Drug and alcohol use can progress through problematic stages, from initial experimentation to eventual addiction. The Florida Drug and Alcohol Abuse Association reports a steady rise in binge drinking among adults in Florida between 2014 and 2016.

Addiction is a chronic condition that often requires acute medical and psychological care. The Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health provides Florida residents with substance abuse and addiction education and treatment resources. Recovery is within grasp, and the residents of Floral City, Florida, should feel confident that resources are available to assist them — both in and outside of the city limits.

Floral City Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment

Small, rural towns like Floral City, Florida are more likely to experience drug overdose deaths. Treatment facilities and rehab clinics are available for residents of Floral City who are seeking recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

In or near Floral City, drug and alcohol rehab options may include:

  • Detox
  • Inpatient
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Aftercare
  • Sober living homes

Additionally, The Recovery Village has several Central Florida locations available to residents of Floral City. These centers include The Recovery Village in Umatilla and Orlando Recovery Center.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs and Treatment Centers in Floral City, Florida

Drug or alcohol addiction treatment begins with a detox program. Drug and alcohol detox programs provide symptom relief and clinical management of withdrawal. This vital first step interrupts habits of intake and provides treatment options in medicine, drug tapering methods and drug replacement therapies. For the safety and well being of each person in recovery, detox must be overseen by medical professionals in an equipped facility.

There are currently four facilities within 30 miles of Floral City that provide detox services.

Floral City Residential Treatment Programs

Drug addiction treatment and alcohol recovery often begin with a full-time residential treatment program. Living in an inpatient rehab facility can offer 24-hour care and medical assistance.

Inpatient alcohol rehab provides the highest level of supervision and care. Residential programs are often where those in recovery begin and continue their treatment plan toward long-term healthy living.

There are currently four facilities within 25 miles of Floral City, Florida that offer residential treatment programs.

Floral City Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs provide another step in the road to recovery. Based on set guidelines, about 20 hours a week will be spent living at the hospital with the rest of a person’s time spent at home. This transitional phase is valuable for long-term recovery. Participants are encouraged to rejoin aspects of their daily lives while retaining daily connections to vital support. Accountability, group support and medical care will still be provided at the hospital every day.

The Recovery Village in Umatilla provides partial hospitalization programs. There are currently four other facilities that provide partial hospitalization treatment within 50 miles of Floral City.

Floral City Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient drug treatment is the final step in the recovery process. Participants live at home full-time and attend regular appointments for medical care and counseling at rehab centers. People in recovery who are eligible for outpatient treatment have concluded intensive treatment and are established enough in their recovery to resume regular activities without returning to substance use. Outpatient programs may take place at a hospital, treatment center or mental wellness facility.

There are currently four facilities within 15 miles of Floral City that provide outpatient treatment programs.

Sober Living and Rehab Aftercare Programs in Floral City, Florida

Drug or alcohol treatment moves from medical services into continuing care. Sober living aftercare facilities create a positive atmosphere those in addiction recovery. A residential sober living facility provides accountability that can contribute to relapse prevention. Rehab aftercare is often the final stage of treatment in drug rehab aftercare programs.

Aftercare or sober living homes may provide the following:

  • Accountability
  • A positive social setting
  • A transition back into work
  • Guidance in substance-free habits
  • No alcohol or drugs
  • Group therapy

Rehab alumni programs can also be an important element for addiction-free living.

There is currently one residential aftercare facility in Floral City. Four other programs can currently be found within 50 miles of Floral City.

Specialized Treatment Programs in  Floral City, Florida

People who share common traits or experiences may benefit from specialized approaches to drug and alcohol treatment.

Recovery resources for specific groups can be found in the surrounding areas, including:

  • Rehab for veterans, with the closest option in Inverness
  • Rehab for LGBT persons, with options in Inverness and Lecanto
  • Rehab for pregnant women, with options in Lecanto and Spring Hill
  • Rehab for PTSD, with options in Sumterville and Spring Hill

Women’s rehab centers and rehab centers for teens are special facilities that meet the needs of those groups, although few or none are currently available in Floral City. There are currently five facilities within 60 miles of Floral City, Florida, that provide some specialized services.

Additionally, all rehab programs can be specialized to clients’ needs at all locations of The Recovery Village.

What Is the Process Like in a Drug Detox and Rehab Facility?

A drug treatment process will provide individualized attention through a standard process of treatment. When you register, you can expect to fill out paperwork, undergo an assessment and be informed of your preliminary treatment plan. You should also be introduced to your primary care providers and tour the facility.

As you settle into a routine of rehabilitation at a drug detox center, you may experience the following:

  • Doctor and therapy appointments
  • Counseling sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Meals, treatment and recreation
  • Monitoring of your progress

After detox, you can expect:

  • Transitioning to further rehab programming, if applicable
  • Continued mental health counseling
  • Continued medical support
  • Aftercare planning before discharge

Drug detox and rehab facilities provide a safe, medically supervised environment that offers support for your recovery journey. These processes will contribute to your success. Entrusting your care to qualified professionals is one of the best steps you can take toward recovery.

Finding the Best Rehab Program For You

Treatment programs in the best rehab centers will include various approaches for addiction recovery, including prescription medicine and behavioral treatments. The best drug rehab centers will chart a treatment course that aims to achieve long-term addiction recovery. A holistic approach that incorporates the best and most modern methods of drug and alcohol addiction treatment should be part of your treatment plan.

Regardless of whether you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, here is how to find the best rehab center:

  1. Find a reputable database to locate a center
  2. Confirm that the program is licensed and accredited
  3. Interview and tour the facility
  4. Review staff credentials
  5. Confirm that all of the treatment options you need are available

Written and interview assessments may be used to evaluate your needs. The best rehab centers will conduct a full assessment of your condition and create a treatment plan.

What Questions Should You Ask When Considering a Treatment Program?

It is important to understand the qualifications and services offered at a treatment center. Each treatment program should contribute to your recovery success.

It may be helpful to ask some of the following questions:

  • What kind of insurance do they accept or do they offer financing?
  • What is the admissions and assessment process?
  • What specialized services do they offer?
  • Are all medical and counseling procedures done at this facility?
  • Do all care providers have credentials and expertise?

Beyond the facility itself, you will have personal questions to consider related to the schedule, kinds of treatment, visitation policies and long-term recovery plans.

Exploring Treatment Options Near Floral City, Florida

Due to its small size, drug abuse treatment facilities and options within Floral City, Florida, are limited. Inpatient and outpatient hospitalization and specialized treatment courses will require some travel. A regular commute or relocation for treatment can present benefits and challenges.

When important addiction treatment options require travel, you will need to assess the pros and cons of traveling for alcohol or drug rehabilitation.


  • Access to specific medications or therapies
  • Access to specialized programs
  • Removal from the environment of addiction


  • An unfamiliar environment
  • Distance from family and friends
  • Increased costs of travel

The process of leaving substance abuse behind requires significant changes in your life. It is vital to choose a facility that will provide you with the best treatment and contribute to your success.

Additional Addiction and Rehabilitation Resources in Floral City, Florida

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Department provides residents of Floral City with many services and programs to empower citizens and proactively address substance abuse. Youth counseling, symposiums, online resources and crime prevention efforts all provide opportunities for residents to get involved in community growth. Multiple mental health and drug and alcohol treatment resources are available in and near Floral City.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Floral City, Florida

There are several opportunities for different kinds of support groups in and near Floral City, Florida.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a program that provides 12-steps for recovery from alcohol addiction. Nearby Inverness offers many meetings within 10 miles of Floral City.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings in Floral City, FL

  • Local AA Meetings

    Floral City Group
    Methodist Church
    8480 East Marvin St., Floral City, FL

    Inverness AA
    First Baptist Church Room 174, Inverness, FL

    Alcoholics Anonymous
    Assembly of God
    303 North 9th St., Inverness, FL

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a program that provides 12-steps for recovery from drug addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings in Floral City, FL

  • Local NA Meetings

    Narcotics Anonymous
    Floral City Baptist Church
    8545 East Magnolia St., Floral City, FL

    Narcotics Anonymous
    Inverness Community Center
    North Paul Street, Inverness, FL

    Narcotics Anonymous
    First Presbyterian Church
    Route 44 E., Inverness, FL

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon

Al-Anon is a family group that provides a 12-step program for those close to someone who struggles with alcohol addiction. Al-Anon meetings can be found within 15 miles of Floral City in Inverness and Lecanto.

Nar-Anon is a 12-step program for the friends and families of people who struggle with drug addiction. Inverness, Ocala and Spring Hill provide Nar-Anon meetings within 30 miles of Floral City, Florida.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings in Floral City, FL

  • Local Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

    Al-Anon meetings include:

    Awareness Lunch Bunch AFG
    St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church
    114 N. Osceola Ave., Inverness, FL

    Attitude of Gratitude AFG
    Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church
    550 S. US Highway 41, Inverness, FL

    Tuesday Morning Serenity AFG
    Unity Church
    2628 W. Woodview Ln., Lecanto, FL

    Nar-Anon meetings include:

    Tranquil Waters
    First Christian Church of Inverness
    2018 Colonnade St.
    Inverness, FL

    Nar-Anon @ The Centers
    Rehab Center
    5664 AS 60th Ave., Ocala, FL

    Road to Recovery
    Holy Cross Lutheran Church
    6193 Spring Hill Dr., Spring Hill, FL

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a program for people recovering from substance use and addiction based

on self-help and empowerment. The closest SMART Recovery group to Floral City is currently in Gainesville, Florida.

SMART Recovery Meetings in Floral City, FL

  • Local SMART Recovery Meetings

    Gainesville, Florida
    Friday 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
    Meeting #4373
    4700 Southwest 58th Dr. Gainesville, FL 32608

Non-Profit Organizations in Floral City, Florida

Non-profit organizations may provide supportive resources for drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Some non-profit centers are accessible within driving distance of Floral City, Florida.

Non-Profit Organizations in Floral City, Florida

  • Abilities Inc of Florida

    Abilities Inc of Florida
    2071 North Lecanto Hwy, Lecanto, FL

  • Centers Citrus County Outpatient Service

    Centers Citrus County Outpatient Service
    3238 South Lecanto Hwy, Lecanto, FL

  • Brooksville Healthcare Center

    Brooksville Healthcare Center
    1114 Chatman Blvd., Brooksville, FL

Floral City, Florida Substance Abuse Hotlines

If you or someone you are with needs emergency help for drug or alcohol abuse, call one of these numbers:

Floral City, Florida Substance Abuse Hotlines

  • Local Drug Abuse Hotline

    Local Drug Abuse Hotline
    (352) 726-1121

  • Florida Drug Abuse Hotline

    Florida Drug Abuse Hotline
    (888) 459-5511

  • Substance Abuse Hotline

    Substance Abuse Hotline
    (844) 244-3171

City of Floral City, Florida

Floral City, Florida, has a population of about 5,000 people. It is near the Withlacoochee State Trail and the longest linear park in the state of Florida. Floral City is located at 28.7500° N, 82.2968° W and can be accessed by flying into the Tampa International Airport (TPA).

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Department oversees law enforcement in Floral City. The Inverness division of the sheriff’s department provides regular public information that includes education on drug or alcohol addiction issues. Residents of Floral City, Florida, can be assured that resources for drug or alcohol rehabilitation and treatment are available and can provide them with the help that they need.

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