Finding an Interventionist in Fort Myers, Florida

What does a substance abuse intervention really do? If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, an intervention could potentially save his or her life. Not only can an intervention convince an individual to enter an addiction treatment center in Fort Myers, Florida, but it can also help the family regain control of their lives.

Because the most effective interventions do begin with the family, it is key that the family acts when they realize their loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it is difficult to see the unhealthy roles that substance abuse creates for everyone, but once family members and loved ones see that they can shift to healthy roles, they can get the help everyone involved needs.

When choosing an intervention counselor in Fort Myers, it is a good idea to work with one who has experience with the particular substance your loved one is using. If there are other factors, like tendencies toward violence or mental disorders that affect your loved one, seek a counselor with experience in these areas, too. The more support and understanding the interventionist can provide, the greater the chances of success will be.

An addiction intervention is a sensitive, deeply personal experience. Because of this, everyone involved should feel at ease with the interventionist. Things like experience and credentials are important, but it is also necessary for everyone involved to trust, connect with, and feel comfortable with the counselor.

An initial phone conversation/consultation is a good way for the interventionist to learn about your situation, and you can learn about the interventionist as well. Many people come up with a list of questions to ask during a consultation to learn the background, approach, and style of the interventionist. Some of these may be:

  • What is your experience?
  • What method of intervention do you use?
  • How should we prepare?
  • What if my loved one refuses help/denies a problem?
  • What happens after the intervention?

Drug Intervention Counselor in Fort Myers, FL

Enabling, codependency, and lack of accountability are all damaging behaviors that families of those addicted may have. The family must adjust their behaviors as well as the individual with the addiction. Often those with a substance use disorder train their families how to enable them to stay comfortable and non-confrontational. An interventionist can help break this dangerous pattern.

It is hard to know how to fix, talk to, or change thinking and behaviors of your loved one. Often people think abuse will stop once things improve for their loved one. They may think this due to manipulation from their loved one, or simply due to denial. In either case, this is not a healthy or supportive way of thought.

Fort Myers, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Drug intervention counselors often follow similar steps in a Fort Myers drug intervention. The common steps consist of:

Step 1: Initial Consultation – This is that “getting to know you” time for the family and the counselor. The interventionist can use this time to identify what is keeping your loved one comfortable in the addiction. It is also the time for the family to come together on the same page and do what is best for their loved one.

Step 2: Educate Family About Addiction – The more that the family understands about addiction, the more effective treatment can be. You should not wait for your loved one to hit rock bottom or decide on his or her own that there is a problem. This is setting the stage for escalation or more damaging behaviors. It is also important to learn how to stop enabling the addiction.

Step 3: Getting the Process Started – Once this decision is made, go ahead and start the process. The interventionist will get the ball rolling and get your loved one down a safer, healthier path. The sooner you start, the better for everyone.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol interventions are one of the most common kinds. Fort Myers has many interventionists to help in this area. Because alcohol is legal, more accepted, and easy to obtain, it is often difficult to admit there is an issue with addiction. This is where professional assistance can help.

It is important to know that dependency and abuse do not depend on how much the individual drinks, but how the drinking affects behaviors, relationships, and other actions. Denial often plays a strong part, along with blame and lack of accountability. Again, this is hard to manage without professional help.

With an interventionist, your loved one can receive treatment, and you and your family can adjust your behaviors as well. You can learn to set a healthy stage and help your loved one live a sober, fulfilling, better life.

If you are not sure how to find an interventionist, think about inquiring with your:

  • Insurance company – They can help find a good interventionist in your network.
  • Family doctor or therapist – They should have a list of professionals with whom you and your loved one will work well.
  • Online search – You can read reviews and comments from others who have worked with this interventionist.
  • Friends and coworkers – You may be surprised to learn that others you know have experienced this same thing. Maybe they can recommend a professional interventionist with whom they effectively worked.

This may be a frightening step to take, but contacting an interventionist in Fort Myers may be the best thing you can do for your loved one and your family.