Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Fort Myers, Florida

Sometimes it may seem that life on the Gulf Coast is an escape from the norms of the rest of the United States. However, Fort Myers is not isolated from the epidemic of drug addiction that is plaguing the nation. If you or any of your loved ones are battling this disease, there is no such thing as too many forms of support and accountability. Entering professional and expert substance abuse treatment programs is just the beginning of the marathon that is recovery. It is crucial for long-term success that support systems are in place to keep the focus on living life without the influence of drugs. A resource that can be incorporated into an addiction recovery program in Fort Myers is drug testing centers and facilities.

Fort Myers drug testing facilities are not just for those in recovery, however. Many employers in Fort Myers require drug screening on a regular basis to ensure that their workplace is drug-free and safe for all employees.

Fort Myers Drug Testing Centers

Fort Myers drug testing centers provide a wide variety of services depending on your individual situation and needs. Some reasons to employ the services of a drug test center may include:

  1. Post-Treatment Accountability and Security: After completing inpatient treatment for substance abuse, many addiction counselors and even family and friends may want to have drug screens obtained. This is to keep the addict accountable for continued sobriety and to give loved ones the peace of mind that these great changes are undeniably being maintained. Drug counselors may also administer random drug testing as part of the outpatient treatment protocol.
  2. Pre-Employment Application Screening: It is quite common for employers to ask applicants to pass a drug screen prior to offering a position. Random drug testing may also be a company policy for all employees to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all.
  3. Parole and Probation Compliance: Many offenders are offered parole and probation with restrictions, including remaining drug-free. Parole officers and the court system may enforce random drug screenings prior to hearing dates and throughout the probationary time period.

These are not the only reasons for a drug screen at Fort Myers drug testing centers and you may request a test for you or a loved one at any time. If you have any questions about the use of drug testing centers or how they can assist in your recovery, you may confidentially reach out to The Recovery Village.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Although it is simple to do an internet search for “drug testing facilities near me” or “drug test centers near me”, it does not mean that finding the right drug test facility is an easy process. With so many options from which to choose, you want to make sure all of your required criteria are met. For example, you want to make sure that the drug testing facility you choose offers the specific type of drug screen for which you are searching.

  • Blood Drug Test: A blood test allows the drug testing facilities in Fort Myers to get the most comprehensive information on what substances have been ingested by the person being tested. This comes with the price of a more invasive test than a urine or saliva screen.
  • Urine Drug Test: Perhaps the most common and most well-known of all the drug screens, a urine test provides a broad spectrum of information on commonly abused substances in a person’s system. These tests are used often in pre-employment screening processes.
  • Saliva Drug Test: A quick and noninvasive test, saliva screening can only test for substances that have recently been ingested and are well-suited to testing individuals who are believed to be under the influence at the time of test administration.
  • Hair Drug Test: Hair grows from the hair follicle being fed through a blood vessel. This makes a strand of hair like a list of all substances consumed over a long period of time.
  • Perspiration Drug Test: A new and different type of drug screen from its predecessors, the perspiration drug test has the person being tested wear a patch over the course of 14 days to measure what is secreted in sweat.

Also, you will need to find a Fort Myers drug testing facility that screens for the type of substance you believe may be in use. For example, there is a test that screen for cocaine, marijuana, PCP, amphetamines, and opiates, which is called a “5-panel test.” If you want to screen for additional substances like alcohol, benzos, or barbiturates, you will need to order a different type of test.

After finding drug testing facilities in Fort Myers that offer the desired test, make sure that your other requirements are met to get the highest standard of treatment. Each person and situation may have different requirements, but some should be included regardless of the circumstance. Ideally, the drug test center should be known for being confidential and professional. You want to make sure that your personal health information is being protected and that the testing and results are being executed by individuals who have completed the proper certification procedure. You also want to make sure that your Fort Myers drug testing center is accurate in their results. A mishandled sample can lead to a false positive, which can have dire consequences in legal or rehabilitation situations. Lastly, try to find a drug test facility that provides fast results. Lengthy wait times are not indicative of efficacy and accuracy, so find a drug test center that can have you back into your normal routine without too much hassle.

When you are ready to use the services of a drug testing facility in Fort Myers, reach out to The Recovery Village to explore the testing centers and other addiction resources in the Fort Myers area.