Substance Abuse Counseling in Holiday, Florida

Substance abuse is a disease plaguing the United States in higher numbers than ever before. Drug and alcohol addiction not only causes distress to the person addicted but to their closest friends and family as well. When it seems like all hope is lost, do not give up. There is help close to home for you in Holiday in the form of substance abuse counseling. Substance abuse treatment programs in Holiday provide the opportunity to work with expert licensed alcohol and drug counselors to find the root causes of the addiction and help instill coping skills to live a sober and productive life.

Holiday, Florida Addiction Counseling

Addiction counseling consists of working with an addiction counselor in Holiday to help cultivate a plan to combat the substance abuse. Some of the therapeutic protocols utilized in the course of substance abuse counseling include:

  • Group and individual therapies each have their own, differing benefits to the recovery process. Individual therapy involves working one-on-one with the substance abuse counselor in Holiday to tackle the specific triggers and past traumas lending themselves to the addictive behavior and learning coping mechanisms to overcome these triggers. Group therapy allows for learning from peers with similar experiences and gaining a comfort level expressing past experience in a public forum.
  • Identifying goals is important to keep the addiction counseling process in perspective, both short- and long-term. Short-term goals allow for celebrating milestones along the journey of withdrawal, as this can be an incredibly trying and critical period during recovery. Long-term goals help to maintain focus on the ultimate desired result: a clean and sober life. Maintaining sobriety is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Teaching new life skills is a technique to help instill behaviors that are constructive and help combat environmental triggers that could lead to a substance relapse. These skills can range from how to manage anxiety naturally to learning ways to function in social situations as a sober person.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

Drug abuse counselors, or drug counselors, specialize in addiction centered around the abuse and misuse of drugs. Licensed drug and alcohol counselors can help you determine any co-occurring disorders that could be existing as part of the drug addiction, how to overcome the aftermath of the specific substance that was being abused, and learn new ways to get the most out of life without looking through the fog of being under the influence.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

An addiction to alcohol requires the same level of care as an addiction to drugs, and addiction counselors in Holiday are ready and able to assist in the battle against alcoholism. Certified alcohol and drug counselors have an in-depth understanding of the effects of alcohol on the mind and body and what common challenges might arise during recovery from alcohol.

Drug Addiction Counselor in Holiday, FL

To treat the disease of addiction, you will need a solid partner to help. When you are searching for the right substance abuse counselor in Holiday to help you or your loved one combat addiction, consider some of the following attributes for which to search:

  1. Licensed and Certified: As you would expect a medical doctor to have completed the proper medical school education, you want to ensure that the addition counselor in Holiday that you choose has completed the corresponding education and possesses the proper qualifications.
  2. Compassionate: Try to find a drug and alcohol counselor with whom you feel you can build a rapport. Addiction recovery is a very personal experience that works the best when you or your loved one can submit and trust the process completely.
  3. Specialized: Your substance abuse counselor in Holiday should not only be properly qualified but also specialized in the treatment of the specific substance being abused. This allows for the most knowledge of the in’s and out’s of the substance, what to expect from withdrawals, what common emotional and physical side effects can emerge, and how to keep on the path to recovery long-term.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

Selecting the right substance abuse program for you or your loved one requires the same level of consideration as finding the right substance abuse counselor in Holiday. When searching for substance abuse counseling, there are some sources you may reach out to that can provide recommendations to help narrow the field.

  • Your primary care physician, otherwise known as your PCP or family doctor, can always provide recommendations for anything regarding your health. As this person is already well-versed in your medical history, this is a great place to start the search.
  • Your insurance provider can list substance abuse counseling programs near you that may be covered by your insurance plan. The insurance provider can also list all local substance abuse programs, both in and out of network.
  • Local mental health experts are perhaps the most qualified source to provide recommendations for addiction counseling services. You may speak confidentially with The Recovery Village to ask specific questions related to your individual situation and learn how help is just around the corner.