Finding an Interventionist in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

The popular belief about interventions is that they only happen when a person has hit rock bottom, that the intervention is the last resort before an addict slips completely away. It does not have to be that way. In many cases, an intervention happens before these things happen and actually works to prevent a person from hitting rock bottom and losing their family and friends forever.

No person is an island, and substance abuse is a particularly insidious disease because it forces entire social groups to adapt their patterns of behavior around an addiction. The web of family and friend connections can be warped, broken, and distorted. An interventionist in Fort Walton Beach has the job of a sort of emotional shock force; they are summoned and move rapidly in to diagnose the problems and demand solutions. Interventionists end enabling behaviors, enable family members to confront their problems, and offer help to a person in need of substance abuse treatment in Fort Walton Beach.

Because every family, and every loved one struggling with substance abuse, is different, each intervention is different, designed around specific challenges and approaches. As a result, it is important for any family considering an intervention to approach that with the understanding that it will not be like interventions are on television.

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First, it must be understood that results are not guaranteed with interventions. Many families have a form of “magical thinking,” that substance abusers are not aware of the strain they are placing on family bonds and individual members, and that an intervention will force them both to confront that and reform their ways. This is not entirely off the table, but it is one of many different scenarios. A good interventionist will prepare you for all of them, including the possibility that a friend or loved one will not accept help.

Interventionists often intervene first with family members. During discussions with the interventionist, family members and friends will be asked to discuss their behavior and confront how it may enable or encourage substance abuse. This can often be an emotionally difficult time for family members, so an interventionist should be seen as trustworthy and the family should be comfortable with that person. Often family members will be asked by the interventionist to change specific patterns of behavior.

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An intervention begins well before the part of the intervention shown off in reality shows. Interventions move rapidly, however, operating on the belief that families are under enough strain and that the process should be speedy to spare them more trouble. The process begins with an initial meeting where the interventionist will collect data on the person about whom the family is concerned, such as whether he or she will react with violence to an intervention, and where the interventionist will discuss how he or she will approach this situation. Families will need to answer questions clearly and honestly.

The interventionist will also likely discuss his or her credentials and personal experiences in this meeting, both to put the family at ease and address the question of bona fides. If the initial meeting goes well, the interventionist will begin interviewing the family about their patterns of behavior and how they might have changed as a loved one has struggled with addiction and substance abuse. They will be encouraged to end those patterns of behavior, regardless of how the intervention unfolds. Over this process, the interventionist will determine if the family is truly ready for the intervention. Once everyone involved is satisfied, then the intervention will unfold.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol intervention is its own separate discipline due to the nature of alcohol abuse and dependency. Alcohol is socially acceptable, affordable, and readily available in a way no other mood-altering substance is. Even prescription drugs require at least a doctor’s visit, but alcoholics can buy their drug of choice from gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores with just a photo ID. As a result, alcoholics tend to lean into that social acceptability and will argue, especially if they are gainfully employed and are not in trouble with the law, that they are not the one with the problem.

An alcohol intervention specialist can counter these arguments and can anticipate what someone struggling with alcohol dependency will do. They will teach the family effective strategies and will help them to deal with their family member and his or her excuses.

An intervention is often just the first step in the process of recovery. And it may be a difficult one, or even one a family member or close friend is not yet willing to take. But an intervention is just as much for those who love an addict as the addict themselves. It is a strong first step to help a family recover from the wounds of addiction. Reach out today to take that first step. Call The Recovery Village to discuss treatment options in Fort Walton Beach.