AA and NA Meetings in Fort Pierce

Seeking substance abuse treatment is the first step in a long road of maintaining recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in Fort Pierce, Florida. Many tools can be used to help along the way. One of the most tried and true methods to help maintain accountability to a sober lifestyle is the use of support groups.

Two of the shining stars of the support group world are Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, and Narcotics Anonymous, or NA. Both networks provide peer-level support without restriction of age, gender, financial status, race, or religion. The only requirement is the dedication to recovery from addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are held throughout the nation in public places to provide this opportunity to anyone and everyone looking for help.

Many people attend their first AA or NA meeting as part of a drug rehab program in Fort Pierce, but there are also many standalone meeting locations in Fort Pierce and surrounding areas for those looking for peer support.

AA Meetings in Fort Pierce, Florida

AA meetings in Fort Pierce are self-supporting entities run and attended by those struggling with an alcohol addiction.  All Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are based on the foundation of the “Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous”, which are guiding principals on how to live a fulfilled and positive life while staying strong against the hold of the alcohol addiction.

Fort Pierce AA meetings provide a forum for you to express your own personal struggle with alcoholism and learn from others through the cathartic process of sharing with the group. Since Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are a “come one, come all” environment, you are free to share all of your trials and tribulations with alcohol without feeling judged or persecuted. You are also connected to a group of local peers who have experienced the same struggles as you. This helps takes the stigma away from being an addict and helps you overcome any feelings of isolation caused by your addiction struggle.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

AA meetings in Fort Pierce occur throughout the week in many community strongholds. Most members of Alcoholics Anonymous are referred to the AA meetings by a friend, colleague, or therapist. If you are unsure where to begin the search for Fort Pierce AA meetings, you may always confidentially reach out to The Recovery Village for information. Since support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous are such a foundation for recovery, treatment centers will be more than happy to provide the information you seek. For more general information on what to expect from your first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and to find local meeting places and times, you may check out the official AA website.

Here are a few search results to get you started:

Lakewood Park Group
The Crossings
8103 Indrio Rd.
Fort Pierce, FL 34951

Friday Night Speaker Meeting
BayShore Club
7123 S. US 1
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952

NA Meetings in Fort Pierce, Florida

Fort Pierce NA meetings provide the same types of foundations and support as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to those struggling with drug addiction. No matter what substance with which you may battle, you are always welcome to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings. The only requirement to you remains that you enter NA meetings in Fort Pierce with a desire to end and never revisit your drug addiction and its accompanying lifestyle.

Open NA meetings provide the opportunity for friends and family to attend with you. This is a fantastic opportunity for those closest to you to hear from others struggling with addiction and learn more about the journey you have taken thus far in recovery. Sometimes, this can help friends and family connect more with you and your addiction struggle, which only assists in the healing and recovery process.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

There are over 67,000 Narcotics Anonymous meetings held weekly throughout the United States, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to attend NA meetings in Fort Pierce. You might want to research some more general information on Narcotics Anonymous and read some of the literature you will have access to at your first meeting by checking out their website. If searching the internet for “NA meetings near me” does not bring you the results desired, you can always get more personalized and specific information from The Recovery Village. In addition to helping you find Fort Pierce NA meetings, you can confidentially learn about other forms of support to treat your addiction or how to help someone you care for to begin the battle against substance abuse.

Here are some local results for NA meetings in Fort Pierce and surrounding areas:

Lawnwood Medical Center
1700 S. 23rd St.
Fort Pierce, FL 34950

White City United Methodist Church
810 West Midway Rd.
Fort Pierce, FL 34982

New Horizons
4500 West Midway Rd.
Fort Pierce, FL 34981

The important thing to remember in the recovery process is that you can never have enough outlets of support. Finding new ways to connect with others who have lived through many of the same experiences can only help equip you for maintaining a long-term life of sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have been a trusted safe zone for decades and continue to offer life-saving services every week to those in need. If you feel like you require more support than AA meetings and NA meetings, remember you can always reach out to The Recovery Village. Never be afraid to ask for help in your journey to recovery.