?
  • How do you hold the intervention?
  • How should we prepare?
  • What if my loved one refuses help?
  • What happens next?

This conversation can give you a good insight into the approach and demeanor of each intervention counselor in Inverness to whom you speak.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Inverness, FL

Not only does the one using drugs need to change his or her lifestyle, but the family must change some things as well, like enabling behaviors, allowing codependency, and holding their loved one accountable (and themselves). An intervention can help the family, too. People struggling with addiction teach their families to enable them. This keeps them in a comfortable, but very unhealthy, place.

Families usually do not know how to deal with addiction on their own. They may be waiting for the “perfect” thing to happen in their loved one’s life that will change the behavior, the thing that will save their loved one. This is often due to manipulation on the part of the addicted person. However, recovery does not work this way, and this behavior will only allow the addiction to worsen.

Inverness, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Often intervention counselors will follow certain steps throughout an Inverness drug intervention. These may be:

Step 1 Initial Consultation: This is the opportunity for the counselor and the family to get to know each other and for the family to inform the counselor of all of the details of the situation. The more honest you can be here, the better. It is also important if the family can all be on the same page, especially remembering the end goal is getting their loved one clean. The counselor can also let the family know what to expect.

Step 2 Educate the Family about Addiction: The more the family understands about addiction, the more helpful they can be during recovery. Often the loved one is hiding behaviors or manipulating the family. When the family understands what addiction really means, it makes it easier to help in the right ways.

Sometimes a family just wants to wait. They believe that maybe their loved ones will fix themselves or hit rock bottom and want help. These are dangerous ways of thinking and will only make recovery harder. The sooner this addiction can be addressed, the better the chances of a lifelong recovery. Also, the family must make some adjustments, too. This can happen during recovery.

Step 3 Getting the Process Started: The sooner, the better. The more comfortable everyone is, even the family, the harder habits will be to break. Do not wait anymore.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

An alcohol intervention is one of the most common types of intervention. Inverness has many intervention counselors to help. Sometimes alcohol addiction is difficult to identify as alcohol is legal and often its misuse is not seen as a problem.

It is important to know that alcohol addiction is not based on how much someone drinks, but how the intake affects their behaviors and life. Often denial exists, as well as a lack of accountability and blaming others. Seek help from an interventionist Inverness who can offer the right assistance.

An alcohol interventionist can guide a family through this, working with both the family and the one with the addiction. The interventionist can help get your loved one into treatment as well as help beyond treatment. An interventionist can offer the support and guidance to get the help that is needed and repair a family.

Alcoholism or other substance abuse is a serious disorder and one that requires professional help. An interventionist can begin this process for you and your loved one. When you are looking for an interventionist in the Inverness area, you can ask your family doctor or insurance provider for recommendations. You can also ask any friends or coworkers who may have been down the same road, or you can try an online search.

Please call The Recovery Village if you need help with this. Seeking an interventionist is a big step in the right direction of recovery. We can take this step with you.