Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Eustis, Florida

Humans are taught much about marriage, and how desirable it is, from an early age. While a strong, healthy marriage and family are wonderful things, people are rarely taught how to form those things. Often humans learn from the relationships around them how their marriages and family relationships should unfold, and if those relationships are dysfunctional or otherwise in need of work, that can leave people struggling to keep the ones they form as adults together.

In addition, there are a host of stresses with which even healthy families in Eustis can struggle. Substance abuse, grief over the loss of a loved one, and physical or mental illness can all tax families and couples and leave them feeling bereft of tools that can help them maintain or repair important emotional connections.

Marriage Counseling In Eustis, Florida

Family therapy and marriage counseling in Eustis are ways to find, shape, and apply those tools. Working closely with the family or couple, a counselor will get to know the family, how it works, and how its members could do better by each other. Counseling cannot heal a family spontaneously, but it can help them to better care for and heal each other.

In the case of substance use disorder of one spouse, marriage counseling can also encourage the spouse affected to get into addiction treatment in Eustis to help repair the lives of everyone impacted by the substance abuse.

Eustis Marriage Therapy

A marriage is often the relationship in your life that defines all your other relationships. Engaging in marriage therapy has been reported to help with forming better connections with coworkers, more and closer friendships, better relationships with extended and close family, and even better overall mental and physical health.

Marriage counseling focuses on the emotional intimacy necessary for any strong marriage, and strategies for both increasing that intimacy and for dealing with emotional and physical challenges. It is not uncommon, for example, for a happy couple to choose marriage counseling when one member faces a severe emotional or personal setback such as the loss of a parent or a worrying medical diagnosis. Marriage counseling will also include some degree of individual work, as the key to better knowing another person is to cultivate self-awareness and use that knowledge to improve yourself.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

The ideal marriage counselor will work with a couple to set a series of goals and a set of steps to reach those goals and will be the neutral party in any conflict that may emerge. Both members of the couple need to feel that they are being treated fairly, that they are being listened to, and that they are being respected. Conversely, a counselor needs to feel that both members of the couple are willing to listen to each other, practice self-awareness, and work on themselves with the insights they attain. Additionally, the counselor should feel that each spouse will respect the counselor’s approach.

A couple should seek recommendations for a counselor together if possible, especially as marriage counseling usually requires weekly sessions and a private venue. Couples should speak to their doctor, their insurer, or a religious figure the family sees regularly, such as a pastor, for recommendations of a properly credentialed counselor.

Family Therapy Eustis, FL

Even the most loving, close-knit family will face challenges. Illness, psychiatric concerns, death, loss of employment or other financial strain, elder care, and other setbacks can put a strain on even the best, most open families. In some cases, it may reveal strain you did not realize was there, as you have gotten so familiar with it you accept it as part of “being a family.”

Family therapy is designed to bring the family together, look at how they treat each other and themselves, and use that understanding to form stronger bonds and offer each other better support. Much like couples counseling, family therapy may involve individual sessions as well as weekly group meetings.

Eustis Family Counseling

When selecting a counselor, everyone involved should respect the counselor, feel that the counselor understands their perspective and is listening to them, and feel that the counselor does not “take sides” in family disputes. The counselor, in turn, should feel that everyone in the family is willing to engage in sessions, that they will listen to the counselor and each other, and will do the necessary work to build better connections.

Often family counseling will be about practical matters, such as problem-solving and communication. Families should expect that there will be difficult moments, especially as they have to discuss in detail their thoughts and emotions.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Locating a good counselor often involves asking for outside help. Contacting facilities such as the Recovery Village directly is a good start, especially if a member of the family already has worked with the facility on their health in some capacity. Also, you may know a family friend who has a counselor they can recommend. Your family doctor and your health insurer will also be good sources of private recommendations, and if a counselor is not a good fit, they can refer you to one they feel is better. No matter what, however, just seeking help is a positive first step.